Hello, and welcome to this week’s Sunday 7.

My fifth one in a row – whoop!

OK, probably not quite enough cause to celebrate just yet… but feeling a teeny, tiny bit happy with myself about it.

That is all.

Today I’ve got another mixed bag for you, a bit of a hotchpotch, and after writing about how I may need to purge print from my wardrobe earlier in the week (here), wouldn’t you know it?  I was all moth-to-a-flame when it came to florals this week!

7.  Ganni: Capella Mesh Skirt


My inner gypsy is drawn to this beautiful skirt…

The ‘new-in’ Ganni email popped up in my inbox, which of course prompted me to take a look at Ganni.  I’m not sure why I looked given it’s not my usual shopping domain.  It’s mostly too pricey & I really, really should not have looked because I only spotted this bloody gorgeous skirt!

Everything about it is wrong for me: it’s a floral printed fabric which I don’t tend to wear much; the price – waaaaaay to much for a skirt and of course, being a short-arse, this would way too long on me with an almost impossible shape to alter without loosing some of its fabulous detailing.

And yet, I love it.

It’s only made it in at number 7 though because it is both tad too pricey but also because I imagine it would be too long for most average height women as well… did you know the UK average is 5’4 1/2″?  (according to google) – so it’s probably a bit niche (lovely taller ladies, this ones for you… and look: it’s a really pretty skirt!  Someone buy it, please?!)

However, let’s just take a moment to really look at it:


Love that delicate ruffle down the side and around the hem….

It’s a pretty green (Pantone’s colour of the year), the ditzy floral print is just pretty, and not too loud; it has a ruffle which is so ‘right-now’ and a tie-waist –  which I love.

The skirt looks fabulous with a statement tee as per the styling here on the Ganni site, but it wouldn’t look out of place with a sweatshirt thrown over it, or just wrapping it over your cossie on holiday.  The skirt would also lend itself well to being dressed up with a plain body or fitted top and heels for a summer event… you could harden it’s look up with a leather biker, wear sneakers instead of slides…


6. Uterqüe: Openwork Knit Polo (£65)


Minimal heaven… with a touch of interest

I could have brought you an entire post full of florals and print this week, but given my actual ‘style DNA’ is a little more minimal (oh, and I didn’t make that up – the DNA thing, I read it recently, so it must have been Glamour Magazine or Grazia)… this little Polo knit from Uterque, which has a wee bit of ric-rac pattern knitted into the sleeves, is just so very me.

And the Openwork knit (or texture in other words) of the top would jazz up a plain outfit – just subtly though.

It’s only made it to number 6 though because the composition of the top is a viscose/nylon mix: which just isn’t worth £65 to me.

However, it is a versatile little top which could smarten up a simple jeans and sneakers look; perfect office wear and of course, would be fab with  my fav: some wide-leg crops.

Speaking of which…

5. ASOS: Style Nanda Wide Skater Jeans (£55)


Fabulous styling here…

I’m more than a little obsessed with this Korean brand, although I only came across it this past month… they have rather a lot of things I like the look of.

Now I realise this awkward length of trouser isn’t for everyone, but given the raw hem finish, the jeans can be cut to your preferred crop length?

These would have been my number one this week – that’s how much I’m loving them.   However, their sizing is just a basic S, M, L… not exactly wide-reaching then.


4. Miss Selfridge: Gingham Tie Shirt Dress (£35)


I do love a tie-waist

Miss Selfridge isn’t a shop which is top of my places to shop… whilst I don’t particularly believe in ‘dressing my age’, a lot of stuff Miss Selfridge is most definitely geared for a younger market.

And hemlines are usually properly short-short.

However, if you’re a shorty like me, then you can get away with these shorter hemlines without flashing your butt-cheeks every 2 seconds.

This is a lovely, simple shirt dress in the “check” of the moment, gingham… it would look fab with a pair of slides, or flip-flops, but would work just as well over a pair of straight cut jeans with a turn up & some backless loafers perhaps?

The black and white version only has limited availability left on line, and the pink one is sold-out, so why am I posting it?

I’m pretty certain it would be available in-store… so if you’re passing by, and in the market for a Gingham shirt dress, this one is worth a peek.

I love the pink:


Hopefully not too ‘school dress’ in the flesh

I’m sorely tempted to make the 2 hour round trip to Bournemouth to have a try on!

3. HM: Straight Cropped Regular Jeans (£14.99)


Love a side-stripe, and this one isn’t too toy-soldier-ish!

The toy-soldier side-stripe down trousers really seems to be here to stay… and if you’re a ‘live in your jeans’ kind of gal, then these bargainous HM jeans are the perfect way to wear the trend.

I am also really loving the raw-hem thing at the moment… these jeans are meant to be cropped which means, they would be full length on me.   But, given the raw hem, , I can just cut to deserved length with a simple snip of my dress-making Fiskar Scissors!

If you are a shorty like me, and forever hacking lengths of fabric off trousers or skirts, a decent pair of scissors will literally transform your abilities in doing so… I used to try and cut jeans with any old scissors, often with disastrous consequences.  My mum took pity on me, and furnished me with a couple of decent pairs of these fiskar scissors which are the bomb! They cut through thick fabrics/seams like a dream.

[Just remember – don’t use your dressmaking scissors for anything other than cutting fabrics otherwise you will slowly but surely blunt them.]

Back to the jeans!  And in fact, to the back view:


a little interest with the dark patches…

I rather like the reconstructed vibe of the pockets having been apparently ripped off and re-stitched…

HM recently did a 20% off, but at the time, my size was sold out… not anymore though! My size is back in stock now and at such a great price, it’s difficult to not buy them, isn’t it?  If you like the look of these –  be quick.  They seem to be selling out fast!

