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I’ve been a little absent from my usual Sunday 7 slot… it’s getting to that time of year again, a bit like the Summer Sales, where it’s everywoman for herself, with ‘Black Friday’ deals being fired at us left, right and centre…

… and if it’s not BF deals, then it’s the Party Dress edits or Party Shoe edits on the regular blogs which I read and so…

… that’s my cue to take a bit of a back seat.

I love a fabulous bargain as much as the next person, so whilst I never write Black Friday off completely, it’s already been an expensive couple of months with the kids going back to school, their uniforms, shoes, sports club outgoings… tied in with the eldest boy’s birthday and car insurance/service/MOT (all such poor planning, eh?!)

And whilst we all need to support our High Streets, we also need to support small independents!

So, as per my previous Nov / December blogs over the past couple of years: it’s my Small Indie Gift Guide Blog!

All of the Independents featured here, I’ve found through Instagram.

They are shops which I have either bought from, intend to buy from, or, who have perhaps gifted me an item.

I’m under no obligation to include any of the shops.

Everything I’ve included is stuff I like, would happily buy as a gift, or indeed, would be happy to receive myself as a gift this Christmas.

It’s that simple.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas… I hope this guide helps plant the seed of shopping from these amazing small indies, which all have something really lovely & special to offer compared to the usual high street offerings, and where applicable, I’ve included discount codes.

{Oh, and from the outset, I should also point out: there are no affiliate links in this blog post… that is to say, I’m not receiving any kick-back commissions; everything has been included because I like it & want to support these Independents.}

Right, where to start?!

Clothes of course!


We Are Kindred – Christmas Jumper (£40)


I adore this sweater as a most fabulous alternative to the usual Christmas sweaters out there…

It’s also available in Blue with Silver Skates and as it’s more of a generic, winter design… think it’d get more wear over Winter than a regular Christmas sweater.

Which means, it’s much better value for money!

We Are Kindred have a great many lovely designs, including their original Red Lips Sweatshirt which I have.

Go take a peek at their full range of sweats and tee’s.

 Disko Kids – Love Is Red Ladies Sweatshirt


This is a limited run of one of Disko Kid’s popular Ladies Sweatshirt designs in Red and Gold… perfect for Xmas, but of course, can be worn any time of year.

A whopping 20% of sales from this jumper are being donated to Save the Children, so there’s an extra feel good factor about buying this one… but be quick: stock is limited!


I’d be very happy if I was gifted this Berry ‘Last night a Dj saved my life” sweat (£35) – who wouldn’t?

Do take a look at the full range of Disco Kids Ladies Tees/Sweats and of course, don’t forget to have a look at the Kids Range… there are a fair few Twinning possibilities!

Hair & The Gang – Acid Wash Tiger Tee £31


I was recently gifted this tee – and it is, frankly… lush!

It’s a heavier weight jersey, the acid wash and tiger design give it all the #rockchick vibes, and it’s one of those tee’s which brings a little edge to any outfit.

I’ve worn mine with a pleated skirt, as well as with sequin leggings!


This Tiger Tee would make a fabulous present for any teens through all ages to your Nan.

Well, your Nan might not be *as* crazy about it as I am… but you never know, right?!

Hari and the Gang also has the best cowl-neck hoodies which are perfect for these chilly months.

Protected Species – Winter Parka £245


I’ve banged on about how brilliant Protected Species Parka’s are as the best water and windproof coats out there.

This year they’ve introduced a Winter Parka which has a thermal fleece lining throughout the body/sleeves and pockets.

Again, I was recently (very generously) gifted a Winter Parka, and have had the opportunity to thoroughly road-test it in some pretty bleak & baltic weather conditions…

… First off, this Parka is still thin, lightweight and easy to pack away… but on chillier Autumn dog walks, it was enough of a warm layer over a thin knit, or sweatshirt; and as temperatures drop, I’ve swapped to thicker, chunkier knits under it.

However, today, the wind-chill is super icy, and as such, I made sure I wore my Winter Parka over a couple of layers (ie a thermal long sleeve heat tech, a thin knit, a thick knit and then the parka…) which again, meant I was warm enough whilst walking, but I wasn’t bulked up like Michelin Man, as can be the case with so many Down-filled parkas.

And, unlike the down-filled parka’s… I actually stayed dry.

I can’t recommend enough.

I realise that the price of these Parka’s mean that you’re probably not going to be buying as a gift for your friends or fam, but this is more a recommendation for you to be putting your request in for one, or indeed a #selfgift.

You won’t regret it!

