And welcome back to my first weekly Sunday 7 after a month off!  Hope you all survived the summer holidays?

I’m loving getting back to a normal routine: the kids are back at school; the never ending sales have *almost* ended; there have been proper New Season drops in the shops & the temperatures have finally dropped enough to make it acceptable to talk Autumn fashions.

It’s my favourite time of year in fact in terms of actual seasonal shift, as well as fashions.

After my blogging break, I was a little lost… unsure what to blog about this week, so I’m easing myself in gently with some essential Autumn basics, with my ‘buy well, buy less’ ethos at the heart of the picks:

7. Donna Ida – Jeanie Cigarette Leg Jeans (£165)


I realise that the specific cut and over all shape of jeans is a very individual thing, and as such, I tend to steer clear from blogging about them.

But everyone needs a good, flattering ‘work-horse’ pair of jeans in their wardrobe, and these are mine.

I picked up my 2nd pair of these Donna Ida Jeanie Cigarette Jeans in the August sales, for just £20… after my first, much loved, much worn (and no doubt over washed somewhat unnecessarily – any one else, or just me?!) started to wear thin (aka a hole) right on the backside.

But… although I picked my second pair up for a bargain-basement price, I had paid full whack for my first pair and really do feel they are worth the investment.

The higher waist is super comfortable giving the illusion longer legs… which as a titch, is a darn fine characterisic in a pair of jeans.

For sizing reference: I am normally a Topshop jeans size 25/26, depending on the cut /style of jeans, but I had to size down to a 24 in these Jeanie Cigarette Jeans.

The length is long… 33″ but obviously this can be altered.

However, I opted to go with a raw-hem, and simply trimmed the original hem off, but still left the jeans too-long-in-length, for me… but I do like my turn-ups big:

I realise giant turn-ups are not everyone’s cup of tea, but you can just cut to your preferred length and leave a raw hem or get them altered professionally.

If the £165 price tag is way out of your league (it is for me, to be honest!) do keep an eye on the Donna Ida Sales, which really are brilliant.

And if you can’t wait that long… look for a straight-leg, higher waisted pair of jeans from the High Street: the cut and style won’t disappoint.

6. Mango – Loops High Waist Trousers (£49)


Sticking with trousers… I realise it’s “all about cord” this season, however, much as I might love corduroy, it isn’t for everyone: you can’t beat a pair of being slacks in Autumn as far as I’m concerned.

They look great with loafers, mules, trainers, ankle boots… not to mention the versatility of smartening the trousers up with a crisp white shirt, they look really great with a thin turtle neck knit as the temperatures continue to drop, but also look super cool with a slogan-sweatshirt/hoodie.

These mango trousers are a classic style, without too many fancy-schmacy-new-season-frills… so a good over all shape which will stand the test of time.

5. Dune – Guiltt Loafers (£75)



And speaking of loafers… Dune’s Guiltt Loafers are very good.

I have them in Black and found they were true to size… a little snug in fact, but they have stretched out without losing shape and worn in beautifully.

However I opted to show the Leopard Print ones here because it’s all about Leopard print this season, right… it being a ‘neutral’ and all?

Oh and snake.

And Zebra.

I must confess: regardless of how much I may have lusted after the Realisation Par Naomi ‘Wild Things’ skirt, I’m gonna tell you straight: the over load of leopard currently on my Instagram feed is a bit of an assault on my eyes.

Like I say, I do like the look of Leopard print, but… I think because I don’t feel comfortable wearing it myself, I’d probably prefer to see it in smaller doses.

I’m pretty certain that ‘fessing up to this fact will lead to a huge drop in Insta-followers, but… it is what it is for me.

In the meantime, back to the loafers: they are another great ‘workhorse’ addition to any shoedrobe… and who knows: animal print loafers might just be the ticket for a print-phobe like me?!

4. Hobbs – Erin White Shirt (£89)


Oh how I love a good, crisp, white shirt.

They look great unbuttoned with a bit of lace cami peeping though.

Under a knit.

And of course, worn simply, as per photo… with straight leg jeans and loafers.

White shirts look pretty cool with Khaki or beige pants too.

Pretty much anything, right?

I am currently lusting after this Hobbs Erin Shirt, even though I know that it’s both out of budget and that a Hobbs size 6 is more like an 8: so no way would it fit me as beautifully as it fits the model pictured.

I’m determined to invest in a decent white shirt or two this year… my last one is years old, from GAP and frankly, the fabric has always been a pain to wash/iron.

