And welcome to a little mid-week blog post all about these gorgeous Grace Boots from Seven Boot Lane:Grace_GreyIf you are a fashion blog follower, then chances are you’ve already heard of Seven Boot Lane (SBL), as they are a bit of a bloggers-fav.

In fact, I first came across SBL a couple of years ago, in this blog post from Fran Bacon (the Fashion Lift) and once I joined Instagram in March 2016, and started blogging myself, I couldn’t help but notice how popular SBL ankle boots are with the Instagram fashionista’s as well as bloggers.

Here’s Kate Hiscox (@wearsmymoney) rocking her Natural Snake Effect Grace Boots:


And here’s Avril Keys from A Life to Style showing us how fabulous the Grace Boots look with a midi-skirt:


So who are Seven Boot Lane?

Well, it’s a family run business, established in 2012 by Mais & her husband Sebastian Edwards, their vision being to create boots which are designed to stand the test of time in terms of both styling and quality.

And although SBL have just the one store in Bath, their footwear is most likely stocked at your local independent boutique.

Chloe Loves to Shop recently did a really lovely little blog post about SBL if you’d like to read more about the brand, and how it was established.

Chloe looking gorgeous in her SBL Kitty Boots

Over on Instagram, I’ve received overwhelming support for my regular #fridayfeet hashtag which, week to week is growing, and currently there are in-excess of 100 lovely ladies who join in each week, and as such, I was desperate to give something back, as a way of saying thank you to everyone for their support.

So… I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and contacted a brand, Seven Boot Lane, to see if they would be interested in working with me on a little thank you to my ‘Friday Feet Gang’ and given I’m writing this blog post, you can guess what their answer was!

I can honestly say, I wasn’t expecting to get a ‘yes’ and I could hardly contain my excitement when I received their lovely email agreeing to help me out.

SBL have very kindly gifted me a pair of boots of my choice to road test, as well as an exclusive discount code for all of you (scroll to the end if you can’t wait!)

But first, a review of the Dark Grey Suede Grace Boots which I was kindly gifted and road-tested this week:

Now most of you will know that I’m normally a flats kind of girl… but having read so much online about how comfortable Seven Boot Lane boots are – whether flat or heeled, I really wanted to road test these Grace boots for myself to give you my honest opinion.

First up, sizing:

I think the boots come up a little big – probably by half a size.

My feet aren’t overly narrow but neither are they wide, and so the smallest size (36) fitted really well around the toe, and the front of my foot, but when walking my heel lifted slightly.

Not so much to make my foot come out of the boots, but just enough for me to need an insole which resolved this issue.

I was worried that if the boot was ‘slightly too big’ for me, that my feet would look ‘too big’ – but this was a daft notion, as you can see from this photo of me wearing one Grace boot next to another of my ankle boots:

Next, heel height:

Given I am precisely 152cms in height (or 5 ft)… it’s nice to gain a little height sometimes, even if it’s temporary.

My main reason for not wearing heels on a regular basis is because I have osteoporosis, which has resulted in the back of my right knee joint being ground away (sorry – that is *as* horrible to write as it must be to read).

So most heels are a no-go for me.

However, my knees don’t seem to complain when I wear a small block heel.

I wore these Grace boots into town (a 10 minute walk from my home) around town for a couple of hours and home again, and I didn’t experience any knee twinges at all.

So I decided to keep the boots on for the rest of the day and even drove in them for the school pick-up, and found them to be just fine: which is an added bonus in my book – the whole ‘not having to change into better for driving shoes’ thing!

And indeed, the truth about comfort of any footwear really comes the following morning: again, I’m pleased to report, all was good with my granny knee!

My final verdict would be… *aaaaaall* of those bloggers were right: these really, *really* are very comfortable boots.

But not only that, the small block heel doesn’t feel like a big deal to a normally ‘flat footwear’ gal like me.

They’ve certainly won me over.

Finally, the details: I opted for the dark grey suede simply because I’ve been hankering after some for a while now, and the colour didn’t disappoint… although admittedly, the midnight blue leather would have been first choice simply because navy blue is my favourite colour!

Alas the Navy were sold out in my size… which turned out to be a good thing really, because the Dark Grey seem to work with more in my wardrobe.

I’ve protected my boots with a suede protector, but I haven’t worn them in heavy rain to be honest… and I probably wouldn’t wear suede on a very rainy day, but I think with protection they’re fine to wear in light rain / drizzle.

The heel height is small – a couple of inches, and they’re light (as in *not* heavy) – which is definitely a contributing factor to the comfort and not aggravating my knee.

The boots have a lovely little zip detail at the back for easy of putting on / taking off.

And I suppose the final thing to mention is the versatility of the Grace boots: they literally seem to work with any outfit: from culottes, to skinnies, skirts to dresses… and I’ll bet they look fabulous with cut-offs, although frankly, it’s not exactly cut offs weather, and…er… unless I’m on holiday, no one needs to see 46 year old me in my cut-offs, eh?!

I really loved how the boots looked with my hush jumpsuit:

{You’ll have to excuse the un-carpeted, paint splattered floor of my new bedroom – but don’t the boots look great against my blue wall?!}

I’m loving that these boots are so easy to wear, walk around in, drive in… basically, they are very much going to become my new everyday ‘go-to’ boots as they are perfect for my day to day, stay at home mum ‘running around’.

The Grace Boots are available in a range of leather or suede and so many great colours too: Burgundy suede, Black Suede, Red Suede, Natural Snakeskin effect leather as well as these beautiful Midnight Blue Leather.

But SBL do more than ankle boots, they have a small range of shoes, including these classic Kellie black loafers but it’s these Karma Leather Chelsea Boot Sneakers which are next on my list:


Now, although I’ve just said that the Grace boots are perfect for my day to day… what I mean is… they’re prefect for when the boys are at school kind of day to day.

But I think I might need these Karma Chelsea Boot Sneakers which would be perfect for mum-duties when the boys are on school hols, don’t you think?!


If you are fancy bagging yourself some super comfortable, versatile and stylish boots (which is the holy grail of requirements from any footwear, right?) pop over to the Seven Boot Lane website and enter my exclusive discount code of SMALLTOWN to bag yourself 15% off full priced styles.

My SMALLTOWN discount code is valid from today until Wednesday 13th December.

This discount code is kindly offered by SBL to all my readers –  is a little thank you to all those who have ever taken part in my instagram #fridayfeet, and to those of you who follow this blog: thank you!

I’d love to hear if you have some SBL shoes or boots and what you think?

Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading,

B x

Note: Seven Boot Lane gifted these Grace boots to me, however, all words & opinions in this blogpost are my own.