Hello! How’s your week been? Well, it’s actually the past two weeks, given I had a much needed weekend off…

I’ve been on a very bumpy ride on the ‘parent rollercoaster’ this week, with a very, very poorly small child, but all is good now.

So, from the title of this post, you’ve probably guessed I’m looking at all things velvet this week and having missed last week, you have a bumper edition of Sunday 7 this week!

Velvet is a funny one – as in, it’s a bit of a marmite fabric which can often stir up strong feelings amongst many.

Not me though – I don’t feel strongly about it one way or the other, but I guess you could say that I like it.

A bit.

Not a mad crazy velvet lover… you’ll never see me in top to toe velvet a la Alexa:


Mainly because there’s the Austin-factor “fear”:


The reality is, I’d (hopefully) look nothing like Austin Powers if I wore a velvet suit, but you should feel comfortable in your clothing – comfortable as in, feel like yourself.

And in top to toe velvet, I wouldn’t feel very me.

Anyhoooo… I do think a wee smattering of velvet here (a pleated skirt?) or there (a cami?) can look completely fabulous.

An added bonus as we hit party season, is that the rich, luxe texture of velvet makes for great festive party clothing.

ALTHOUGH… is velvet just for Christmas?


I’ll come back to that.

Let’s get stuck in.

7. Marks & Spencer – Velvet Padded Jacket (£89)

Kinda nuts, right?

I mean, surely it’s an oxymoron or whatever the right word is: a puffer jacket in velvet?!

But in fact, velvet is a gorgeously warm fabric, so it’s perfect for a coat.

And for all those thinking ‘but it’s not waterproof!’ just trust me when I tell you that there are a great many waterproof ‘looking’ puffers out there which are actually not at all waterproof.

I speak from experience having previously invested in puffers from Zara, Gap and Abercrombie… they were all, super-warm coats, but none of them were remotely shower proof.

So, where’s the harm in a velvet puffer then?

This M&S velvet padded jacket also comes in red too, but that’s slightly too “Mrs Santa” for my tastes… although, it’s still a lovely looking jacket.

6. LK Bennett – Mary-Jane Loganberry Velvet Flats (£175)


I know there are dozens of more affordable options out there when it comes to velvet shoes, but these LK Bennett beauties are firmly on my lust-list.

I haven’t bought any shoes from LK’s in years… since having kids in fact… but they have, to my eye, always made a very good looking shoe.

And the quality is fantastic too.

Anyway, these flat, velvet Mary-Janes are a thing of beauty: the colour, the shape… everything!

These would look so gorgeous with ankle grazing jeans/crops… or indeed a pleated skirt.

Dressy, but subtle enough to wear anytime really.

If you’re a heels girl, LK also do these Monica Blue Velvet Court Shoes (£195):


And these Monica closed courts are also available in the same deep red/burgundy colour as the flats, which LK Bennet are calling Loganberry.

{How many names for this one colour?! It’s burgundy, right? As in Wine? But I suppose Loganberry is acceptable too!}

And again… these Velvet Monica’s are simply stunning.

Kind of outta my budget nowadays, but you know… ear-marked for the sales, maybe?

5. HM – Velour Joggers (£17.99)


So from dressy velvet shoes to the other end of the spectrum, a Juicy Couture, Jo-Lo blast from the past… velvet Joggers.

And velour is a cheaper, less stiffer kind of velvet but it’s still got the same lush texture.

I actually really fancy a pair of these HM joggers to lounge around in at weekends, and they’re cheap as chips… plus they also come in red, bright pink, grey, dusky blue and white.

Although for me, it’d have to be the black.

And probably the only one of this week’s 7 that would be the reserve of “dress down” days…. I’m not sure I could carry velour joggers off with a pair of heels on a night out: how about you?!

4. Accessories – you get two for one here:

Mango Velvet Quilted Bag (£35.99)


I’ve opted for this plainer, Gucci-esque velvet bag from Mango… it just screams evening out, however… it can also add a touch of luxe to your jeans, ankle boot, slouchy knit and blazer daytime look as well.

M&S have this Star embellished Velvet Clutch (£29.50) if you fancied something a little more snazzy.

Marks and Spencer Velvet Round Buckle Belt (£12.50)


This is a great way to add a touch of luxe to your floral midi, or over a blouse or jacket…  just ‘cinch’ the waist in as they like to say in the mags and presto – you’ve gone from day to night!

