Sunday 7 – High Street Frills

May 19th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 22 min read

[AD – this blogpost contains 50% affiliate links] Hello there! And yet another two weeks between blogposts from me… It’s disappointing that I’ve had to put my blog on the back burner these past couple of months but, it’s been the trickiest of times with family, and frankly… real life always matters most. None the less, I often use my blog as means of distraction from…


Sunday 7 – A Dress Edit

May 6th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 23 min read

[AD – this blogpost contains 50% affiliate links] Hello, And welcome back to another Sunday 7, after a little Easter break and an unintentional second Sunday off, but dutiful daughter…erm… duties called. The warm weather over the Easter weekend gave us a little taster of the  ‘just chuck on your dress & sandals weather’ of which, there is hopefully more of, on the way. Anyway… all that sun &…


Sunday 7 – Neutral Wardrobe Building Blocks

Apr 14th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 21 min read

[AD – this blogpost contains a handful of affiliate links] Hello, How are you? We’re already one week into the school Easter Hols here in Wiltshire, though I know in other parts of the country…the school holidays have only just begun. This is my last holiday with the boys as a stay at home mum, so I’ve been making the most of spending my time…


Sunday 7 – The Blazer Edit

Mar 31st, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 17 min read

[AD – about 50% of the links in this blogpost are affiliate links] Hello! What a crazy-ass-long-old-week it’s been, eh? Or was that just me? I’m gonna try my utmost to cut the waffle and cut straight to the chase today: blazers! Yup – going in, straight away. I’ve been having a bit of a blazer-love-in this week, but have realised aside from a very…


Sunday 7 – The Spring & Summer Footwear Guide

Mar 24th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 26 min read

[AD – about 50% of the links in this blogpost are affiliate links] Hello, How’s your week been? I’ve been in a bit of a weather fug, again… it was another cool, grey week for the most part, which I found somewhat depressing. However, the forecast was for a bright, sunny Sunday… and for a change, the forecast was actually RIGHT! It’s so good to…


Sunday 7 – Pink Thinking & how to wear it

Mar 3rd, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 21 min read

[AD –  some affiliate links have been used in this blogpost] Hello! How’s your week been? It’s March already guys! That makes me happy. How about you? Thank you so much to everyone who popped over last week and left a comment: I don’t know exactly what it is about blog comments specifically, but they’re just the best! Today I’m going to look at one…


Sunday 7 – Springtime Essentials

Feb 24th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 21 min read

[AD -affiliate links have been used in this post] Hello! How are you all? It’s been aaaages (…well, 2 weeks!) which I must apologise for, but sometimes, real life – aka decorating / mothering-duties of very poorly, croupy kid – kind of take over sometimes. I reckon there’s at least 15 of you by now, who read my blog regularly… so… hope you can forgive…


Sunday 7 – Cheap Treats (Feb 19)

Feb 3rd, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 15 min read

[AD – some (about half) affiliate links have been used in this blogpost.] Hello, How’s your week been? Aside from the inevitable minor dramas which, when living in England, go hand-in-hand with a wee dusting of snow… not much going on here at Chez Threads this past week. We may have finally, finally… like… f.i.n.a.l.l.y. said goodbye to January, but the ‘hangover’ of fatigue from what…


Sunday 7 – A Topshop Edit, January 2019

Jan 27th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 24 min read

[AD: affiliate links have been used in this blogpost; although to date, I am still approximately $9,999,947 shy of buying that retirement home in the Caribbean I have my eye on.] … Hello, How are you all doing on this fine, freezing cold, 97th day of January…?! It sure is the longest month, E.V.E.R. And yet… we are almost there guys. Almost. I’ve decided to do…


Sunday 7 – Minimal-ish New Year, New-in Styles

Jan 13th, 2019 Sunday 7 Bean 19 min read

Hello! And belated Happy New Year (which feels like donkeys ago now, doesn’t it?) I’m not going to mull over the festive break… just to say it was a good, long, restful one & hope yours was good too? There’s an awful lot going on at home here at Chez Threads, a transitional period between the end of one chapter, though the page has not…