Gonna get researching…

3. American VintageBoolder Cardigan (£130)


The weather in early Autumn is always difficult to keep up with: chilly early mornings, spring like milder day time temperatures dropping rapidly by 4 o’clock.

So at this time of year, a cardigan is always my best friend.

When I worked in an office, I used to leave one on the back of my chair most of the year round to combat the freezing air conditioning, but now I’m at home, in and out all day, it’s a great chuck on and off thing as I go about my day.

I’ve opted for the American Vintage Boolder Cardigan – which again, yes, is pricey… but again, it’s another investment piece which will last you years.

If you look after it!

I have one in Grey and am going into my third A/W with it…

I did buy mine for half price in a sale, but I’d say the cardi is worth the money.

American Vintage seem to do this specific style year after year, in new season colours… but the best things about it are the cosy factor and pockets!


I bought the size XS/S which was pretty massive on me to be honest.

But it’s just the right level of oversized, cosy cardi I like.

Love the styling here:


2. Village England – Mini Egton Crossbody bag (£125)


A good quality leather crossbody bag minus a bank-breaking price tag is a must during Autumn/Winter for me.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll remember that my Jigsaw Luna Bag – a simple half moon shaped black leather bag, started to fall apart after just a few months.

Jigsaw were brilliant about the whole thing, but to be honest I’ve struggled to replace the Luna with another bag which I like enough to use ‘every day’.

Luckily, during the summer months, we were in basket season so it wasn’t such a big deal.

However, Village England recently ran a 20% birthday discount which I *almost* didn’t bother to use.

At the 11th hour (9 minutes before the code was due to expire!) I bought this Mini Egton in Mushroom and am so delighted with the bag:

It’s beautifully made, a great neutral colour and just the right sized crossbody bag for petites!

However, if you are not a short-arse, or if you simply happen to prefer a slightly bigger bag, there’s the Egton (£165) which is exactly the same as the Mini Egton, just a little bigger.

The bags are available in Black and Red as well as Mushroom.

As mentioned, I’m delighted with my bag, but my inner greed now wants it in black as well.

And red.


1. New Look – Brown Houndstooth Check Coat (£39)


Not all ‘investment’ pieces have to be higher end.

This New Look Check Coat is one such piece: the fabric is predominantly made up of artificial fibres however, with that teeny tiny percentage of natural wool (2%) and cotton (1%) in the mix, the fabric doesn’t feel cheap and nasty.

The colours are on point: a rich warm amber/black houndstooth which is not only ‘on trend’, but frankly, is a classic which will last you years.

And I do mean years given the predominant artificial fibred nature of the fabric: it’s gonna be hard wearing and it won’t bobble.

Best bit?

It’s also available in Petites – although it is all but sold out online.

If you like it – get down to your local store as there is plenty of availability in store.

I stalked *all* major high street brands for a reasonably priced, petite check coat last Autumn and there was nothing.


And I’m afraid I’m too old now, having made a lifetime of mistakes of buying ill-fitting coats from regular ranges to make that mistake again.

Only a perfectly proportioned, cut for actual petites coat was going to do.

My perseverance paid off and I forked out £95 for a Topshop Petite Coat, but honestly, the fabric composition is pretty similar to this New Look Houndstooth coat, so why over double the price?!


I guess I’ve had a season’s wear out of it already.

But now… I’ve bought the New Look coat – fear that it would sell out in my size took over.

And now I have it, I can I think calmly about whether or not I need a 3rd check coat, or whether I try and sell my Topshop one.

The brown tones of the New Look coat are definitely more ‘me’.


One thing to note: polyester coats are NOT warm, so this isn’t your winter coat….

Which is why I’ve included this coat as an Autumn basic.

However, I plan to layer mine up over a denim or leather biker jacket… and if it’s really icy again, wearing a wind-proof Protected Species Parka, zipped right up to your chin *under* the coat… is a great wear of ensuring your polyester coat keeps you warm: I can attest to this fact, having tried it out with my Toppers Check Coat during that Arctic Blast last March!

It’s always *sooooo* good to see brands including us Petites in the current season trends!

So those are my 7 this week, but by no means do they cover the entirety of essential Autumn Basics.

But I reckon they’re a pretty good start: how about you?

It’s just a simple 7 from me this week, breaking myself in gently.

Stinker and Wildcard will be back next week.

As ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts on my picks – drop me a line/leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading,
B x