So, just lately, I’ve been reaching for my non-waterproof mac-style trenches on repeat.

When you’re petite (as in short!) it’s quite tricky to find a trench style coat which has sleeves the right length, not to mention the over all length of the coat.

And so… I’ve rounded up some of the best trenches on offer for us petites (although pretty much all are available in the regular/tall ranges as well):

Gap Classic Trench (£69.95)


Also available in Black and Oak (i.e. a classic stone coloured Mac.)

So, like all of my own trench style coats, this is cotton and not waterproof but… it’s a good looking trench and GAP do pretty good petites.  I imagine this will be one of the best trench here in terms of warmth/wind resistance.

Next Heritage Check Coat (£70)


So this isn’t pitched as a Mac or Trench by Next at all, it is a coat made from predominately man-made fibres, but with 23% wool in the mix.

It’s basically a proper coat with some classic trench detailing… and I happen to think it’s gorge: adore the bit of contrast binding detail (on the cuff – can you see it?!).

Definitely on my wish-list right now.

If you’re after a bit more colour, how about this ASOS Classic Trench in Blush Pink (£55)


The fabric is a poly-cotton mix which means it doesn’t crease too badly – I have this one in Tan and whilst it’s probably not my perfect mac… it’s not too bad either.

And sorry… it’s another not waterproof one!

This next one is rather pricey and a shorter trench from Banana Republic’s Belted Cotton Trench (£125) in Khaki


Similar to the GAP ones, after all, Banana Republic is Gap’s sister-store,  I imagine this would not only keep you warm but it will stand the test of time as well.

Again, doesn’t mention anything about being waterproof or shower resistant at all.

Moving on to actual real waterproof mac’s… there’s Marks and Spencer’s Petite Trench Coat with Stormwear (£45)


Also available in Navy this is the most practical of all the trench coats on this blog post today.

However, practical it may well be, but for me it lacks a little je ne sais quoi… I’m picky like that.

And, if the reviews are anything to go by… in true M&S style, the coat apparently comes up a little big.

Finally, moving as far away from practical (read: warm & waterproof) as possible, and onto my recent purchase:  New Look Petite Navy D Ring Utility Mac (£34.99)



I bought this New Look petites trench recently with a 25% discount and having seen it and tried it on in the flesh, it’s not worth the full price tag: it’s a medium to light-weight cotton (no thicker than a denim shirt really) & is un-lined.

It is a lovely looking “layer” for the muggy-grey September days, but it’s not at all a proper coat, and really has zero warmth.

The size 6 fitted me really well, and had room enough for a thick knit under it… I wanted a trench for right now, and one which look tailored across my shoulders so ended up buying the size 4.

I’m not sure how wise a decision this was, but I’ve worn it and am happy with it and will no doubt be packing it up when it comes to the ‘seasonal switch-over’ but I’ll be pulling it out again next spring!

And, here I am in my mine:

And in my ASOS Petites trench:

And finally, in yet another non-waterproof trench style coat which I found crumpled at the bottom of my eBay bag:

This mustard beauty is from good old Toppers and is around 13 years old… it’s not from their petites range though so I have to do that annoying sleeve tuck every. single. time. I put this coat on / take it off.


Oh well, sometimes, it’s not so bad being older: not when you get to pull stuff like this out from the back of your wardrobe for a 2nd time round!

Sure, it does kinda make you feel a tad ancient, but equally, it’s a great penny saver!

As always, I’d love to hear from you: have any of these trenches caught your eye? Leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

B x