And belated Happy New Year (which feels like donkeys ago now, doesn’t it?)

I’m not going to mull over the festive break… just to say it was a good, long, restful one & hope yours was good too?

There’s an awful lot going on at home here at Chez Threads, a transitional period between the end of one chapter, though the page has not quite been turned over to the new chapter just yet.

I’m in an in-between phase and feeling terribly anxious at the mo… getting back to this blog, is just the distraction I need!

After the sparkle-sequin-glittertastic-explosion over the festive period, I am very much in the mood for minimal: call it dull & drab if you will…

…but I prefer: timeless, classic elegance.

7. & Other Stories – Belted Midi Dress (£69)


Kicking off the new year with this beautiful, elegant & simple dress.

For me, I love the silhouette it gives, and know that the shape would be flattering on my ‘boyish-pre-teen’ body shape.

However, the dress would also work for curvier figures too.

For any shorties, yep… the dress would indeed need taking up – but as you can see, it’s a straightforward cut & hem (or cut and iron down with your wonderweb!) job as there’s no detailing /fancy frills.

I love the rust colour, and have always been a sucker for epaulets!

If this colour is too bland for you, the  dress is also available in a Leopard Print… and not the leo-print you see en-masse, rather, it’s actual leopards printed on the fabric:


Although this dress is new in and currently all sizes are available… what I would say to any of you who are like me, a ‘narrow-shouldered petite’: be quick!

The size 32s always sell out first.

I’d love to make this my first buy of the new season, but… I am being sensible.

No doubt I’ll live to regret that.

6. Topshop – Corduroy Peg Trousers (£36)


I’m a big fan of corduroy, and am loving the look of these peg-leg ones from good old Toppers.

I also think they look quite smart, given the higher waist, button & pleat front detailing, and yet, because they’re cords, they’re always going to be on the casual side of smart.

My perfect kind of ‘smart.’

Ecru is such a great pale-option: softer than white, it makes for a classic, effortless chic kind of look, which looks fabulous as a Winter & Spring white.

Only potential deal breaker is that there are no ass-pockets.


Not even any ‘faux’ pockets.


Anyway, these Ecru ones are from the regular range so would be full length on us Petites, but I’d either turn up a couple of times or leave as they are…

… but the good news is, the style is available in Petites, in a beautiful Blush Pink


These are in my basket and I am trying so hard to resist buying!

{Although, soft blush-pink cords with no rear pockets could be pretty ‘meh!’}

There are also two more colours available, both regular fit: a deep Forest Green and from the sale, the same style in a rusty Tobacco with most sizes available and reduced to £25.20.

5. New Look – Satin Bias Cut Skirt (£19.99)


Giving Toppers a run for it’s money, eh?

I may have to pop into New Look this week just to check in on the quality of the fabric…

But isn’t it a great price?

Bias skirts are not going anywhere for the mo… so, if you haven’t already dipped your toe into these silky, slippery waters, don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat.

New look currently only have this skirt in it’s regular range and in this one, Nude colour… but don’t be surprised if, as the Sales wind down, and more new stock comes in over the coming weeks – there may well be more colours of this style skirt yet to come, possibly even a petite version as well.

4. H&M – V-neck Dress (£24.99)


I may not be the most adventurous when it comes to print, but I’ve a bit of a thing for a geometric tile print, which works really well in this simple-cut, shirt dress.

Don’t be fooled by this pic from the website – the sleeves are  in fact, full length long sleeves:


Again, this would be a longer line midi-maxi on shorties, but I think it’s a style which could work on us, and given the fabric is viscose, I think the drape of fabric would be rather lovely.

Wear the dress now with tights & boots and a turtle neck layered under it, gradually de-layering and rolling the sleeves up as we get into spring.

The dress would of course work with the dynamic duo of ‘biker & trainers’ as well.

‘Print’ doesn’t, as a general rule of thumb, come into minimal fashion… aside from the odd check or stripe; however, I think a geo-tile print can be ‘minimalised’ so to speak, don’t you?!

3. H&M – Jumper with Collar (£12.99)


A useful, simple & classic basic.

And rather unusual for me to say this, but… I’d size up for a more relaxed, slouchy fit.

Also available in Grey Marl and Dark Beige.

Wear buttoned to the top, tucked into your bias cut skirt with some simple nana-flats or low-block-heel pumps and you’ll instantly be a little bit french*.

{*Ok, perhaps I exaggerate here… but you get the picture?!)

2. ASOS – Monki Oversized Utility Trench (£50)


So… hands up: I’m jumping the gun here a bit, with this one.

This ‘lightweight trench’ is no way, shape or form, going to be warm enough to wear now… probably not until April if we’re being realistic.

But how lovely is it?

Want! Want! Want!

1. Zara – Long Faux Fur Coat (£99)


Since I started this blog in March 2016, I still haven’t filled that gap in my wardrobe for a truly warm, proper snuggly ‘big winter coat.’

Shocking, eh?

Not only do I need a black and navy one, I *neeeeeeeeed* this dark beige/camel Zara Faux Fur coat in my life!

