I’ve been kind of stuck in a rut with these Sunday 7 blogposts: new in stuff *is* finally creeping into stores / on their websites, but given the heatwave, it’s been kind of hard to even *think* about clothing for cooler weather.

Until today.

A temporary drop in temperatures, bit of wind and rain… and I’m right back on it!

So… in a “I don’t know if I’m going or going…” kind of way, this 7 is very much all over the place.

And like most of us, I’m currently torn between saving my pennies for glorious new Autumn wears, or blowing the last of what I have on snagging a brilliant summer sales bargain.

Anyhoo… for now, I’m looking ahead… so let’s get stuck in:

7. HM – Wide Corduroy Trousers (£39.99)


“What’s this?” you ask… Bean, posting full length trousers and not crops?!

Well, what can I say?

Winter *is* coming…

Anyway, back to these cords: I’m loving them – all hail the return of jumbo corduroy!

And whilst these baby pink cords are ticking all the summery-vibe boxes, I think I’d probably go for the brown in reality:


They reek of the 70s, and that makes this 70s baby’s heart sing.

I’d wear these brown cords with pretty much any boot: pointy/kitten heeled / cowboy..  and a skinny, thin knit black turtle neck.

Jumbo cords are not for everyone, they can after all, add apparent ‘width’ to our frames… and if you live in what is in essence, a military heavy little town like mine – then there are a GREAT MANY fellas of a certain age sporting their red or peach jumbo cords…

Though not with pointy kitten heeled boots.

{*I think I might have to order these to try…}

And just to add… Zara have these Blue jumbo cords, which are a gorgeous blue…  but at £69, I think I’ll be sticking to the HM ones:


6. Topshop – Button Short Sleeve Blouse (£29)


Cute little blouse – would work well as office wear, or just with jeans.

And it has a lovely little back detail too:


It’s also available in Mustard Yellow, and given the fabric is 100% viscose… it’s likely there would be little to no ironing required.

Perfect little top in my book!

5. HM – Pleated wrapper skirt (£39.99)


Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

I absolutely adore this skirt which, would be perfect for right now… and through to Autumn… and even Winter and next Spring.

Unfortunately, since drafting this post on Friday, the ‘good availability in all sizes’ is now just ‘limited sizing available only.’ and as you know, I’m not a fan of including limited stock items in my blogposts.

However, it’s new in, so fingers crossed it will either be restocked, or still have good availability in store.

I’d buy this skirt in a heartbeat, but alas, given the length, it’s a definite alteration for us shorties.

And cutting / hemming a pleated hemline… though doable, is really, quite frankly… too much of a ball-ache.

Not that I have any.

Balls that is!

Moving on…

4. Other Stories – Round Frame Sunglasses (£23)


I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect pair of pink sunnies for a while now.

And these Salmon pink, round frame sunnies, might just be the ones.

The only thing putting me off ordering them is that niggly ‘what if…?’ and then the subsequent, oh-so-tedious Other Stories returns.

3. Uterqüe – Gingham Check Dress (£150)


I’m utterly smitten with this dress, even though it *is* out of my usual price range, and would need a good half metre lopping off the bottom.

But it’s a shirt dress which ticks a great many boxes for me, and I am currently battling with my heart over hitting the ‘complete’ purchase button.

Reasons not to click?

I’m skint; I’m a trousers kinda gal; I’m lazy with alterations and… er… I’m skint.

Reason to buy?

I love gingham; it’s in my colours; it has the perfect little sleeves; it can be worn now and into Autumn as it would look most fabulous with a crew neck sweater over the top and ankle boots… and you know, if I really, reaaaally love something, I do the alterations straight away.

However… having just had the lounge/hallway/stairs in the house done… I have to accept the truth: I’m too poor to buy this dress!

{Cue: wailing sobs}

2. New Look – Black Grid Check Button Side Jumpsuit (£24.99)


I do love a good jumpsuit.

Though I have to say from the off, this one has a belt.

A belt people!

And you know what that means?

Yup, extra-extra faff if going to the loo.

Though I happen to think on this occasion it would be worth it.

Wear now, by itself, no layering.

Wear in Autumn with a skinny rib ivory or mustard long sleeve thin knit under it.

