Welcome back to another Sunday 7 after a half-term break: how was yours?

I was lucky enough to have a long, family weekend in London this half term – and by lucky, I’m essentially referring to the fact that that first off, the husband actually (like for *real*) took a school holiday day-off (this never happens!) but that most of all, the really bleak weather we’d been having lately held off and we had beautifully crisp, sunny weather.

London in the sunshine is just lovely.

Anyway… although it was a kid-centric activity /museum based weekend, I did get a short 2 hour ‘solo’ window of legging it up to Oxford Street for a hair cut, and had just 30 mins to run into some shops.

With the sun shining, Springtime fashions were screaming at me.

However, as we head into our unpredictable Spring time weather and with an arctic ‘polar vortex’ forecast for the coming week, my picks this week are quite simply all over the place.

Rather like our weather.

7. Zara – Long Textured Coat (£95.99)


Since trying this coat on, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind.

It’s a bit of an insta favourite (as seen on the gorgeous Tee Clutter) , though why Zara decided to drop this in January when the rest of the high street dropped their (virtually instantly sold out) oversized, camel coloured teddy coats back in Sept, I don’t understand.

Having previously ordered a Zara faux fur in size XS and being swamped by it, I’ve been put off ordering any further Zara coats.

But there’s a lesson to be learnt (- and please excuse the Instagram Stories phone snap!):


This is me trying on the size small.

And it ‘almost’ fitted!

I was wear a particularly chunky sweater under it but really, it wasn’t a bad fit at all… even the sleeves didn’t look too long.

So the lesson being: if you like something in Zara… it’s always worth trying: their sizing is too inconsistent for you *not* to try!

The size XS is in stock on line, so I am still tempted…

It’s just that, we’re coming into Spring right?!

I think the coat would be a wise purchase, as they’ll still be every where next Autumn/Winter…

If I don’t buy it now, will I regret in Autumn when all the new Teddy coats swamp me?

But it’s another (almost) £100…

And we’re coming into Spring…

(I’ve said that already, right?!)


What would you do?!

The other option being…

6. H&M – Textured Weave Coat (£79.99)


This one would get more wear given we’re heading into Spring, possibly into early Autumn even.

I tried this H&M coat on recently (again, excuse the Stories pic!):


This was the size 6 and was a great fit across the shoulders.

Obviously the sleeves are a little long for me, but if you’re after a stylish, longer-line Spring coat… this is really lovely.

I really like the textured weave of the fabric and longer length on me.

So… the dilemma… this spring coat or the winter zara one?!


5. Topshop – Petite Suit Jacket and Trousers (£79.99)


This only had limited availability left online… but the jacket and trousers are sold as separates if you prefer.

I tried on the size 6 in-store, it was the only size left:


Unfortunately, the size 6 was a little roomy across my shoulders, so I left it.

The size 4 was available online as I left Topshop but I was rushing to get to my hair appointment, after which I met up with my boys… and by the time I went to order it that evening, the size 4 was sold out.

{insert all the crying eye emoji’s here}

I had visions of rocking a suit with white sneaks and a tee in the milder months ahead… and perhaps even wearing from now with trainers & jazzy sock combo and a turtle neck with an ‘over coat’ layered over the top.

Wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

I’m a little heartbroken to have found, and then missed out on such a great fitting petites suit.

But, I guess I’ll have to keep hitting that refresh button in the vain hope of some returns, eh?

4. Mango – Net Tote bag (£49.99)


Brought to my attention via Ashely over on A Mothers Edit.

A fabulous Staud dupe, but at a fraction of the cost.

However, I spotted this M&S Autograph bag in the Evening Standard Magazine – which unfortunately, isn’t not online yet:


Again, excuse the grainy photo… but this is potentially a perfect bag for the months ahead.

Keeping my eye on the M&S website for this one…

3. New Look – Green Bonjour Slogan T-shirt (£9.99)


Simple slogan tee, in a lovely, vibrant green.

