So… it’s been a while since I did an actual mid-week “review” post of things any of my own recent purchases.

The timing of my somewhat ”western” themed Topshop order & delivery wasn’t ideal for blogging because of a fortnight’s work commitments…

…or in other words, after taking my youngest to 2 birthday parties on Sunday (the sort where you have to stay & wait with them: why???) I got home at 3pm, and the days heavy rain meant it was already getting dark.

I can only apologise from the off, for my dingy, dark photos: 3.15 on Sunday is when I took them.

Indoor pics too!

All the things they say not to do when photographing clothing…


Anyway… today I’m reviewing a mini-Topshop “western” themed haul (fear not: there are no chaps, or Stetson’s… yet!) which has really messed with my head.

It’s got me feeling a little like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie (if you’re under 40, look it up!):


Crossed with Baby Jane:


Which is neither a great feeling, nor a great look, I’m sure you’ll agree!


Let’s start with the western boots.

I’ve wanted some cowboys boots For.Ever.

And in fact, I’ve ordered and returned a fair few “Western Boots” over the past couple of years alone – mainly from good old toppers: they’ve just been… ‘not quite right’.

But these Arizona Western Boots (£65) might just be the ones:


I’d be been warned that the ankles of the boots are narrow and make for a very snug fit.

I can confirm this is true.

I have narrow ankles and I think these are pretty snug!

That said, they look great on… and surprisingly, I really do like the very creamy-cream colour of them.

They are not a ‘wear with everything’ boot…

But really, if there an actual boot that *does* go with 100% of anyone’s wardrobe, I’ve yet to see them?

I thought they worked perfectly with my J Brand Selena Cropped Kick Flares (and no, they’re not cropped on me!)

and looked very cool with the toppers dress I’d ordered:

But not so great with my cropped pinafore dungers:

Not terrible, just not sure with the dungers.

And they probably wouldn’t work with skinnies.

A final note on these – they are mega, mega light.

As in, they weigh next to nothing and are super comfortable.

When you have an old granny’s ground away knee joint, the weight of footwear is an actual issue: they’re perfect for old Grandma Bean & anyone else out there suffering with knee issues!

(also available in Patent Black – which are not leather though.)


Moving on to this Floral Spot Western Shirt (£36)


So this shirt sold out shortly after I ordered it.

BUT… there will no doubt be returns (I’ve seen various sizes coming in and out of stock over the past few days…)

Once I get a chance to visit the post office this weekend, I think a size 4 will be available next week.

So what’s up with the shirt that I’m thinking about returning it?

I hadn’t spotted the dodgy, “rhinestone” flower button.

Did you spot it?

It’s the very top button?

Neither had I spotted the little silver beads dotted in-between each of the tiny black pom-poms of the trim.


AND… although I had spotted the teeny, tiny frill on the shoulder of the shirt, I just imagined that the size 4 would be snugly fitted across my shoulder as per this Topshop pic:


I was wrong about the fit across the shoulders, mainly because not only is there a frill, there is a gathered “puff” at the shoulder of the sleeve, which… doesn’t really “puff” very well given the viscose fabric:

The fabric and print of the shirt are simply lovely.

They really are.

But the devil is in the detail for me and I’m not 100% on the details.

Equally, I like it enough to hang on to for a little bit longer while I think about it some more…

I kind of really like it under dungers:

Although I think the dungers and shirt would probably have looked better with trainers.

Will I keep?

VERDICT: JURY’S OUT (though currently edging towards returning.)

And finally, the dress which I’ve had my eye on since December and featured in my ‘Sunday 7 – New Year, New In‘ post, the Topshop Paisley Print Midi Dress (£49):


Absolutely loved the look of this dress online, and in terms of colour, print and fabric, it does NOT disappoint in the flesh.

I knew that the midi length would mean “maxi” on my short-arse and that perhaps the loose fit of the dress would look better when belted:

However, what I wasn’t expecting was… again, a puffed-gathered shoulder seam, which seems to droop and sag because of the viscose fabric:

So whilst my initial concerns were about the length, the longer length doesn’t bother me.

The saggy shoulder puff which in turn seems to “drag” the sleeve down – does bother me however.

A hemline I can alter – even if I had to unpick and reattach a “frill”.

Sleeve alterations however are beyond my skill set.

But I do like the dress – especially with this ancient, snug fitting shrunken leather jacket:

{once again – please excuse the low quality of the light/photo… there’s even a bit of blurriness! #perfectlyimperfect and all that shizzle!}

If you are thinking of buying this dress: the cut of this dress is generous.

Very generous.

Size down.

I’m afraid I didn’t really capture any photos showing just how roomy the dress is across the chest, under the arm…

But instead, here’s a close up of the very pretty print of the dress:

And I do *really* like the look of the dress with my old jacket (did I say that already?!!):

Question is: is the generous fit (aka saggy shoulder puff) a deal breaker?

VERDICT: JURY’S OUT (though currently edging towards keeping.)


I’d blame all of these ill-fitting issues on my own self, my own zero-shouldered frame and my own short arse and wish I was broader, taller etc etc.

However, scrolling through social media of any given day, you come across so many others who are fed up with the inconsistency of shop sizing – I’m not alone.

And in this instance – the Topshop Shirt and Dress “shoulder”sag is really not so much a sizing issue as an ill-thought out design, with the fabric being unsuitable for such a heavy, gathered social puff?

Not that I can offer any solution: a less gathered puff?

Different fabric?

I’m no expert, so couldn’t say.

What I would say is, I imagine the shoulders of both the Shirt and Dress would probably be ok on most, and don’t let my review put you off in any way: both are made from a lovely weight of viscose with a really good drape.

And both have a really pretty print.

And with such inconsistencies across the shops in sizing, and cut of clothing, the best advice I can give you is: order and try for yourself.

After all – returns are usually free!

Thanks for reading – would love to hear your thoughts on my ‘western’ (mini) haul?