And welcome to this week’s obsession in the fickle world of Small Town Bean…. bags.

It’s almost a year ago that I did my first ‘Sunday 7 -Bag Lady‘ edit, which was a result of a favourite bag being broken beyond repair, and my quest for a replacement.

Well guess what?

The very beautiful, minimal and sleek Jigsaw Luna Mini Bag which I was given last Mother’s Day shortly after I’d included it in my edit… didn’t last the test of time:

Basically the strap started coming apart within 4 months, but at that point I ignored it… until by December, this is what had become of the strap:

Cutting a long story short, the strap was beyond repair and Jigsaw were brilliant about offering a full refund (which I could either put against any purchase that same day, or issuing a credit note.)

So, at this point… it’s time to get stuck into my 7 bag picks:

7.  Jigsaw – Mini Cameron Hobo (£150)


This suede terracotta, slouchy hobo bag is what I traded my Mini Luna in for, paying the extra £52 (the Luna cost £98 in case you were wondering).

The fact that his bag even has the word “hobo” in it’s name is a give away that it’s not exactly sleek or minimal in anyway.

But, I love the colour, the shape, the size and as my good buddy Susie So So said, as we head into Spring and Summer “we all go a little off piste!”

(she’s a sage one, that Sue!)

Anyway, back to the bag and the most glaringly obvious concern: SUEDE???

I know.

Not the best for our climate, but rest assured I have thoroughly sprayed every single centimetre of this bag with appropriate protector.

Besides, the Black leather version just wasn’t doing it for me:


It’s nice.

But it’s the white contrast stitching I couldn’t handle.

I don’t know why they chose to do this contrast stitching on the mini cameron, when the larger, Black Leather Cameron Hobo (£185)  has black stitching; and indeed, the large Khaki Leather one doesn’t have contrast stitching either.

Anyway, I’m happy with my decision…

happy with the terracotta mini cameron

but I now have a gap for a sleek minimal bag…

6. & Other Stories – Woven Leather Crossbody (£110)


I really like the fact that this woven bag has a little texture to it, though clearly, it’s still not that minimal.

However, that the bag has both a shorter and longer strap which definitely add to it’s appeal.

5. Wood/Grey – Are Studio’s Disc Dust Bag (reduced from £165 to £82.50)


Very minimal.

How does it work – is it even a bag?


Pretty cool, huh?

I very nearly ordered this in Black but I had a couple of issues with it that I couldn’t quite reconcile in my head:

  • I’ve never been a fan of longer, rounded straps – I prefer a flat strap for cross body bags.
  • Knotted straps can sometimes be annoying and uncomfortable
  • I don’t carry very much around in a bag (keys, lip balm, wallet, phone is usually pretty much it) but I couldn’t imagine how this bag would actually work / look when loaded up

So although there’s no doubt that I adore the look of this bag (so much so, I wanted to include it here…) I’m just not sure it would work in real terms, for me.

4. S. Joon – Milk Pail (£385)


And yes, you read that price right…

But how blinking fabulous and cute is this little bag?!

I’m totally smitten by it:

It’s just a little thing of beauty!


Neeeverrrr gonna happen really, is it?

I’ve actually convinced myself that had this little beauty been “just” £250, then I would have bought it as a bit of a treat.

{Should you be interested though, the bag comes in Black and Cream.}

But who am I kidding, really?!


3. Jigsaw – Booker Utilitarian Bag (£150)


So this little ‘utilitarian’ bag came a verrrry close second to the Mini Cameron Hobo which I exchanged my broken Luna for.

And in days gone by, with it’s utility-pocketry (yes, a made up word!) and practical size and shape, it would have been a first choice:


But… I don’t know.

It was a little too bulky / chunky perhaps?

However, if there was NO Mini Cameron Hobo bag ever available, then yeah, I think I would have gone for this one.

Possibly even in the Snake Black print!

2. APC – Erwin Bag (reduced to €319)


Now I know it’s the APC Half Moon Bag that most go mad for, as a ‘must-have’ bag…

And in fact, I’d agree, it’s a gorgeous shaped bag…

I see the Half Moon bag looking ‘just so’ (as in lovely and perfect) on 5’10” ladies on blogs and Instagram, and I just *know* it would look enormous on me.

{Who knew bag size could matter so much? When you a minuscule titch, the size of an average 11-12 year old… it really can matter though!}

Anyway, it’s this cute APC Erwin bag which has recently caught my eye.

But, I’m not sure about the chain strap…?

What am I saying?!

I’d take the bag in a heartbeat… let’s be clear on that.

But, given I won’t be spending €319 on a bag any time soon, I’m just kind of making excuses as to why I wouldn’t buy it!

1. The Cambridge Satchel Company – Saddle Bag (£120)


Such a lovely looking bag.


And although I’ve chosen to feature the red, it comes in a variety of colours and a couple of sizes.

The one that I’m particularly taken with is the Black Patent and Clay


Which of course is sold out.


So those are my 7 picks today.

When I did a similar post last year, I included a couple of ‘Beany Bonuses’ including this, my bag of dreams, the  RSVP Pochette in Black Lizard.

Sadly, this very bag is no longer ‘just’ £620.

