Where’d you get those sneakers?!

I’d been adding both of these HM velcro strapped sneakers in and out of my basket for what felt like months.  I wanted a perfect pair of pure white sneakers, to go perfectly with a lightly tailored, minimalist look that I hope to cultivate:

In my head, I was already wearing these: I was wearing them with kick-cropped jeans (which I don’t have yet);  navy culottes (which I don’t have yet) and even a metallic pleated skirt (again, which I don’t have yet).

However, I just wasn’t sure.

It was the velcro straps I wasn’t sure about.

From experience, velcro can gather fluff & stuff and look pretty shabby, pretty quickly.  Though, in fairness, that’s what has happened in the past to the velcro straps of my sons shoes.  And there in, a second problem: Am I too old for velcro shoes?  Should there be an age limit on it?

So… whilst I procrastinated, I came across the most prefect, simple, minimalist white slip-on sneaks: they popped up on my Instagram feed.  They’re by Cos (aka by many an IG-er as the “mothership”) and they are pictured both in the header of this post and here:


I love them.

Alhough I may not own all the things I wanted to wear these sneakers with, there is plenty my wardrobe I could have worn them with.  I have worn my slip-on navy Timberland sneakers (a bargainous TK Maxx purchase in early January) to d.e.a.t.h. so figured that was justification enough to buy some proper leather white sneaks for spring/summer.

But alas, at £89 and a recent owner of some fabulous (white) Adidas Orignals Miss Stan Smith’s, I felt that I couldn’t (financially) justify the purchase right now.

And… just when I decided I would bite the bullet, guess what?  Yep, size 36 was sold out.  All other sizes were available.  *deep sigh*

By now, I’d pushed the HM velcro sneakers to the back of my mind and was now in full on “must find a perfect white leather slip-on sneaker” mode (as ever, not too many limits set there then?!)  Whilst back at the drawing board,  I came across these simple “Lille” slip-on white sneaks from Kurt Geiger:


Though this pair lacked the purity of the Cos sneakers,  I’m rather partial to a bit of good old Navy Blue (and please note,: its not a battle between Navy & Black – both have a time and a place for me!) – and as such, these became my new obsession.

Affordability-wise (! check that out for a non-word-word!) it was even worse news for my now non-existent bank balance: they are £99. *eye-roll*

Currently, my size is in stock (now) but over the May Bank Holiday weekend, when there was a 20% discount offer on… yep… you guessed it: my size was out of stock. *double deep sigh*

Determined not to be beaten by that wretched thing, Sod’s law, I returned to the retailers I knew would have more affordable options… and although there are some vastly cheaper, non-leather slip-on (or slide) sneaks, I found myself back online at HM with both the 2-strap & 3-strap velcro sneakers in my basket.

Whilst procrastinating over whether I should purchase one, or both… I noticed something on my Instagram feed: I follow the lovely HoneyBelleWorld on Instagram who posts the most beautiful & clever partial-outfit pics which often show off the best details of her clothing or shoes (and she has exquisite taste – go take a peek!);  and then I noticed it: there on her feed, a photo in which she was wearing the HM double strap sneaks and they looked fab.u.lous!  Now, I was inspired, and armed with a 25% discount code, I ordered both pairs to try:

What do you think?

In fact – wait & hold that thought as you might changed your mind when I tell you:

I didn’t realise from HM’s website that the wider-double-strapped sneakers would be ‘flatforms’, which made me – with my skinny ankles – look like I had giant feet and slightly cartoon like: not in a good way I might add.  Walking around my house in them, they were pretty bouncy & comfortable though.

And the 3-strap HM sneaks?  They are quite a wide fit on my narrow feet.  So much so, that I can actually get them on & off without faffing about with the velcro… which is a plus in my book!  They didn’t have the same ‘bounce’ as the 2-strap ‘flatforms’ but again, they are comfortable.

So, back to that question: 2-strap or 3-strap?

The double-straps were sent back: I couldn’t cope with how skinny my ankles looked in flatforms.  I’ve now worn my 3-strap HM sneaks out and about ALOT.  Really pleased with them and they seem to have developed a bounce… perhaps something to do with how very little they cost… just shy of £19!

Would you have kept the 2-strap ones instead? Or do you think velcro really is just for children? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Xx


Edited to add:  So, whilst I procrastinated for so long over the Cos sneaks primarily due to the £89 price tag & I’m banging on about being poor and that I can’t afford them and blah, blah, blah… I get an email from Russell and Bromley featuring these amazing sneaker-sandals:


I had to take the boys into town on Sunday for their obligatory summer Crocs purchase/renewal… and I *might* have ended up in Russell & Bromley and I *might* have accidentally bought these… 


Which proves 2 things to me:

  1. Though online shopping has changed my world given I live in a small town, I have to say: if there was a Cos in town and I’d had a chance to try on those sneaks: I probably wouldn’t have procrastiated & would have bought them because
  2. #theheartwantswhattheheartwants!