A Gallery Wall with Hidden Meaning

Oct 28th, 2018 Small Talk, Small Town Home Bean 13 min read

Hello, And welcome to a Sunday… blog-post. No actual Sunday 7 today, just a generic little blog-post, about my lounge room Gallery Wall, which has taken some 6 years to put up. In fact, longer if I count the years which Mr T & I have shared a home – all of which pretty much sported, bare, naked walls! So here it is, my gallery…



Sep 7th, 2017 Small Town Home Bean 15 min read

Hello Peeps! It’s been a whopping month since I last blogged… soz.  I really am. I was only going to take a fortnight off when I was away in France… but on returning home and having plumbers in the house sorting out the ‘imbalance” of our the heating system (freezing downstairs, roasting upstairs), there was no usable room in the entire house during most days……