It’s now £1315!!!!

I mean, if it was out of reach 10 months ago…

It’s now out of this world, out of reach!


{fiercely sobbing! why did I even just look it up and torture myself? Why…??!!}

Anyway, this year instead of any bonus extra bags, I’m gonna do it: I’m going to bite the bullet and offer up a Stinker and Wildcard of the week!

Stinker of the Week: & Other Stories – Braided Leather Backpack (£135)



So… this is a lovely looking bag – same ‘woven’ texture as one of my 7.


It just looks like it would be *reeeaaaally* tricky to get stuff in and out.


A real live pain in the @rse of a backpack in fact:


Which I put down to that drawstring opening…

So for that reason, this bag has been awarded this week’s Stinker.

{If you have this backpack, or simply had your eye on it: sorry if I’ve put you off! Equally happy to be told about how easy a bag it is to use…!}

Wildcard of the Week: Cos – Belted Pocket Bag (£45)


So these started filtering down from the cat walk into the high street last summer.

Just a few around in the likes of Cos for example, but now they can be found in Zara, Topshop, HM… all over in fact.

I’ve opted for the Cos version as my wildcard because it’s available in two sizes, and having seen the Zara one yesterday, it was one size only and felt pretty plasticky – plus it was more of a flat pocket-pouch which would fit a smart phone in and nothing else.

This Cos version, is an ideal size for someone like me who doesn’t like to carry much around:


So what do you think?

Would you wear one of these?

I mean, they’re not the ‘bum-bags’ (or fanny-pack as our friends over the pond like to call them) as we remember.

They’re pretty cool looking to be honest, check out Alexis from The Style Memos  in hers:


Image from thestylememos.com

In fact, the link will take you to her blogpost all about the waist-belt bag and how to wear them.

And here’s Brittany Bathgate looking ultra cool in hers:


Image taken from brittanybathgate.com

So to be honest, between the Cos model wearing the belt-bag diagonally across her chest, Alexis wearing her’s over her coat and Brittany wearing her’s under her jacket: that’s 3 looks right there for you!

I wouldn’t be wearing mine (if I had one) very differently to be honest, but, I’ve styled up the 3 looks with the belt bag for you:

Look 1 – Handsfree, Kids:



If you’re out and about with little kids, whether they’re yours, or friend’s kids… they usually want to hold your hand, so what better than to have a waist belt bag and keep your hands free?  Going for a mum uniform of the GAP Girlfriend Jeans (£22.95), a bright hoodie like this Zara Oversized Hoodie with Ties (£25.99), cool sneaks, like these Veja V-10 Extra White Glitter (€125) ones and this clashing, gorgeous ultra-violet Mango Unstructured Wool Blend Coat (£69.99)… the kids won’t lose you in this get-up, that’s for sure, though you’d probably need a back-pack for all *their* crap!

Look 2 – Handsfree, Night out:


Sticking with jeans, going for the nice top and heels look: these Zara Mid Rise Skinny Jeans (£25.99) with this  Zara Satin Polka Dot Blouse (£25.99) with these super cute Topshop Juliette V-cut Mules (£39 – again in a clashing UV… colour of the year and all that!) with a longer line M&S Black Tuxedo Blazer (£69.99) is an effortless ‘didn’t try too hard’ but looking cool AF kind of night out look.  By wearing a waist belt bag with this outfit and keeping your hands free, you can stand at the bar, holding your Porn Star Martini in one hand whilst gesticulating wildly as you regale your hilarious anecdotes and hold court (!!!!!)

Look 3 – Handsfree, Tourist:


So the good old bum-bag was once the sole reserve of tourists (and market traders)… and I have to say, I really do love being bag-free when exploring quaint little towns on holidays.  Can you picture yourself, all tanned and sun kissed for an evening stroll after a fabulous dinner out, in this Zara Long Striped Dress (£39.99), some HM Sunglasses (£6.99) keeping the last of those dazzling rays from making you squint with these oh so sweet and comfy looking Topshop Archie Espadrille Shoes (£26), saving you from twisting your ankle down the hilly, cobbled old-town, streets.  Grab a HM Short Denim Jacket (£24.99) for that inevitable evening holiday chill after a day spent baking yourself in that sunshine (*sigh*)

So… thoughts?

I’m seriously considering grabbing myself a waist-belt bag: it would fulfil all my needs and stop me from overloading my coat pockets when I’m out and about with the kids (where I do, generally, like to be bag free).

Speaking of kids, it’s half term already!


It’s because Easter’s a bit early this year, isn’t it?

Anyway, I don’t mind – it’s nice to have a holiday with un-tired, un-cranky boys from a super short term: we’ve got quite a lot planned this week, including taking the boys to London next weekend – my youngest is 5.5 years old and has never been to the Natural History Museum… my older boy had been at least 3 times by that age!

Anyway, before then, a bunch of playdates, day trips as well as some working hours to fit in.

Thank goodness for Grandparents!

Oh and before I forget – a couple of pics of me with my lovely Jigsaw Mini Cameron Hobo Bag:

What do you think?

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Sunday 7 Bag Edit – especially the Wildcard Waist Belt Bag and whether or not you’d wear one?

Thanks for reading.