And welcome to a slightly off-piste edition of Sunday 7: my recent La Redoute home accessories purchases.

You all know I’m having some renovations done at home, don’t you?

I mean I *think* I’ve mentioned it a couple of times…?

OK, OK, I mention it every bloomin’ week!

Anyway, I suppose I should be apologising for not bringing you my latest clothing fashion crushes (sorry!!) but in fact, interiors pieces for round the home are a type of fashion too, right?

I ordered FIVE of these items with a whopping discount of 50% earlier in the week, but the other two were ordered a few weeks back with a respectable 40% off.

However, although that 50% deal is off, they still have an amazing 40% ‘Black Friday’ offer on, which is still, a brilliant, brilliant discount!

7. Uyova Metal Wall Planter (£22 Pre 40% discount)


I ordered this cute little  pale-pink wall planter last week & although it was showing as in stock when I drafted this post on Friday, it’s now out of stock.


Basically, it’s been flying in and out of stock, so if you fancy one, just keep on refreshing your search for ‘Uyova metal planter’.

I’d originally wanted the peacock blue version of this wall planter, but instead opted for the pale-pink as it will stand out better on the mid-grey chimney breast in my new bedroom (yet to be painted) OR above the bed on a denim-blue-ish wall (again, yet to be painted).


6. Nogu Eye-shaped Mirror (£69 Pre 40% discount)


So this mirror is still in stock – and most probably, I can imagine it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

But it had been in my basket for a few months now… I’d hesitated purely because of uncertainty surrounding where we were at with our budget.

Given the pre-discount price of £69 and that this is a “dressing the room piece”… I wasn’t sure I could justify buying this mirror until our reno’s were complete, so until now I’d held back placing the order.

However, given the massive 50% discount I’d got on the one piece of furniture I was definitely going to be ordering – a piece I’d been waiting to come back in to stock and order… I had a little wiggle room in the budget to order these few extra bits!

I didn’t fancy a round, sun-burst rattan mirror, I liked this off-set, eye-shaped one more, for above the bed… and perhaps because we’ve gone for non-symmetrical bedside lights: one dingle-dangle (yes, a real, actual serious interiors term, don’t you know?) and one wall mounted light, the asymmetry of this eye-shaped light was more appealing than a perfect round.

Plus the natural material is much needed for a bedroom which will have a statement ‘limelight hogging’ copper bed in it.

I think it  was this photo from the La Redoute website which made me really, really want the mirror.

I can’t wait for the bedroom to be finished!


5. Denise Laundry Basket (£21 Pre 40% discount)


Not the most exciting item, I know, but we’ve been using one very old battered wicker laundry basket for years which has been sprayed a few different colours over the years but it’s now pretty much falling apart with a very wonky lid… a replacement has been long overdue.

I ordered two of these Denise Laundry Baskets (- which have excellent reviews should you be interested,) one in Chartreuse Green for the boys room to brighten up all the Plummet Grey walls in their bedroom, plus the lime-green kind of ties in with a green in the pattern of the curtains in that bedroom as well.


I also ordered a second Black laundry basket for myself and the hubby which will have to be housed in our hidden wardrobe (not quite a ‘walk-in’ as my husband describes it, because yes, you can physically shuffle into it, but it’s not exactly in the league of Clueless’ Cher Horowitz’s amazing automated wardrobe or anything…).

Anyway, this plain black laundry basket is just the ticket for being discreet and bland and therefore, hopefully, inoffensive and not overly noticeable!

4. Florian Planter (£89 Pre 40% discount)


Now this planter is 70cms high, so possibly a little too tall for most tastes… but, I have one of two potentially perfect spots for it:

  • This will either squeeze in between the sink and shower of the ensuite and bring a much needed bit of colour and greenery to the otherwise, entirely monochrome shower room OR
  • If it ends up looking too weird in the en-suite, there’s a perfect little nook for it near the chimney breast of our bedroom.

The husband isn’t overly enamoured with the peacock blue colour… BUT, you know, not everything has to be overly matchy-matchy, does it?

I think this tall planter would look so fabulous with other, smaller planters of staggered heights, a bit like this:


But we don’t have the space for that.

Still, one beautiful peacock-blue planter is good enough for me!

I’m so excited about bringing some much needed greenery into our home… to date we’ve refrained from it because the boys were too young and a bit of a nightmare running around everywhere being clumsy (they still are to a degree to be honest), then there was a puppy, the ground floor renovations a couple of years ago and now these first floor reno’s…

The end though, is finally, finally in sight though.

“Just be patient. Just be Patient…” {sung in the manner of Dory’s “just keep swimming”}

3. Clairoy 1 drawer Dressing Table (£195 Pre 40% discount)


We’d earmarked this dresser for me for the new bedroom back in June, and it also featured in my ‘Bed Mood‘ blogpost.

There’s a narrow (and shallow) alcove on one side of the chimney breast  in our new bedroom, where we were going to have a made to measure “floating” dresser.

However, I’m gonna be honest… there are a lot of “fitted” shelves around chimney breasts in various rooms in the house which we inherited – and which of course are brilliant & saved us a small fortune from having to get them built ourselves.

These fitted shelves have resulted in a surplus of furniture when we moved.

Pieces we haven’t been able to use in this house, which by now, have probably begun to rot in the shed.

I kind of miss having actual, real furniture around the house, if that makes sense?