Fab for spring and summer.

Nothing more to be said on that really?!

2. H&M – Dark Blue Striped Blazer (£34.99)



Another one for Spring.

And yet again, one I’ve tried on!

{I know! Get me getting out and about to actual real shops, eh?!}


This was the size 6… it was too big for me across the shoulders.

The sleeve cuff was pretty narrow – I had a job to turning them up!

In this photo, one sleeve is turned up and the other turned under… just to give you an idea of the fit on a shortie.

Really love the jacket – fab with jeans.

But, inconsistent sizing strikes again!

So this blazer… was not for me.

1. Topshop – Petite Terracotta Cropped Wide Leg Jeans (£40 – also available in regular)


It’s been a while since I’ve mentioned my love for wide-leg crops…

But my silence on them doesn’t mean my love for this style has wained any!

Tried these fabulous rust coloured cropped jeans on in a size 24 and a 25.

The 24 fitted, but a little ‘snug’ when sitting down; where as the 25 had just enough room for that teeny-tiny percentage of potential shrinkage in cotton heavy denim.

The size 25 came home with me and they are going to get A LOT of wear over the coming months:

I braved bare ankles this week and hoped that compensating with wearing two coats would be enough.

It wasn’t!

But… these crops looked great with my off-white western boots (when I tried them on in-store) so with that in mind, they will be worn from now, through to spring with a trainers & denim jacket combo… as well as being worn in actual *real* summer with a tee & slides/sandals.

Stinker of the Week: H&M Quilted Jacket (£29.99)


One where… there’s nothing much wrong with the piece per se.

It just doesn’t float my boat.


Wildcard of the Week: Topshop Bonded Jacket (£45)


One I tried on recently (sorry – no pic!)

It’s a very bright, neon-glowing kind or orangey red.

The size 6 was a good fit on me, though I had to turn the sleeves up, which looked ok.

It did make me feel like an extra from Miami Vice though.

Which got me to thinking… could I style it up to make me want to buy it….?

Look 1 – Miami Central:


I’ve gone full blown 80’s here!  Wear the jacket with some bleached Topshop Mom Jeans (£40), a simple tee like this New Look White Appliqué T-shirt (£12.99) and some clashing Topshop Yellow Kilo Pointed Mules. Complete your 80’s look with… a bum bag of course! How about this yellow Queen Quilted bum bag (£22) from Toppers….?  No? I have to say, having lived my teen years through the 80’s, I won’t be trying out this look any time soon; but I couldn’t resist including it!

Look 2 – Lunch Date:


A little more sedate here, but still quite lairy… of course the brightness of the jacket is far from sedate full stop! Going for a simple knit and jeans combo here, with these Zara Zipped Hem Jeans (£12.99), this striped H&M Fine Knit Jumper (£17.99) and of course, my current fav, some white western boots – love these ones from Zara Leather Cowboy Ankle Boots (£99.99).  And because I’m quite partial to a bit of matchy-matchy, I’ve opted for this Mango Ecru Wooden Handles Tote (£35.99)

Look 3 – Skirting around:


Again, there’s something about the orange of this jacket which I’m finding it hard to tone down with these looks!  Opted for a very clashing, very bright pink H&M Silk Shirt (£69.99), a Zara Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (£25.99) and although I’m going for these (yet more clashing pinky-red) Mango Textured Pointed Slingback’s (£19.99) , you could dress down with a pair of trainers.  I’m finishing this look off with this circular Mango Bamboo Coffer Bag (£49.99) whether the bag goes with the outfit or not… just because I wanted to include the bag!

I’m not sure I’ve sold the jacket to myself with these looks – let alone to you guys.

I probably should have stuck to my usual fail-safe, plainer ‘classics’ under the jacket.

A bit of a #wildcardfail me thinks.

And that’s it for this week.

How are you all coping with this current crazy, unpredictable weather?

And what would you do: teddy coat or textured pink coat?

Leave a comment below & I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.