Armstongs Vintage – Short Faux Fur (£32)


So I have some utterly fabulous pink cowboy boots from Armstrong’s Vintage who are well worth a look if you prefer to buy preloved gifts.

This Faux Fur (size L – click on the link for measurements) is an absolute steal at £32.

The entire shop is worth a look, with so many little gems… including this cute Cropped Jacket (size s £20)


Go take a peek – you never know what you might find!


It’s cliched, but you really can’t beat a good winter woolly accessory as both a useful, and excellent value for money gift, given the cost per wear becomes so negligible over the long winter months!

The Alex Edit – Leopard Print Cashmere Wrist Warmers (£45)


Now as you know, I don’t do Leopard Print.

However, I do love the look of it on others.

And these Leo Wrist Warmers?

I think they’d be just the ticket for introducing a wee smidge of leo into any wardrobe… they’re beautiful looking, as well as… CASHMERE!

There is also a matching Leo Print Snood/Neck Warmer, again, £48.

And both wrist warmers and neck warmer are available in a Pink/Grey Leopard Print.

Sticking with The Alex Edit, there’s a fabulous array of belts, scarves, bags and bling… but in particular, these rather gorgeous Sparkly Camo Socks (£9)


As well as the Sparkly Chevron Socks (£9)


Make for a perfect stocking fillers!

It’s well worth taking a look at the Gift Section of The Alex Edit as there are some lovely little ideas from Handmade Leather Keyrings to Jewellery through to soothing (sleep) Spacemasks – there’s also a FLASH SALE right now, with 40% off selected lines.

Forage Somerset – Hand Embroidered Sheepskin Slippers (£30)


Again, another super cosy, warm, and useful gift!

I was sent a pair of these by Nicola at Forage Somerset and they’re pretty much glued to my feet.

As a SAHM, these slippers have been a god send… I spend 75% of my day in them, and my feet are actually kept WARM.

This is a really big deal for me… I have poor circulation and as such, my hands and feet are eternally cold, so to have slippers which are comfortable and keep my feet warm gets a massive thumbs up from me!

I think they’re priced reasonably too, given they’re handmade AND sheepskin?!

And another somewhat USP about these slippers, which… I’m not entirely sure I should own up to… but… what the hell! You can keep your slippers on whilst putting your jeans on!

Yup, mega lazy, I know… but the fluffy bit squishes up and then puffs back out as your foot emerges out of your trouser leg: how brilliant is that?!

{I know… I need to get out more!}

Take a look at the beautiful Fairisle socks, and other various handmade artisan products… all of which would make for wonderfully different (to the high street) gifts!

And speaking of socks… I’ve mentioned this next brand a fair few times already, but, I can’t not include… so here it is again:

Genevieve Sweeney – Socks (£14.99 – £20)

I’ve mentioned how comfortable and warm GS Socks are on a few previous blogs, but have I mentioned how beautifully they wash?

No shrinkage of note?

Well, I guess I’ve just mentioned it!

So many lovely colours to chose from… these Sotolino Hot Pink Socks (£14.99) are madde of a Wool/Linen Mix:


And my personal favourites (I bought a couple of pairs of these at the tail end of last winter…) Serora Stripe Socks (£20):

Genevieve-Sweeney-Serora-stripe-yellow-socksAgain, all socks are available in a variety of colours, and for an extra £5, why not get them monogrammed?

Who wouldn’t love their initials on their socks?!

There is also a GS Sock Subscription service where you can choose to be sent up to 3 pairs of socks a month, monogrammed or not… we all need at least one new pair of socks a month during winter, don’t we? We wear them for months on end!

{I think I’ve mentioned before, a sock subscription is something I’ve asked for!}

* UPDATE! * 

Totally forgot to include the GS Fingerless Gloves yesterday!

They’re available in SOOOO many great colours, but here are a few of my favs:

And of course there are hats and scarves to match!


And… these GS Winter woollies are of course available for both MEN and women!

Touch London – 3 in 1 Ebury Scarf (£69)


This is a genius little design… a scarf made of 3 differing colour, thin woollen layers, joined along one of the edges and open at the other.

The result is that you can wear your scarf 3 ways.

In the case of the Ebury, you can wear it as a plain navy scarf; turn the buttery cream layer to the outside; turn out again to have the camel coloured scarf showing or, of course, fan the 3 layers out so all 3 colours are on show as per the photo.

That’s four different looks for the £69 price tag.

You’d be hard pushed to buy 4 different coloured scarfs of the same quality 100% wool for that price.

