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Hello there!

And yet another two weeks between blogposts from me…

It’s disappointing that I’ve had to put my blog on the back burner these past couple of months but, it’s been the trickiest of times with family, and frankly… real life always matters most.

None the less, I often use my blog as means of distraction from the daily humdrum of life, so… it’s always gutting for me when I can’t make time to write.

But here I am, back again.

Looking at “frilly” options from the highstreet.

After buying and wearing a tiered, frilly Ganni frock recently (as featured in my last blogpost), I’ve realised the harshness of my previous thoughts on ruffles and frills: they are still, generally, too frou-frou-frou for me…

… but I’ve realised I quite enjoy wearing them; they add a little feminine flounce to my otherwise androgynous / masculine favoured styles.

My usual favourite high street store, Topshop resulted in all the ‘meh’ feelings; so apologies in advance, as this *might* just be (i.e. it is!) a Zara heavy feature post.

So… let’s go:

7.  Zara – Striped Midi Dress £25.99


No pockets… and yet, I’m feeling so much love for this dress.

It’s the stripes, the simple tier at the bottom and of course the added detail of the small ruffled trim at the hem.

I adore it all!

Alas, alas… this one of the those Zara numbers which is only available in S, M and L, so there’s not a hope in hell of it fitting me.

Not to mention the proportions of the style being lost, looking crap on someone of my height.

But… I *really* like it and think the dress would look fine on anyone with a couple of extra inches (or more) than me, and would be one you could work into your Autumn wardrobe with ease: a knit/hoodie, worn over the top of this dress would lend itself to the bottom looking like the prettiest of skirts.


6. Marks and SpencerSecret Slimming Ruffle Plunge Swimsuit (£29.50)


With holiday season upon us, thought I’d feature a bit of swimwear… I favour simple all in one cossie’s but the addition of a simple frill on this M&S one would make a nice change to my norm.


This one I’d definitely like to try and will think about buying… if it fits.

After all, with the all too often “size down” mantra from M&S, we all know by know that they are advocates of generous, vanity sizing.


If this red & pink cossie is too much colour for you, I also spotted this black Zara One Shoulder Ruffled Swimsuit (£25.99)


Which although lovely, doesn’t have the extra support offered from the M&S one.

I already have a Navy cossie which has a little frill, and considering how little I get to wear *any* of my swimwear, it’s probably not worth me buying any more.

I just love the pink & red of the M&S one though.

5. Zara – Checked Ruffled Skirt (£49.99)


So although I frequently describe myself as a “print-o-phobe” it’s mainly large print florals I don’t do.

Oh – nor animal print.

But checks… checks I do-do.

And love.

Especially the muted tones of this Zara skirt with it’s simple ruffle hem.

Looking at the online photos – which is all I can go on, given I have no actual real Zara store nearby (#crapblogger…) this skirt appears to have A LOT of fabric.

Which is of course, what you’d expect from a gathered waist style of skirt.

But when I say A LOT of fabric… I mean so much, it would have the potential to swap a titch like me.

Proof of course would be in the pudding… and I’m seriously tempted to order this one to try… it’s in my basket, but…

… not sure what the “but” is exactly: the price (given it’s just Zara?)

Or my eternal shoppers-guilt given our impacts on our planet from over-consumption.

I genuinely struggle to buy new stuff nowadays, and am constantly keeping an eye on pre-loved sites, as well as rummaging in the very deep, dark, depths of my own wardrobe to see if I can’t unearth something similar to my current high street fancies.

This style of check skirt though… isn’t something I’ve ever owned.

I think it would look equally at home in the warmer months with some chunky, fugly, dad sandals and a singlet as well as during the cooler months with a chunk roll-neck and a pair of sturdy DM like boots.


*That* really is the question!

4. Topshop – Blue Floral Ruffle Tea Top (£32)


Having said at the start of the post that Toppers wasn’t coming up with much to my tastes, in the frilly-ruffled stakes, I did spot this cute blouse.

I like the smaller size print which isn’t too “lairy”


It’s a cute little top, right?

I love the freshness of pale blue so much, even though it makes me look like a little cupcake iced & decorated by a preschooler (aka it’s horrible on me!)

But again… I can’t help what I’m drawn to, and this little top would work with my denim skirts / khaki’s / jeans / crops… even over my bias cut slip dresses.

SO tempted…

3. Zara – Ruffled Knit Top (£17.99)


Meanwhile, back in Zara again… I spotted this simple little knitted top.

And to be clear: I would *not* wear this top with #nada underneath as per model.

But… I do think it would add more than a little interest worn over a high-neck sleeveless tee, or indeed any plain white tee with jeans.

The frill of the ruffle isn’t overly frilly and so appeals to my inner minimalist-magpie.

Again, another one which is still in my basket: tempted to order it just to ‘try;’ but equally, unsure about it’s longevity: would it be just an impulse-buy?!

2. & Other Stories – Ruffled Floral Midi Dress (£95)


What a pretty dress, right?!

I couldn’t not include it, but the dress does pose a few issues for me:

  • too pale in colour, would well and truly wash me out
  • Not sure that there are enough ruffles on the skirt to remove one tier and still ensure the proportions of the style would remain
  • whilst I can’t say this for sure, as I have no experience of this issue (!) I’d wager it’s probably not the best dress for those blessed in the boob department
  • the shoelace straps are just too shoelace…
  • and finally, no pockets!

Other than that, I’m in, hahah!


Having said all of that… when you look at the dress from this second angle, I think you probably *could* get away with removing the lowest tier, if you’re a shortie like me and didn’t want the dress to be too maxi.