2. GAP: Wide Leg Crop High Rise Chinos (£29)


I’ve been desperate for a pair of crops with this kind of hem detailing

I haven’t looked at GAP in ages… and scrolling through my Instagram Stories yesterday, Tina (or @archer.j.t on Insta!) posted a pic of herself trying these on.  I follow Tina mainly for her really beautiful interiors but she’s an all round lovely lady & likes a bit of fashion too…

Tina got straight back to me when I messaged her, asking where the trousers were from.

Given she was posting Stories from the Shoreditch area, I imagined the worst: expensive Current Elliot’s or similar…

But no… good old GAP!

And just £29!

AND, and… available in Petite, Regular and Tall lengths!

So we can all buy a pair: whoop!

Reading the reviews, many mention that these Chino’s run small because they are high-waisted and sit on the true waist.  So if you don’t like a high waist, then these are probably not for you.

I am a relatively recent mid-higher waist convert thanks to my super comfortable Donna Ida jeans, so I’m going to take a punt on them and have ordered.

I was torn between the Khaki and off-White colour and would love to say I stayed true to myself and ordered just the khaki… because let’s face it, off-white and muddy-pooch paws really don’t go together do they? BUT… I have ordered both colours… you know: just to compare!

And so here we are, at the number one… you ready?

1. Uterqüe: Embossed Leather Mules (£85)


The subtle print on my feet is a print I could handle!

How gorgeous are these?

The backless loafer, or mules (depending on your preference of name), are truly having a moment, aren’t they?

So, you know how sometimes you forget a brand exists?  And then suddenly it crops up every where?

I think the last time Uterqüe was on my radar was last summer, when I was in Barcelona, but since Autumn, I can honestly say I’d forgotten about the brand.

These mules first appeared on my Instagram feed from the brand Yunion T who specialise in excellent quality, British made tee’s… if you follow them on Insta, they often pop a photo-grid of an outfit /look on their feed, and these mules were part of one such look.

Then the lovely Sue, posted about a pair of similar mules.

And last night, Belinda was posting some Uterqüe love as well…

Yeah… I’m not sure where I’m going with telling you this, other than it’s funny how Shops or Brands can drop off your radar and then poof! Out of the blue, they’re back on it and you kind of want pretty much everything they have!

So, back to the mules… I think they’re at an ok-ish price point, perhaps a tad too high for my liking but I like the thought of an embossed texture and the fringe detailing.

This sort of backless loafer works best with a crop trouser in my opinion, however would look equally at home with some jeans and a midi-length dress or skirt.

I haven’t ordered them… it’s just not warm enough for me yet… but I do hope to get them for summer proper.

This week’s Stinker of the week and Wildcard – both come courtesy of Zara:

Stinker: Premium Reconstructed Denim Culottes (£39.99)


The twisted fastening reminds me of my four year old’s twisted waistband after a loo visit…

What can I tell you?  I’m clearly not very fashion forward.

I absolutely despise the asymmetric / twisted waistband fastening of these culottes, and whilst one could argue that it’s just a ‘bit of interest’… well, it’s not interesting for me.

Not at all.

Rather, looks too try-hard to be a bit different, just for the sake of it …

That twisted crotch? Mucho wrong-ness!

It’s a no from me.

Let’s move on…

Wildcard: Ecru/Navy Asymmetric Top (£25.99)


Split personality: Warm shoulder vs Cold Shoulder, eh?

I kind of like this top more than I should.

I like the wide-banding (rather than stripe) and of course the tie-waist.

And whilst ordinarily, being a cold blooded lizard and all, I would prefer two sleeves… the diagonal banding across the vertical stripe seems to work, which also seems to balance out the fact that there is only one sleeve.

It may not be an ‘every day’ top, but it is probably more versatile than at first glance.

So how would I wear it?


Look 1 – Last orders:  If you’re lucky enough to be able to duck out for last orders, just stick this top on with some HM Slim Regular Jeans (£24.99) a bright shoe boot, like these Next Yellow Point Shoes boots (£38) and perhaps a fitted little jacket like this Next Black Angled Jacket (£58)

Look 2 – Catcing up with friends: If you’re popping out for a little catch-up with some friends, you could make this top work with a wide-leg crop (yes! Of course there would be a cropped pant in one of these looks!!) Love these Whistles Tia Cotton Cropped Trouser in Navy (just a few more hours of being £112, they’ll revert to full price at midnight: £140) which would be balanced out nicely with a pair of Russell and Bromley Deluxe Ankle Cuff Flatforms (£135) and a classic Denim Jacket (Zara – £24.99)

Look 3 – Lunch Date: We sometimes get a kid-free lunch pass on the rare occasion when in-laws are visiting.  It’s nice to make a little bit of effort for a lunch out without going overboard.  This vibrant HM pink pleated skirt (£39.99 ) would clash with the wide stripe of the top brilliantly, and balance the look with a nice flat such as these HM Slip on leather loafers (£79.99) and you’d be set for an alfresco summer lunch… though, with our summers, you may well feel the need for a light jacket, and this Other Stories Luminous Satin Bomber (£79) might just be the ticket.

What do you think of this Asymmetric Top?  Would you wear it, or would you have put it as a ‘Stinker of the week’ instead?

So, tomorrow my blog turns 1.

It’s been a funny week this week, where I’ve felt truly low… in the same way that I have always felt low in the run up to my own birthday, right from a young age.

I can’t really explain why, because I don’t know myself… it’s a foreboding feeling that comes from the very pit of my stomach, making me restless and leaves me feeling a little anxious and sick.

So, pretty horrible basically.

However, I’ve started to pick myself back up over the weekend and am already beginning to feel a little better.  Join me for my mid-week post on 10 lovely things that have happened since I started this journey 12 months ago.

Til then, have a great Sunday night!