It would make a lovely gift… and there are so many colour ways available, my favourite being the Fitzroy in Fuchsia, Baby Pink and Navy:


There are greens, purples, blues… well worth a look!



If you follow me on Instagram then you will know – it’s all been about the Village England Mini Egton for me – and it’s currently reduced  from £125 to £87:


I’m not brilliant at swapping bags over on a daily basis and indeed, when I find a bag I love, I’m pretty (fiercely) loyal to it:


The Mushroom colour is a perfect neural and goes with most outfits… but then so would the Red or Black!

The Mini size is perfect for my petite frame and day to day needs, but if you prefer a bigger bag, the larger Egton is also reduced from £165 down to £115.

Nab not just a bargain, but a beautifully made, built to last and not to mention stylish bag!



My inner-magpie’s favourite section!

Lucas & Stone – Chunky Leather Cuff with Silver (£35)


This has got to be one of my favourite bracelets…. I have the White, which was gifted to me and I wore it non stop over the summer.

However, whilst I’m normally not very good with wearing bracelets in the winter, given sweater sleeves etc, I have found myself reaching for my Lucas and Stone cuff regardless of sweater sleeves!

I also have the cuff in a gorgeous Claret colour, again with silver… and indeed, bought my niece one of these which she never takes off (except for showering!)

There are so many beautiful colours to choose from, and if silver isn’t your thing, you could go for gold instead:


Lucas and Stone have other designs of leather bracelets, as well as semi precious stone jewellery and scarves.

All worth a look.

I think these chunky leather cuffs are another item which would make for a very cool gift for a teen through to your nana!

I know you think I’m bonkers, but I really do think this!

Notes from the HeartHandmade Bracelets (£10 – £19.50)

Now these are probably more ‘summery’ for me personally, but that’s when I wear them as a stack.

I still wear the bracelets during winter, but seem to gravitate towards wearing just one or two together instead of a whole bunch.

What am I talking about?

These beautiful handmade bracelets – with colours / stones / charms a plenty to suit every taste:

These make for such a sweet, thoughtful gift, given you’re having to choose which coloured beads, the charms…

Please go and take a look at Jude’s Etsy Shop… a set of 3 Bracelets is a perfect little gift, which would arrive with a handwritten quote… or a  ‘Note from the Heart’.

And finally, in this section… not you’re usual type of bling, but bling it is… for sure!

& Special Guests – Metallic Coated Pink Silk Blend Socks (£39)


If you have any magpies amongst your friends and family, then these are a must-by gift!

They have got to be the shiniest, sparkliest socks I have *ever* seen!

As well as the Pink, they are available in Silver, Gold and Green.

I absolutely, really do, must have a pair of these!


Cabbage White England – T-Bar Necklace (from £47.50)

When I first joined Instagram… I entered A LOT of competitions…

And in my first month of joining, I’d won a necklace of my choice from Cabbage White!

I can’t tell you how exciting this was (still is) given I’d never won a.single.thing… in my whole-entire-life!

Recently, a few new designs have been launched, all of which are very swoon-worthy:


This gold T-bar necklace starts from £60, and the silver starts from £47.50… prices are dependent on chain length and of course you can choose to mix your metals and go for a different coloured chain to the charm, if that’s your thing?

Perhaps a gift idea… to ask for… for yourself?

The smaller silver necklace pictured in these layered necklaces, is another new design, the Infinity Necklace, again available in Silver, Rose Gold or Gold with prices starting from £42.50.

It’s a really beautiful looking, solid charm… and in fact, is available as a Triple Infinity Charm Necklace (from £75).

I love that you can mix and match your metals – of charms or chain and make up a necklace of your choice!

Cabbage White is definitely worth a look if a new bling is what you’re after this Xmas…

I’m thinking about grabbing a pair of these Midi Hoops after xmas, as I usually get some xmas money (… yes, even at the ripe old age of 47 and a half!) BUT…


… the big question is: Gold or Silver?!

(The hoops start from £45.)


And finally, one of my favourite types of gift to buy… prints and stuff for the home.

This type of gift can be tricky, given individual tastes… but I’m normally pretty confident about choosing the right thing for exactly the right person.

I recently blogged about my Gallery Wall With Hidden Meaning where a fair few of my prints are from The Loft and Us who currently have a site-wide 25% discount!

Neon Prints (£10 – £89.99) are usually a winner:


and there are some beautiful abstracts to chose from as well as photographic prints, currently coveting this beauty:


Dreamily titled as ‘Holiday Home‘ this one is the perfect antidote to wake up to on these dark, dingy, wintery mornings.