1. Zara – Textured Weave Dress (£17.99)


I can see myself in this dress.

It’s such an easy one to chuck on… and I like the idea of not wearing a t-shirt under it, though would happily do so, depending on whether I was on holiday or at home / where I was going to wear the dress.

However… check this out:


Do you see it?

Do you see what I see, which is a bit of an issue?

Yup, side-boob.

Looks like the dress is cut very low under the arm, so more than likely, the dress is probably better suited to ‘holiday wardrobe’ rather than day to day at home.

And the fabric:


It’s that bumpy, stretchy-fabric which might ‘cling’ a little giving all the VPL and then some.

In a word, unforgiving.

I know I’m small, and appear to slim and trim… but in reality, I’m very nearly 48, and have had two kids and have just as many lumps and bumps as the next woman of my age…

Which I generally prefer to hide.

I guess the only way all of my questions on these zara bits and bobs I’ve got my eye on would be to just place the blOOdy order and to give them a try!

Stinker of the Week: New Look Parisian Multicoloured Floral Frill Trim Bardot Dress (£21.99)


There is just TOO much going on here, for me and my tastes:

  • bardot neck/shoulders
  • frilly sleeves
  • frill at neckline
  • shirred bodice
  • frilly waist / skirt
  • floral… and an intense floral at that

I think if just two of the above were features of this dress, it would look better.

Of course that’s just my plain-jane-tastes talking there…

I can also confirm, that this New Look dress wasn’t the worst in terms of ‘too many frills…’ and yet, it’s the one I’ve chosen as stinker.

It’s just got too many details for me.

And no doubt, not enough for others!


Wildcard of the Week: Zara Sequinned Top (£19.99)


Rainbow coloured, sequinned, frilly hemmed, out-out top?

Pretty much everything I avoid and have zero need for!

I think it’s the sunny photo, catching the light off the sequins which screamed out to my magpie heart.

In my currently lifestyle, I wouldn’t wear this day to day… I know others might, but day-time sequins are just not my thing at all.

But I *do* think this would be a fabulous little holiday top, or going out one… and here’s how I’d wear it:

Look 1 – Jeans and a Nice Top:


I think there are a great many of us who have carried our younger / uni days “jeans and a nice top” going out style through out most of our lives…

… it’s such an easy, effortless, cool, not trying too hard look, right?

So not too dissimilar to the Zara styling, but I’d go for a darker wash of jean.

These Topshop Straight Leg Jeans (£40) in Indigo are exactly the cut and colour I’d go for.

I’d probably opt for a Ribbed Vest (£9 – Topshop) to wear under the sequinned top and a Topshop Shacket (£39) worn unbuttoned, over the top.

These super pointy JOVI Nude Point Mules (£59) appeal to me not just because of the uber pointiness, but they’re also called Jovi… and well… Jon Bon Jovi is one of the 2 people who’ve made it to my all time #topfive…

… but I digress!

The pointy mules would just look great with the rainbow top, and darker jeans regardless of being named Jovi.

(Oh and the mules look extremely fabulous is black too!)

Bag wise, you could go for a clutch, but something like this Topshop Cancun Acrylic Cross Body Bag (£27.99) would look pretty cute.

Look 2 – Holiday-day:



Arguably, this is merely a variation of Look 1, but Denim is a staple of my wardrobe all year round, and holidays are no exception!

Loving these relaxed Hush Denim Shorts (£45) which I’d wear with the sequin top down to the pool with my cossie or bikini underneath, and some mis-matched Adidas Adilette Sliders (Office £32.99) are a poolside must for me in my older years… so much nicer to wear than flip-flops!

Chuck on your favourite sunnies (£8.99, H&M), grab your straw hat (£9.99, H&M) and your transparent shopper (£12.99, H&M) which would contain all your essentials, nicely protected from any splashes and easy to find too!


Look 3 – Holiday-night:


A perennial holiday favourite of mine, which I have worn Every.Single.Holiday. over the past 20 years, without fail, is my trusty Ghost Bias Cut Slip Dress.

I wear the dress – as a slip dress, no tee underneath in the evenings; during the day, for chucking on to go down to the beach/poolside as well as wearing with sandals for market trips & local town explorations.

I cannot recommend enough!

However, Ghost is kind of pricey so this New Look Bias Cut Slip Midi Dress (special price £17.24) is a the perfect budget end dupe.

And although it’s available in a couple of other colours, a black slip dress on a good tan… is the biz!

And what of the little Zara Sequin top…?

Well, for some added pizazz, I’d pop it over the top of the slip dress and bling my way on out to dinner.

I rarely wear heels on holiday, instead favouring the likes of these Zara Studded Flat Criss Cross Sandals (£25.99) and always opt for a tiny bag…

… something like this Zara Beaded Mini Bucket Bag (£49.99) would work perfectly.

Given you’ve already got a clingy sequin top on, I’d go minimal with jewellery; something like this Lucas and Stone Infinity Cuff in Silver (£25.99) or Gold, depending on your preference, and some simple earrings if you fancied it… loving the look of these Mia Lia Crescent Earrings (£89.)

And so… that is *almost* it from me… but for a second, Wildest of Wildcard from Zara:


This Limited Edition Ruffled Dress (£69.99) is really rather bonkers, and yet I really, rather love it.

No where to wear it of course.

And won’t be buying.

Just wanted to make note of my love for it!

Right… I’m going to sign off, and once more, apologies for being a bit all over the place with blogposts.

I’m hoping things will settle with the family, and illnesses and my work and just…. everything else in between.

But… I can’t promise there won’t be more mini-breaks: it’s just life, right?

And as always, I love to hear your thoughts, so do leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you.