And just like that, the first couple of weeks of the school summer holidays have flown by!

How are you coping with the holidays or working in this gorgeous, proper summer that we’re having?

Shops are full of the dregs of the sales, with some fabulous bargains to be had.

But I’m done with looking at summer stuff: I go on holiday in a week, and my entire holiday wardrobe is old, though not tired and although of course it’s always lovely to add the odd new piece for a new holiday, I’m refraining from doing so and saving my pennies for Autumn.

So what I have I spotted this week?

7. French Connection – Caspia Linen Pleated Trousers (£80)


Effortless cool & chic, don’t you think?

Do not be fooled by the word ‘linen’ in the name of these trousers – I’ve checked and they are predominately Lyocell (74%) with just 26% linen, which means they are not going to be massively creasy linen, but they are going to be super soft and cool to wear.

Now I’m going to state the obvious here, that these are a very versatile style of trouser which you can smarten up, dress down, but in particular, they would be great if you happen to work in a freezing cold air-conditioned office, when it’s roasting hot outside/on your journey to work.

It’s the sort of thing I used to wear to work.

I don’t often look at French Connection nowadays, and it’s not at all because I think they’ve lost their way, or that the clothing is fugly but more that I don’t bring an income into the house, and as such, FCUK is at the pricier end of of my budget.

If I don’t look, I can’t be tempted, right?

{Currently cursing myself for having spotted these trousers…}

6. Topshop – Multicoloured Jacquard Midi Skirt (£55)


I think I must subconsciously be missing working in an office, given my first two selections this week!

I’m a bit of a fan of jacquard as a fabric, and this pretty, multicoloured skirt is right up my street given it’s sort-of checked/geometric-ish pattern… or in other words, a print I can handle.

This isn’t available in Petite, however, I think the top of the front split would start at a more respectable, less revealing point on the legs of us shorties, than taller ladies… although the overall length of the skirt would hit much lower and given the style of the skirt, I think that this would make it look out of proportion.

I would take it up – but that’s a personal choice.

You could get away with the length without altering.

5. French Connection – Bridget Crepe Mix Print Dress (£125)


This is just a really pretty maxi.

That’s all I have to say on it really.

I know that it’s one of those things I swoon over, really *really* want to buy, but in reality, it’s not very me given the sheer volume of print, not to mention the print-clash.


But I still like it.

A lot.

Thankfully, I have zero use for such a dress.

Plus, given it’s 100% polyester… the price tag’s a bit steep, don’t you think?

It’s another piece though, which can be worn now, and see you through to Autumn – the black base of the floral print would lend itself really well to being worn with boots.

4. Urban Outfitters – Printed Maxi Skirt (£39)


I love this colour.

And that pretty little frill at the hemline.

Now unfortunately, that sweet little frill would get chopped off when altering for us shorties – though I’m sure a good seamstress could also reattach it?

I’m not a fan of such faffy alterations, but I wanted to include it just because I love the colour.

Again, perfect for now as well as into Autumn with a chunky knit and trainers.

3. Marks and Spencer – Leather High Cut Ballerina Pumps (£35)


The Autumn colours for this now classic style of v-cut flat nana-shoe are out!

I want these in Red, I tried this style of shoe on in Spring, loved them for their versatility, and super comfortable.

However, I’m quite pleased I didn’t buy them in Spring given we pretty much went straight from an Arctic Snowy blast to this the super long, super hot summer.

But, I think I might make use of a pair come Autumn.

These aren’t everyone’s cuppa I know, but I do love a nana-flat.

The shoes are available in 7 colours, including Black, a very pretty Rose Pink and for all the magpies out there, in Pewter too!

2. Urban Outfitters – Cordeila Printed Corduroy Midi Dress (£52)


Love everything about this dress: the colour, it’s cord, it’s got a fine print, it has a belt, buttons and patch pockets.

I’d wear it as is, on it’s own during the last of the summer, but the dress would look perfect with anything from a shirt, long sleeve crew neck or my fav, a skinny rib turtle neck worn under it.


Likewise, it would look utterly fabulous with a chunky cardi over the top.

It would need taking up for us shorties, but on this occasion, it’s a straight forward hem situation, and one I’d consider tackling myself.

And although I am seriously tempted by this dress, which exudes vintage, retro cool vibes (to me…) I have to say, I’ve not had much luck with UO and their size XS.

Perhaps it’s just the pieces I’ve ordered and tried in the past, but pretty much all have been too big.

Would love to hear if anyone has seen this dress IRL and how the sizing is?

1. Topshop – Belted Denim Jumpsuit (£45)


Another black jumpsuit from me.



Rather like the UO cord dress in number 6, the top of this jumpsuit has a nicely fitted pinafore shape:


Although unlike the UO Cord Dress from number 6, you might need to wear a vest or bandeau under it, given the back detail:


I absolutely love this jumpsuit – although, what’s with E.vER.thiNG having raw hems?

I know it’s great for us shorties – cut to desired length and wot not, but sometimes, it’s nice to have a cleaner line at the hem isn’t it?

I’d need to take this jumpsuit up  – so I would take the time to hem them properly.

That or just roll up a couple of times if you’re feeling lazy.

This has definitely gone onto my wishlist.

LOVE it.

And that’s all from me today.

No stinker, no Wildcard styling and no Beany-bonuses.

At this time of year, given the holidays, the never ending sales, the half-hearted new-in drops, and generally, feeling a little uninspired, I figured I’d stick to doing a ‘Simple 7’ for the rest of the summer.

We’ve had a lovely weekend with old friends visiting, which kept our kids busy with their kids and so it’s been easy parenting in that regard, though we adults may have pushed our bedtimes to the limit as well with one too many Aperols.

All in all though – a lovely weekend.

Hope you’ve had a good one, and enjoyed today’s 7: would love to hear your thoughts on my selection, why not leave comment?

Thanks for reading,

B x