Sticking with prints, I’m going to be ordering a couple of these personalised Animal in Shirts Prints from TipperleyHill:


I’m slightly in love with Quinton the Frog… and the personalisation about Prosecco (or Gin, or Whisky – you choose!) is just brilliant!

Equally, this message is pretty funny too:


These make for really fabulous presents.

I have this print hanging in my kitchen and it makes me smile every morning:


Abi and Roz who make up TipperlyHill are both fabulously talented, creative and funny.

Drop them a line with any personalisation of your choosing… and so many great animal prints to chose from.

Life Styled Planner – Daily Life: Styled Planner 2019 -Rose Gold (£45 – 10% discount with code BLACK10)

I’m so excited to tell you about this one!

I have just received this planner (a gift) and it is going to help me out – sooooo much!


I have, over the past couple of years… gotten out of the habit of buying a planner… and it’s been a disaster.

Having a daily to-do list, written in black and white (well… blue and white) in front of me is something which always serves me better than any electrical diary tools I have at my disposal.

The planner is large, but given I blog from home mostly and am a SAHM, it will sit on my desk and get looked at daily… and it will help so much in getting me back to being the organised kind of person I need to be!

Although my planner was gifted, I couldn’t resist buying a matching rose gold pen… in for a penny and all that, right?!

The Planners come in a few beautiful (and rather instagrammable!) colours and come with in a gorgeous presentation box.

A very lovely gift.

And finally, I’d like to give a little shout out to my husband’s friend’s online shop: Foundland Shop – full of the most beautiful curios!

A couple of picks for you, starting with this Graphic Print Japanese Tote Bag (£45)

graphic japanese tote

These chair pin (badges) are so adorable:

barcelona emamel pin

This is the Barcelona Chair Enamel Pin (£10) and I think it would look great alongside the Tulip Chair Enamel Pin (£10):

tulip chair

As well as the other two chairs available as Enamel Pin’s… all put together in a frame for an interior ‘geek’ friends you might have?

{erm… that’ll be me?!}

Foundland shop is so beautifully curated… it’s well worth a look.


Rupert Francis – Octopus Bottle Holder (£15)


I bought a Boudoir Light Box from Rupert Francis earlier this year – for my bedroom and can confirm the lightbox is fab, as was the service.

So when I spotted this fabulous Silver Octopus Bottle Opener on my Instagram feed this morning… I had to include him.


A perfect gift for any Wine buffs.

Also available in Gold:


And again, reduced to £15.

There is also an Octopus Candle Holder (again available in Silver or Gold) and currently reduced down to £20.

There have some really beautiful cushions, at dramatically reduced prices… there are site wide discounts, so it’s a perfect place to shop for gifts for any homeware lovers.

* UPDATE!! *

Another two small businesses who do fabulous print/artwork’s are:

New Icons of Print – Definition Prints £12


Who doesn’t love a funny, typography print?

Such a great price too… just pick up your cheap as chips Ikea frames, and you have a perfect little gift!

Gina Potter – Handpainted Art (£15)

Gina Potter’s Lips T-shirts and Lips Artwork’s have gone from strength to strength over the past year – take a look at her Instagram page, and if you see anything you like, send her a message.

But it’s her handprinted Twiggy which caught my eye:

I love that this is a hand-painted piece of such an iconic image… it hangs in bedroom forming a part of my “gallery of girls.”

Again, just have a scroll through Gina’s Instagram for more designs and drop her a line.

And a big SHOUT OUT to a local business, who are of course with the magic of technology… available to you all, online:


Regent Tailoring is just that – a local tailoring business BUT of course they sell ready made pieces as well, for both men & women.

My husband has previously had a bespoke suit tailor made from Regent, as well as a coat… and as it’s somewhere I shop each Christmas for a couple of pairs of Jazzy Socks from the kids for their Pops: thought you might like to hear about them too?


There are a great many designs , prices ranging from £9.50 – £25, for really super quality socks: do check them out.

And the Ladies Range.

Finally, I can’t believe I didn’t include this gift idea, given my own husband is a Whisky connoisseur… but, check out this Dogtooth Hip Flask (£49)


And whilst I know you’re meant to swig from a hip flask, there is always the option to buy a set of Leather Bound Cups (£75) which could fit in a pocket:


And that’s it for my Xmas gift guide this year.

Hope you’ve got some idea’s from it?

{If any of the Indie’s I’ve featured issue a discount code over the next few days… I will update the blogpost: but do keep an eye on my Instagram Stories as well.}

Thanks for reading.

Same time, next year?!