This belt is sold out in the Burgundy online, but there’s probably stock available in this colour in-store.

3. New Look – Black Glitter Velvet Puff Sleeve Top (£22.99)

nl-black-glitter-velvet-puff-sleeve-topAs the name suggests, this is very much an #outout top… perfect for the upcoming party season, but instead of the wrap-style velvet tops, or velvet cami’s, this one, with it’s higher neckline and long sleeves, is sure to keep you warm!

You could wear with plain black as pictured, mixing it with leather (faux or real) bottoms, but it would look equally great with some jeans and heels.

And just because I can’t help myself… how cute with this Yellow Velvet Ruched Front Top (£19.99) look with some high waisted culottes?


It’s gorgeous!

But sadly for most of us: it’s cropped.

Now the cropped thing wouldn’t be *as* bad on my short-arse… but if you have a longer back, it might be an issue.

That said, you could wear it over a simple black slip dress to dress it up?

2. Marks and SpencerVelvet Pleated A-line Midi Skirt (£35)


Perfect – not just for Christmas, but for the dark, grey, dreary months ahead.

Unlike satin pleated skirts, this velvet beauty is gonna keep you warm AND there’s no ‘static’ dramas either!

I absolutely love this Gold colour, but it’s also available in Red, Blue and Black.

And much like any other pleated skirt, you can dress up with heels / fierce ankle boots, but I’d probably opt for a plain top, whether a roll-neck or soft jersey long sleeve tee, mainly because I don’t like looking overly dressed up. A silk blouse could work, but it’d be too much for me.

And likewise, you can dress these velvet pleated skirts down with a pair of sneaks, slouchy knit or sweat and whether you prefer to toughen up with a biker or a longer line trench style coat is personal taste: either way, it’s a fab day time “cool chic” kinda look.

And I suppose you could do the same dress up or dress down looks with Velvet Trousers like these Topshop Bonded Velvet Trousers (£42) but I find actual, true cotton velvet trousers (rather than say, velour joggers!) a little bulky and stiff and never feel fully relaxed in them.

But again, that’s probably just a weird ‘Bean-thing’ of mine, and most people don’t have the same issues as me!

Now onto my number one… a velvet Jacket.

Or should that be… Jackets?!

1. Velvet Jackets –  I’m afraid to say there were a fair few that I wanted to include here, and found it difficult to choose!

So again, you’re getting two for the price of one here!

Topshop Velvet Tux Blazer (£95)


Now before you all rush to click the link and buy… this blazer isn’t available just yet  – it’s ‘coming soon’.

As such you can click the link for it and set up a notification to tell you when it’s in.

But I had to include this tux jacket because it’s a style of jacket I’ve never owned, but always wanted,

The reason I’ve never owned one is simply because I’ve never found one that was the right fit.

Back in my late-teens, I had velvet blazers in pretty much any colour imaginable – it was my go to look with jeans and DM boots… all of my velvet blazers were from charity shops which were full of them at the time.  I’d bought mine from as little as 50p for a blue velvet blazer through to a whopping £3.50 for a black one.

All my charity shop blazers had one thing in common: they were all a great fit – even the sleeve length.

Which is pretty strange when I think about it now…

Anyway… I’m unlikely to buy this Topshop Tux Blazer *unless* they happen to release it in a Petite version too.  And Topshop, are really great for releasing the same piece in Tall, Regular and Petites – way better than most other retailers in fact – so I guess it’s a case of keeping your eyes peeled.

It’s a bit of an investment, a timeless piece which would stand the test of time… eventually owing you nothing.

In the absence of finding a tux blazer that would work on my extra petite (zero shouldered) frame, I’ve come across this:

Gap Velvet Swing Kimono (£79.95)


It’s such a cute, easy to wear little jacket and Gap are absolutely right to call the colour ‘Red Delicious’!

I can picture myself wearing this over jeans and a tee, left open in a casual-cardi kind of way.

And with it being velvet, it would be warm like a cardi too!

But equally, look how fabulous the kimono jacket (black version) looks when belted:


An instantly smarter, dressier vibe.


Love both colours and confession time: I’m thinking about ordering this one… just not sure about which colour?

