Hello there, and welcome to a cheeky little mid-week, *spotlight* blog post.

Today I’m talking bling.

Tilly Sveaas Jewellery to be exact.

Let me rephrase that… gorgeous, gorgeous, Tilly Sveaas Jewellery!

I’ve been following Tilly Sveaas’ Instagram for over a year now, lusting after various necklaces in the main, as well as the odd bracelet.

But, as ever, I’ve been my usual indecisive self, and hadn’t gotten around to placing my order.

However, when Tilly messaged me, suggesting a little collaboration…well, you can imagine my excitement.

And of course, given I’m writing this, you’ll already know I said yes.

With bells & whistles on!

First up, a bit about Tilly (taken from her website):


Tilly Sveaas is the living embodiment of her brand – a laidback, sun-loving beach bunny – part rock chick, part health fanatic, with a penchant for foreign travel and an Aperol Spritz.

There’s quite a lot there that appeals to me: laid-back? Check; Sun-loving? Check; Part rock chick? Check!

… though I admit, I’m probably not a health fanatic, and my love of travel seems to have been put on hold with family life.

AND… I probably shouldn’t admit this, but… am I the only person on the planet who doesn’t love an Aperol Spritz?!

But… it’s the laid-back rock-chick vibes of Tilly’s jewellery which really appeal to me, evoking memories of my foot-loose and fancy-free travel days around South East Asia:


Adore this small silver wing necklace on a ball chain… which would look so good worn with an unbuttoned shirt, or on black… or just with a tan!

And this next piece, is one from the new collection, the Silver T-bar-Neclace (£170)


I love the idea of the chunkiness of this chain and the simplicity of the T-bar… which would be a versatile piece of jewellery as it would look great worn by itself, as a statement piece against, say, an all black outfit, but equally, lends itself well to layering for a more casual look.

And speaking of layering… it’s a bit of an art-form really, isn’t it?

It’s not all silver though:


This necklace with it’s Three Gold Shells (£90) would be like wearing a little bit of sunshine all year round {it’s also available with Tiny Gold Shells (£50).}

And of course, it’s not just necklaces!

There’s a lovely selection of earrings, these Silver Hoop With Brass Arrow Earrings £30 are right up my street:


And of course Bangles and Bracelets and I’m in.love. with this Brass Tiger Ring (£40):



And then there’s my Gold Diamond Disc Necklace:


So it’s actually a Swarovski crystal, not a diamond… and the silver plated ball chain is 23.5 carat gold plated, as is the 2cm diameter disc.

The chain is a longer line 60cms one, and it’s an incredibly shiny, twinkly piece in the flesh… I’m not sure that any of my photographs will do it justice, but I gave it my best shot:


So… today I learned that it’s really hard to get a good shot of a shiny-disc necklace!

And here’s a woeful attempt at layering… it was the only ‘shorter’ necklace I could find (given my home is not quite yet recovered / back in order from renovations):


Just casually having a coffee in town, whilst taking a tripod selfie, you know… as you do!


I love the lady in this painting, though frankly… she looks as though she’s got her eye on my necklace:


Now if you’re thinking, I’ve already got a plethora of necklaces, or that you can’t afford anything from Tilly’s Jewellery range, I’ve had a little cunning idea of an easy, affordable way or updating your collection.


Yup – that’s right… charms… new ones for the chains you already have?

There are a vast array of brass, silver and gold charms available from Tilly Sveaas, ranging from just £10 – £60 per charm.

So, if you already have plenty of chains / necklaces where you could potentially switch out the pendant/charm, why not give yourself a little treat?

I have a few chains at home, which would lend well to layering, so this will be an affordable way to add to my collection.

I currently have these in my basket: Small Brass Star (£12):


Who doesn’t love a star?!

And because I have a love of all things nautical, this Small Silver Roped Anchor Charm (£17.50)ts-small-silver-roped-anchor

Or… would you go for the more subtle Gold Anchor Disc Charm (£20)?


This next one has *all* the beach-holiday-vibes, 1.5 cm Shell Horn Charm (£20):



But again, I’m torn as to whether to go the wood version (again £20) instead?


As ever, I think I’ll probably be a little while deliberating over which charms to order.


In the meantime… I’m pretty happy just wearing my Gold Diamond Disc Necklace on it’s own, without any other necklaces trying to steal’s it’s shiny limelight:

Here I am, in my all black “Milk Tray Man” look, and of course, the necklace looks just as gorgeous when worn with something colourful:

So… with (whispers) Valentine’s Day fast approaching, as well as Mothering Sunday… and for me, a wedding anniversary shortly after Mother’s Day… I think I’ll be asking for some bling, more bling… and of course, even more bling!

Not that we’ve ever ‘celebrated’ Valentine’s here in this house… but you know, may as well make a fresh start on that front, don’t you agree?

Thank you for reading… as ever, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Tilly Sveaas pieces I’ve talked about here… or is there something else from the website which you’ve got your eye on?

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Thanks for reading.

B x

{The Gold Diamond Disc Necklace was a gift from Tilly Sveaas; however all words and opinions in this blogpost are my own}