… really is gold.

And silver.

And pewter…

…in fact, if you love metallics (which I do) you will be in heaven right now given just how much shiny stuff is out there in the shops right now.

For me, my love of all things shiny, gold in particular, has come with age.   If you were to ask my mum about this, she’d tell you that I’m lying and that I *hate* gold: which was true of me as a very young child… but you know how mums like to hold onto those types of things and refuse to accept that your tastes may have evolved; i.e. that you may have grown up?!!

Anyway, back to this post, which is primarily about shiny, block mid-heeled “granny” (or “Queen”) shoes (which are a Marmite kind of thing I suppose): at the end of my last post on Crop-kicks, I couldn’t resist including a photo of a pair of gold shoes, with a small block heel which would look perfect with a pair of crop-kicks.  I stumbled upon these Daniel Footwear pumps a while back and, at that time had no idea of the nod to Gucci’s Marmot Pumps, but now I do… and well,  both are currently on my wish list:



Sadly, I can only dream of the Gucci’s, and in fact, although the Daniel’s are top of my wishlist and have an altogether much more palatable price tag when compared to the Gucci’s, I couldn’t help but think back to my Pre-puppy pootle around Bournemouth and the lovely silver laminated block mid-heels I’d seen in Zara a few weeks ago, which cost a fraction of the Daniel pumps… so thought I’d take a look and see that else is out there?

Now, before I start posting a tonne of #shoeporn, I realise that this style of shoe isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but wanted to explain to you why I’m more than a little obsessed by this style:

  1. About 5 years ago now, not that long after I moved to my small town, I went to a drinks party and was mesmerised by a beautiful pair of deep red ballet pumps with a small block heel worn with a straight cut jean with a big turn up and simple shirt by a lovely french lady.  I felt envious of her effortless cool and jealous of her shoes because of the small block heel which would be perfect for my old granny’s knee… I searched high and low over the the past 5 years and although there was the odd offering here and there, none were really ‘doing it’ for me.
  2. My granny-knee came about from a fall I had when I was 19.  The fall was a silly trip, resulting in me whacking my knee-cap dead-on, onto a small metal pavement drain cover.  The pain was instant and excruciating.  I hobbled back to my room in halls of residence (yes, Uni days) and took a bunch of anti-inflammatories, but being a bit of a careless student, I didn’t seek any medical advice for over a year.  As a direct result of that wretched fall, I have been plagued with knee issues ever since.

What has this got to do with a block-mid-heel?  Well, I can’t really wear high-heels at all.  I have worn them to events, but generally only for a couple of hours.  If I think “sod you knee” and wear high-heels for an entire evening, my knee will give me grief for the whole of the following week… so if I were to wear a pair of high heels for say, an all day & night wedding… well, you can just imagine.

I’ve learnt the hard way – wearing high-heels is just not worth it!

Not the most exciting bit of history, I know: but there it is, my reason for being obsessed with mid-heels and thought I’d share my top high street picks, starting with these cuties from Zara:


Zara Laminated Flat (£19.99)

If you’re thinking, but we’re (apparently) in Spring and heading toward Summer and don’t fancy a fully closed shoe, Zara also have these Laminated Block Heel Shoe (in fact, slingbacks, not a closed heel at all) for a don’t bat your eyelids £39.99:


Neither of the Zara shoes are made of leather, which means that they probably aren’t the best fit for anyone who is in-between sizes as there won’t be any give in them.

Moving onto ASOS, I have to say, that I had high expectations for variety and so of course, was disappointed to see that the selection of metallic block-mid-heeled (not that I’m limiting the search!) shoe was small.  I found these Switch It On Pointed Heels (£38) and these Showbiz Heels (£30):

I don’t do ankle straps, so these two are out for me, however… I wanted to include a variety as these may be right for you?

Next up, Topshop: and where to start?  So many to choose from! I’ll start with silver and these Juliette mid-heels (£46)



I prefer these to the Zara Laminated flats because they are a bit more muted in colour and look softer, though again, not leather.   Topshop also have two silver slingback options:

I prefer the pointed toe of the Java slingback here though they are a little too fussy (for me) with all the buckles, plus the Jenna slingback may be categorised as a mid-heel but my knee is telling me its too high just from looking at the picture!

And what about Gold options? Topshop seem to have plenty of those on offer as well, like these Juno Soft Glove mid shoes:


These are leather, as reflected in the £59 price tag, however, still half the price of the Daniel’s and they look really soft and comfortable! (yes, shoot me now with all my granny talk of comfort!)… In fact, talking of comfort, these lower block heeled Coconut Slingbacks (£56) are right up my street:

Simple, and so very gold, a very small heel… I LOVE these.  More importantly, my knee loves the look of them too!

If you don’t fancy gold or silver, how about  pewter? Topshop Jean Tread Down Loafers (£66)

I think I’d definitely be buying a pair of these loafers if I worked in an office.  They are very Gucci-esque and again so reasonably priced.  Topshop also have more metallic options in other styles of heels /shoe style if you fancy taking a peek here, but I’m sticking to my obsession (block mid heels) for this post!

Moving onto Next, they have a similar pewter metallic Pointed Slingback (£32)


If only they were a shoe & not a slingback: there really is no pleasing me, is there?!

I think I’m trying to show you that I have tried, really I have, to try and find something as gorgeous and perfect as the gold Daniel Footwear pumps but that nothing else is coming close right now. eek!

I can’t help but wonder, in a sliding doors kind of way: if I didn’t trip up and have that fall 26 years ago, and had a perfectly normal non-granny knee… would this post be about higher block heels instead?  With these two pairs right at the top of the wishlist:

(Gucci Marmont’s available in Selfridges – £530 and Topshop Gina Slingback’s online £69)

So how about you guys?  Are you in or out on the granny shoe thing?  And if you’re in, have you seen some that might trump the Daniel pumps for me?  Would love to hear from you if you have. Xx