One of the reason’s I’ve found it difficult to fill the ‘big coat’ gap in my wardrobe is ‘fit’: I want a properly longer-line coat… which as a short-arse, you’d think would be simple right?

I mean, why not just buy a regular range, longer line coat, as it would be very long, just as I want… on me?

Whilst this is true enough, there’s the whole fit across the shoulders and sleeve length to contend with as well.

And I really do resent spending a small fortune on those alterations – specifically shoulder alterations, which is pretty much re-making the coat, and not cheap AT ALL.

But this Zara coat has potential.

The shorter sleeve length, with wider-width sleeve opening mean that you can either wear the sleeve at full length, or indeed have them taken up… far more simply, than say, a tailored, cuffed & buttoned sleeve.

The dropped shoulder seam means that the style of coat is going to be slouchy & oversized, but there’s no worrying about the fit across the shoulder:


I also like that it’s a shorter-haired-faux-fur… so to speak!

{Gawd! Sounds like I’m talking about dog breeds here!!}

I’m actually going to be near a Zara next weekend, so will definitely be aiming to try this one on…

Til then: my only reservation is the length of the v-neck on my vertically challenged self.

Watch this space…

Stinker of the Week: Zara Asymmetric Oversized Cardigan (£29.99)


A harmless looking ‘waterfall’ cardigan… what’s so bad about that?

Nothing really.

I just have a strong dislike of the good old waterfall-cardi and won’t be wearing one anytime soon.

It’s probably just me, and my weirdness.


Wildcard of the Week: Mango Ruched Detail Skirt (£49.99)


I guess I could never be an outright minimalist.

I have my magpie tendencies to contend with…

But there’s something about this skirt… which I kind of like.

The check print fabric, most probably!

However, the ruching on this skirt, which gives an over all ‘handkerchief’ type of hemline, are two details which are not very me at all.

I do believe though… that I could style it up to *be* more me.

I’m already liking the styling of the skirt from this Mango pic.

So let’s see how I fare…

Look 1 – How Now, Brown Cow:


So… not entirely dissimilar to Mango’s styling above, given I’ve used the Mango Leather Pointed Ankle Boots (£89.99) but going for tonal dressing, and this dark brown H&M Fine Knit Jumper (£19.99) instead.

I’d half tuck my jumper in, and then throw over my Zara Long Faux Fur coat (£99).

I’d wear this Zara Crossbody belt bag (£29.99) as a crossbody bag rather than belt bag… but that’d be your choice?!

Look 2 – Clash of the Checks:


Slightly lighter, and fresher this time round, wearing the  skirt with this H&M Collared Jumper (£12.99) buttoned to the top.

Going for the boots of the moment, hikers.

Specifically these ASOS Design Ablaze Chunky Hiker Boots (£40), which, though not real leather, pack a pretty good punch as far as Hikers go… and having received mine last week, I can confirm, they’re not overly chunky, dead comfy and a pretty versatile boot!

I’m going for a clash of check with the coat… not very minimal at all, but sometimes, you can’t beat a double check!

Given I’ve seen not seen the skirt or this Topshop Check Coat (£85) in the flesh separately, let alone together… this could be a match made in hell, but I’m going with it.

I loved the faux-fur version of this bag before Christmas, so it’s no surprise I’m going to feature this cute Topshop Tortoiseshell Clip Frame Bag (£25) which would finish this outfit off… perfectly!

Look 3 – Hood up:


Shocking names for these looks, this week, eh?  Clearly feeling rusty after a few weeks off…

Sticking with a wintery look, I’m going to pair the ruched skirt with an M&S Cashmere Hoodie (£119) simply because I’d looooove one of these!

Now you could go with trainers, but again, it’s still pretty chilly, so going with some white boots instead.

These Mint Velvet Sophie Leather Cowboy Boots (£149 @ John Lewis) are right up my street, although you could opt for a kitten heel or sock boot if you prefer.

In. Love. with this Warehouse Faux Leather Trench (reduced to £35, limited sizes left) which I’d wear open over the hoodie & skirt, with the belt tied at the back in order to show off the white Cos Leather Belt Bag (£45)

OK, confession time: ALL 3 looks are  variation on Knit + Skirt + Boots + Longer line tan/camel/beige coat, with Bag.

So, same-same, fractionally different!

{Insert face-slap emoji here!}

I cannot tell you how many times the children interrupted me this afternoon as I tried to pull these looks together – I was up and down like a frickin’ yo-yo.

With so many interruptions, I’m afraid I found it difficult to *breathe* let alone think!

Must try harder next week.


Anyway, back to the Mango Ruched Skirt… would you wear it?

And, although they are very similar, what do you make of my 3 looks this week?

I always struggle a little, with styling up the looks I mean, after a wee blogging hiatus, but I’m sure I’ll get back in full swing next week.

Til then –  I’d love to hear from you: leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.


{Please Note: there are a *few* affiliate links in this blogpost, though not all are affiliate links.}