*So* delighted that the ‘Beast from the East’ has blown over: how about you?

I’d like to say it was just a ‘storm in a teacup’ and no biggie, but we all know it’s been a little more than that: I haven’t left the house since getting home from yoga on Wednesday night!

Whilst others have turned to online shopping for solace, this polar vortex has left me feeling pretty ‘meh’ about everything.

In a word: uninspired.

Still, you can’t keep a good fashionista down for long.

Here are this weeks picks, with Spring firmly in mind, but in no particular order…

7. Mango – Striped Shopped Bag (£19.99)


A lot of you might be thinking: laundry bag from the market.

And… you’re not far off to be honest.

But, I really like it.

To give you an idea of size, the bag is pretty big:


I might have ordered this red one.

What I will I use it for?  I’m really not sure… shopping I guess?!

But the bag has scratched my ‘striped, vinyl shopper’ itch, and is a teensy, tiny fraction of the Balenciaga version… but yes, more expensive than a market bag.

But also much, much smarter, and nicer looking than any market vinyl shoppers I’ve seen!

And if red doesn’t float your boat, the bag is also available in a Blue stipe as well as a lovely sunshine  Yellow version too.

I’m not sure I’ll keep it, but… well, I’ll keep you posted!

6. Mango – Organic Cotton T-shirt (£12.99)


Cute, white tee.

Nothing much else to say on this one although… it’s worth noting this is a cap sleeved tee.

This photo is kind of misleading as it looks like an interesting, layered sleeve detail.

When in fact, it must be just another t-shirt layered under the palm one:


Still a cute t-shirt though, right?

It would look perfect worn with these…

5. Topshop – Palazzo Trousers (£39)


I know this looks like a skirt, but palazzo trousers are kind of meant to really:


And I’m delighted to report, they’re available in Petite, as well as Tall ranges too.

Although the Beige are only available in Tall and the Mustard Yellow in regular.

Easy enough to take up if you’re a shortie though.

And again, how cute would my next pick look with these…

4. Mango – Knot Velvet Shoes (£49.99)


I just love these.

They’ve been popping up all over my insta feed, although I *think* I first spotted them on Louise (A Simple Style)

These may be winging their way over to me…

I’ve never been very good with velvet shoes, but just look at them!


They’re sooooo sweet.

Like little mice!

Cute mice?


Just me then!

Anyway, they’ve been on order since last Thursday so should arrive tomorrow…

Dry-weather shoes only I guess!

3. Topshop – Double Breasted Check Blazer (£65)


Perfect for Spring!

This would look lovely with the terracotta wide leg crops I featured last week.

But when it comes to wearing white or cream or ivory… I seem to be no better than a just-learnt-to-walk toddler: chances of me keeping this stain free are zilch.

So although I may at some point entertain a pale coloured blazer, it will have to be proper-dirt-cheap one for me take a punt on it.

And guaranteed if I buy a real cheapie, it will remain stain free.

If I spend more than £40 odd on it, I’ll wreck it on the first day.

#sodslaw and all that…

So perhaps… my next pick would be more suitable…

2. Topshop – Double Breasted Linen Blazer (£55)


I’m slightly in love with the blue of this somewhat “80’s vibe” blazer.

It feels fresh after months and months of wearing darks (navy, black and… more navy!)

However, a word of caution: this shade of blue can be quite tricky to wear with denim;  of course it will look great with jeans, but not all shades of denim will work with the blue of the blazer.

I would have ordered this one had it been available in Petite.


1. H&M – Dogtooth Coat (£39.99)


Again, probably not one for us petite-petites… but this dogtooth-check, unlined, lightweight coat is perfect for spring.

I’ve been after a longer line coat for yonks now, and this would have been just the thing.

However, looking at the length of the coat on the model, this would be quite literally a duster coat on me – it would be dusting the ground if I wore it!

That said, given it’s unlined and that there’s nothing special going on with the hemline… if you’re a shortie like me, and you fancy this coat, I think the hemline would be straight forward to take up.

The coat is also available in a plain Dark Blue as well as a plain Red.

Stinker of the Week: Topshop Wrap Tie Blazer (£59)


So yet again, this week’s ‘stinker’ has nothing in particular wrong with it, in fact, I quite like the idea of the wrap style tie…


And yet… what a pain that wrap tie must be?!

Not one for wearing and taking off if you’re… say… going out for a meal: you’d just have to keep it on.

Or faff about with the tie for an age.

It (the wrap tie part) reminds me too much of those baby-carry-swaddle thingy’s…

And for that reason, the blazer get’s this week’s stinker.

Wildcard of the Week: Zara Jacquard Polka Dot Skirt (£29.99)


So nothing particularly ‘wild’ about this skirt at first glance…

But I think this waist detail might put some off:


For those who are body confident with their tums, a little flash of belly with the coordinating top is not an issue.

Most of us however, don’t like flashing that part of our tums!

This skirt is also a great option for those who like the idea of polka dots, but don’t feel comfortable in traditional “louder” white polka dots.

So… how to wear the skirt?

Look 1 – Tucked in:


A ground breaking look, I know (!)… but seriously, just tuck your tee in! I’ve opted for the simple Mango Palm T-shirt (£12.99) with the H&M Dogtooth Coat (£39.99)over the top; you could smarten things up with a proper sandal or shoe, but I’m going for these simple, plain, Jigsaw Asda Grain Leather Trainers (£98). A simple Zara Wicker Handbag (£29.99) and Round Cat’s Eye Sunnies (£15.99) would complete the look.

Look 2 – Half-tuck:


Again, does what it says on the tin! Just half tuck the front of your jumper in! I like the look of this HM Premium Mohair Jumper (£49.99), with these Zara Leather Bow Detail Mules (£29.99 – half the price of the Mango ones featured in my picks!).  And rather lazily, I’m going to go for the same HM coat but in red (£39.99)… it’s such a good colour match to the shoes, I couldn’t resist!  And how about a wooden bag? Yes really! This Zara Wooden Minaudière (£39.99) is really rather random, but kind of cute too, don’t you think?

Look 3 – All out:


Yep… you’ve got it…leave your top out – no tucking in here! Total revolutionary here! An oversized Zara Hooded Sweatshirt (£19.99) with some Zara Leather Cowboy Boots (£99.99 – obsessed with these!). You could wear a simple aviator jacket over the top, but I say go loud and lairy with this H&M Short Coat (£59). A simple black HM Shoulder Bag (£24.99) would work with this look.

I’ve omitted an all-out smarter/ ‘going out’ look for this skirt, which would of course be the obvious one to go for… a simple black cami, blazer and heeled courts/sandals would do the trick.

And back to the coming week… the snow has thawed almost faster than it settled, much to my relief.

I am a tiny cold-blooded lizard, who really doesn’t do well in any extreme temperatures, but especially the cold!

Fingers crossed, ‘normal’ March weather resumes now that this arctic blast is blowing over… and let’s hope the roaring lion-like start to March really does mean it goes out like a lamb.

{not hopping out like a rabbit as I told my children, much to the amusement of the husband!} 

Would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s picks, especially this week’s Stinker and that wrap-tie: like me do you think it’s pretty cool on paper, but too much of a faff in reality?

Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Thanks for reading,