Sunday 7: What I’m taking on Holiday to Normandy (Clue: there’s nothing new…)

Aug 10th, 2019 Sunday 7, Travel Bean 12 min read

… and indeed, nothing that you wouldn’t be taking on holiday with you, that you wouldn’t take on a UK Staycation! Hello! A second post in just one week: I know! I am spoiling you, huh? And although this isn’t one of my traditional “Sunday 7’s”… it is a Sunday blogpost, right?! Anyhow, what am I looking at this week? Well, you can’t move for…


El Nacional Restaurant, Barcelona

Aug 10th, 2016 Travel Bean 11 min read

So this isn’t going to be one of my usual ‘fashion’ posts per se, rather it’s an attempt at the other type of styling that I have a thing for, interiors. As you know, I’m pretty new to blogging, and this is my first attempt at blogging about Interiors: I don’t know any fancy terminology and suchlike but I do know what floats my boat…