The black would probably be more versatile, but that red really is too delicious to ignore… as this inspo image I’ve plucked from Pinterest shows:


Heavily distressed / ripped jeans withstanding (i.e. not my cuppa personally), what a cute casual velvet look, don’t you think?

Best bit about this Gap kimono jacket is that it’s available in Tall, Regular and Petites.

Is there a current 30% off at Gap?

Probably, though I haven’t checked… they always have deals on, don’t they?

Or… should I risk loosing out on my size by waiting for the pre-xmas 40% off deal / black friday…?


Decisions, decisions!

Given all the extras I’ve thrown in this week, I wasn’t going to do a Stinker or Wildcard… but honestly, there’s so much gorgeous velvet around I couldn’t resist!

Stinker of the Week – Petite Pink Velvet Plisse Trim Top (on offer £14.99)


So nothing wrong with this top per se… it just made me kinda wrinkle my nose a little.

Perhaps it’s the ‘peachy’ pink?

Or that it seems too fussy with the fluted sleeves – which as a general rule of thumb, I don’t actually mind.

Perhaps it’s that the top doesn’t work in velvet?

I’m not sure what it is to be honest!

It’s just a no from me.

Wildcard of the Week – Jigsaw Velvet Front Jumper (£120)


Not terribly wild I suppose, but it’s a jumper that I like the look of, but would find tricky to wear and once that thought had hit… the challenge (in my mind) to style it up was on!

I don’t think the styling here from Jigsaw is terrible, but equally it’s not bringing the best out of the sweater for me.

{And before I show you my looks, I should mention it’s available in a Petrol Blue and Slate Grey as well.}


Look 1 – Casual Cool: Tucking this Jigsaw Velvet Front sweater in fully, or a half tuck would make it so much more appealing to me.  Do a half tuck into some Topshop Cropped Kick Flare Dree Jeans (£40) and wear with some chunkier shoes to balance the outfit – something like these Zara Platform Derby Shoes (£25.99). This outfit would work with most jackets but right now, I’m rather taken with this Stradivarius Short Faux Shearling Jacket (£49.99). Just add a burgundy Zara Studded Bucket Bag (£39.99) and you’ll cool as!

Look 2 – Smart Casual: “smart-cas” seems to mean different things to different people, but as soon as I see the word “casual” in a dress code, I think “it’s ok to wear jeans!” but that’s just me.  The Velvet Jumper tucked in fully with a pair of these smarter Mango Belt Organic Cotton Jeans (£49.99) along side some contrasting sock boots like these Topshop Sateen BONBON Kitten Heel Boots (£36) in grey is a great look. Keep things smart with a Check Coat (£55.99) from Stradivarius. I’d go for a clutch bag – something like this Cos Padded Clutch (£89) in midnight blue.

Look 2 – Smart: I’m not brilliant at doing smart, but here goes… how about teaming the velvet jumper with a faux leather skirt in the same (similar) colour…would that work?  This Warehouse Faux Leather Pencil Skirt (£36) is a reasonably priced one to take a punt on.  And while we’re at, let’s stick to burgundy coloured shoes too… these Mango Crystal Slingbacks (£49.99) are pretty cute, don’t you think? Keep yourself warm in a classic Jaeger Camel Coat (£250 from John Lewis).  A tan bag such as this Zara Leather City Bag with Knotted Detail (£95) would look great with this outfit.

I know I haven’t gone for a super dressy-dressy look for the jumper, but after spending an entire week at home with my youngest who is not only teething (at age 5!), he’s had terrible croup (resulting in one middle of the night A&E dash, plus another all-day check-up at the Paedriatic Department in Hospital) AND has terrible tonsillitis on top of all that, needless to say, ‘going out’ (ever again!) seems quite unimaginable right now, and I couldn’t quite must up the imagination needed for a full on party look: sorry!

{BTW: 2 blood tests, a swab or two, two rounds of steroids and  antibiotics later… the boy is doing so, so much better.}

Right then – those are my velvet picks.

I’m aware I didn’t even touch on dresses.

Or velvet scrunchies for that matter!

Another time perhaps?

Would love to hear your thoughts on today’s Sunday 7: what do you think of the looks for the velvet jumper?

And what colour Gap Velvet Kimono should I go for…?

Leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading


P.S. I forgot to say: from the Pinterest inspo look, and from my Wildcard looks you’ll agree with me when I say… Velvet is *not* just for Christmas!