Anyway, back in June this dresser only had 25% off so I didn’t buy it, knowing that La Redoute eventually have 40% off deals, but you just have to play the waiting game.

In early October, when the 40% off deal came round, this dresser in the natural oak colour way was sold out and was only available in Black.

Cue, mini sh!t-fit from the husband about how the dresser had been perfect and a better price (even at full price) than getting the chippy to build a floating dresser etc etc..

I calmly explained, that it would be alright; it (the dresser) would come back into stock and if we buy it when there’s only a 25% deal or no deal at all then so be it – but the bedroom isn’t finished yet, so why not wait for the right deal?

So, last week, in what turned out to be the final 3 hours of the “£100 off a £200” spend, I checked in to see if the dresser was back in stock – and hey presto – there she was!

I added the wall planter (number 7) and got both items for just £117.

And given the £100 “saving” from the dresser (which we’d budgeted £250 for originally), I then proceeded to purchase, in a separate order (to ensure a further £100 discount), items 6, 5 and 4: which totalled exactly £200 but I paid exactly £100.

I am absolutely chuffed to bits with this bargainous lot… the actual retail value of items number 7 – 5 is £417 but I got them all for £217!!


{well sort of… I’ve only got £33 of the original budget left for a stool to sit on at my new dresser. eek!}

2. Afaw Berber Style Rug (£99 for smallest size 120X170cm -Pre 40% discount)


I bought this insta-famous rug back in October with a 40% discount.

I bought it in the smallest size which is the perfect size for the boys new shared bedroom (which has a cold, grey-oak effect laminate floor in it.)

THEY LOVE this rug!

As do I.

It’s worth every penny… it’s made their bedroom warm and cosy, and I love seeing them lying on their tummies as they play or colour or read… kids that age do everything on the floor, don’t they?

We deliberately sought out a tactile, higher-pile rug because my youngest is hyper-sensitive and textures and how things feel are indcredibly important to him and indeed, were a critical aspect of the decor and furnishing of their new shared bedroom.

We also wanted a man-made fibre rug as it’s a bit more forgiving in terms of cleaning.

Here’s the rug in situ:

(By the way, these ace Dino prints are Maxed (the t-rex) and Eric (the velociraptor) from Tipperly Hill and are poster sized prints, costing £60 each)

1. Pro Blaze strap stretch high top trainers, Converse (£49)


OK, so these are not an interiors piece!

But I did buy these with a 40% discount in mid-October for my eldest’s birthday which was at the end of October.

My son had a pair of these in a darker grey with red detailing which he adored, and even though they were a size 1, he continued to wear them until about 6 months ago – even though he was around a size 2.5 by then!

In my defence, he’d never mentioned that his foot was squished and I guess I forgot to check in with him.


Anywaaaaay, he was devastated when I told him he couldn’t wear the old ‘blazers’ anymore as it could cause permanent damage to his growing feet.

I offered to buy him some Vans, but he declined.

I took him into the local Schuh, but he responded with a shrug at any cool trainers I held up, as well as a slightly squiggly, upside down mouth and a mumbled “not for me.”

I blame Bruno Mars for my son’s obsession with Converse, with this lyric from ‘Uptown Funk’ squarely at the root of it:

“Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
Got kiss myself, I’m so pretty”

He’d heard the song on the radio on the school run, a favourite of his, and asked me what chucks were?

I’d explained they were a type of converse.

And that was it.

I guess the kid recognises Bruno Mars as being cool and so…

Anyway, I finally got around to ordering him a new pair of the Pro-Blaze High-tops, but I’ve never had the heart to tell him that they’re not actually the “Chucks” style.

(soz for the long story!)

Now, in the absence of Stinker & Wildcard of the week, you get a couple of Beany-bonuses:

Ikoya Decorative Woven Wallcovering (£55 – Pre 40% discount)


I would have ordered this wall hanging, but the husband is currently “vehemently vetoing” it.

That’s not just vetoing something.

It’s like a ‘massively against and an ‘absolutely NOT!’ type of vetoing.

I’ve got my work cut out on this one, but I’m working on it, because I really, really love it.

I can see what he’s saying about there being “no other mustard yellow” in our bedroom, but really, that’s not enough to *not* order this, is it?

Next up are come cushions – which again, I haven’t purchased yet… purely because we’re not sure of what bedding to go for.

And these cushions would be ‘scatter” cushions for the bed.

The sort you chuck on the floor every night and then spend 10 minutes putting back on the bed every morning.

Everyone does this, right?!

Shakhra Printed Cushion Cover (£22 Pre 40% discount)


And the back of this cushion is pretty cool too:



I love this geometric copper Decio Cotton Geometric Cushion Cover (£14 Pre 40% discount) which is pretty bargainous, don’t you think?

decio-gotton-geometric-cushion-coverAnd that’s my lot this week.

Our renovation work was pitched as a ‘quick 5 week job’ but currently we are in week 20.

And that is all I will say on that – because I’m in danger of chewing your ear off with a gawd-almighty rant otherwise!!!

Regardless of the delays (which have all been down to our builder fitting us between other jobs), I have to say, I can’t fault the quality of workmanship… the finish of the tiling, the boxing in of ugly pipes etc, really is excellent.

I look forward to sharing the finished rooms… eventually!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my purchases… any take your fancy?  Leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.

If not, get yourself on the La Redoute website now to bag yourself a bargain…

Be warned though: it’s a proper rabbit hole of a website, where you can loose hours – so go make yourself a cuppa first!

Thanks for reading.