1. Topshop – Supersoft Pocket Cardigan (£29)


I saw this on Tee Clutter’s Instagram Stories, and immediately swiped for the link and added the size 4 to my basket.

But… as it’s school holiday’s… I got distracted pretty quickly, and when I went back to complete my order, all the 4’s were gone.


Because it’s quite a boxy shaped cardi already, and because more and more, shop sizing has increased (as in, I’m now a Topshop /H&M 4, no longer a size 6 apparently) I’m not going to order it in the 6.

The back detail is cute:


At just £29, the cardi is, of course, made of 100% man-made fibres.

But, it’s a fabulous, colour and a great shape for us shorties.

{Hmmm… Maybe I should try the size 6?!}

And that’s it – those are my 7 this week: without a hint of elasticated-shirred-waist-side-striped M&S dress or jumpsuit in sight!

{#sorrynotsorry… but I’m done with seeing that style, that shape.}

Moving on to this week’s stinker:

Stinker of the Week: H&M Suede Jacket with Fringing (£149)


So earlier this year I posted about a Mango Fringed jacket and said how much I loved it.

But not this yellow, ill-fitting, shirt-esque jacket.

The styling isn’t helping it’s cause much…

But… it’s just not floating my boat.


Wildcard of the Week: Topshop Summer Check Trousers (£42)


There’s an awful lot of Rupert Bear, checked rousers filtering through in most high street stores at the mo…

Some are more tartan like, for the cooler months ahead, and others, really are yellow-checked, summery Rupert Bear trousers proper!

I have to say, they’re generally, not my cuppa, so styling them up really is going to be a challenge.

But, I promise to steer clear of red & a matching scarf a la Rups:


Look 1 – If you go down to the Woods:


Yellow always looks great with black and white, and if you’re taking the kids for a Teddy Bear’s picnic, or just an explore in the woods, you’ll need some sneakers. Going with my absolute favourites, Veja Wata Canvas Black Pierre’s (€80) and a plain black Topshop Rolled Sleeve T-shirt (£10)

And if you’re carrying a picnic, as well as a whole bunch of extra ‘just in case’ layers for the kids, not to mention for yourself, then one of these Fjallraven Kanken Classic Black Backpacks (Urban Outfitters, £75) which can be carried by the smaller hand-held handles, or on your back… would be prefect.

Speaking of extra layers, one of these Protected Species Black City Walkers (£175) would pack up nice and tiny, and doesn’t weigh much… not to mention that it can easily be tied around your waist as well.

There’s currently a summer promo on where you can bag a 20% discount using code SUMMER20.

{It pays to plan ahead #justsaying}

Look 2 – Bare Faced Cheek:


Given these pale yellow check trousers are loud enough… I seemed to stick to styling them with just one colour in look 1 which isn’t very adventurous, but I kind of think it works.

This time, I’m going with white, and starting with the shoes up again, I’m rather taken with these & Other Stories Pointed White Loafers (£79) which actually, aren’t pointy-pointed, but just nicely so.

You could wear Number 6 from this week’s 7, the Topshop Button Short Sleeve Blouse (£29).

I’d probably layer a thinner, open weave cardi over the top… something like this black Zara Rustic Textured Cardi (£29.99) and go for a simple bag, like this Cos Small Shoulder Bag with Soft Fold (£79) in soft white.

Look 3 – Bare Bones:


Wear the trousers with these Black Leather Rounded Heel Mules (Zara, £69), and this Mango Bella T-shirt (£15.99.)

I’d go for a longer line, looser fit blazer (Zara, £49.99) to juxtapose your girly shoes.

Grab your Mango Sunnies (£15.99) and your Zara Beaded Tote (£29.99) and you’re set for a night with the girls.

So… how’d I do?

I know, all the styling is kind of obvious with just the black and white… but the fear of creating an actual, real, Rupert outfit was real!

Have I persuaded you into Rupert trousers or am I preaching to the converted?

I think that in principle, I *could* wear these yellow checked trouser, but in reality… I probably wouldn’t.

Just a little bit too busy…  too loud for me.

So tell me… have you enjoyed the temporary rest-bite from the crazy-hot-humidity?

I think we’ve all enjoyed this bit of rain… especially knowing that the Summer’s not quite done with us yet: makes the rain easier to put up with, doesn’t it?

As always, I love hearing from you – so please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading,