Hello Everyone!

How are you?

It’s been yet another busy one Chez Threads, but I guess it’s that time of year… for anyone with kids, schools pretty much want you to camp in the school field with the amount of time parents are expected to spend at school in this final summer term…

And for those without kids… who may have colleagues with kids… it can be an equally frustrating time having to cover for  their colleagues, who have to duck out early for an hour here, a morning there…

Frustrating all round.

AND… as for the teachers?

I can’t even imagine: but I do salute them!

Anyways, what have I got in store for you today?

I’m re-hashing an old Blog post from April 2017: “Feel Good Feet” because since I first blogged about Veja, a little over 2 years ago now… things have really taken off for this eco-friendly, French trainer brand.

And I don’t just mean on Instagram.

I’ve even spotted Veja’s on the feet on the good people of Salisbury.

{I know! It’s a shocker, but Veja’s are like… all over the Shires!}

So here’s the piece I wrote in April 2017, some six months after my first Veja purchase in Nov’16:

[Please note: the links to the styles of trainers in this old post were no longer valid and now been updated to take you to the Veja Store Homepage; none are affiliate links]

– – – – – – – – O L D  P O S T  S T A R T S  H E R E – – – – – – – –


True story.

I’m talking feel good footwear.

And I don’t just mean footwear that’s pretty or comfortable or makes you smile when you catch sight of them.

Nope, this brand will make you feel all those things *as well as* giving you a little “whoop! I love my shoes AND something good came from buying them!” kind of feeling!

An extra zing, if you will.

I’m talking Veja trainers.

Last Autumn I was in the market for a new pair of Trainers.

My brain was addled with far too many classic brands; leather vs suede? Regular or gum soles? Which “it” trainers to get?

I just couldn’t seem to make a decision.

It took me a couple of months before I settled on a pair of sneakers from the French brand, Veja.

Some Veja Esplar’s in White Leather and Oxford Grey to be exact:

Even Sylvie loves them…

I was (still am) following Veja on Instagram (fab feed, with lots of outfit inspo!) and for me, their styling is spot on, and so very me.

Or at least, their aesthetic is what appeals to me, even if it’s not my own exact style.

But more than that… it’s their ethos: VEJA are an ethical sneaker, with a minimalist aesthetic, but scratch beyond the superficial looks & you’ll find they use upcycled plastic bottles & wild rubber as the materials from which their cool trainers are made… and as a brand, they work in partnership with Atelier Sans Frontières.

What does that even mean?

Well, they employ people facing social exclusion, using recycled organic cotton, liquid rubber, fish skin and natural silk – just a few of the innovative materials used by the brand to ensure the sustainability and functionality of their sneakers.

The brand’s collaboration with Fairtrade factories in Brazil means their workers rights are protected and the local communities are not only employed, but the communities are strengthened from this very employment being available.

I wear my Veja sneakers A LOT:

Knowing that the brand put so much back into the local communities in Brazil where the rubber is sourced, and just their sustainability efforts… I can’t help but feel extra good about wearing my ethical Veja’s.

Plus, there are vegan models in the range… as in vegan sneakers (rather than the dietary requirements of the model’s veja use in their advertising! G’ah! You know what I mean!!)

AND, and… it would appear (from magazines & my Instagram feed) that Veja’s popularity is on the rise.

Not because I’m wearing and photographing myself in them.


No… but I have seen Veja creeping into the Instagram feeds of a few Influential bloggers such as Fran, Kat and Julia… which is great news for the brand as these stylish ladies really do inspire and influence their massive followers shopping choices.

As for me?

Well, I many not have *that* much clout, but in my own small way, I did manage to talk my very own Mr T into making a Veja purchase.

Mr T was sold at “French Brand”

I didn’t however need to go into too much about the brand’s ethos with him though – it was a much easier sell.

I just mentioned to my half-French husband that the brand is French and he was sold!

They also do kids sneakers, and my 8 (going-on-13) year old has already asked for a pair… so how long before the 4 year old asks for some as well?!

Plus, how cute would it be for all 3 of my boys to have the same sneakers?!


Oops! Guess that’s just me then!

So have I persuaded you to go take a peek at the Veja website?

I’m desperate for another pair, but there are far too many cool colours and styles to choose from – so here’s my short-list:


Perfect for those monochrome outfits…

These are the Wata Canvas Pierre’s in Black and cost €75 and are for both men & women….


Perfect for all the blue I have in my wardrobe…

I know, I know… these Taua White Nautico’s are very similar to my current pair… but the V is in beautiful blue!  Again, these are €75.

And finally, possibly my favourite, but being the fickle sort that I am, I should say ‘current favourite’.

In reality, favourite’s are a wheel in motion for me….


Red white and blue… AND perforated? Perfection!

I’m drawn to these V-10’s in Extra White because they are that bit chunkier, are in a classic red, white and blue… AND, they have a perforated section… and I do love perfs in trainers!

These are the most expensive of my top 3, coming in at €120, but look at them: how beautiful are they?!

If you are in the market for a pair of Veja’s… I bought mine from Sarenza and got a 10% discount for signing up to their emails; I can vouch for excellent delivery service from them.

Although there are plenty of UK stockists, including Selfridges where Mr T bought his pair.

So it’s probably worth shopping around.

Before I leave you, here’s a snap of me with my love… and when you’re some 14 inches shorter than your fella, you have to get on your tip-toes for a kiss!

His and Hers.

Yes, I persuaded my partner in crime to come to the roof of my local multi-storey carpark and pose for a pic with me.

It’s our 12th anniversary on Saturday, so I guess he still loves me, eh?!

(Just as an aside: in the interest of transparency – this post is NOT sponsored, but I just wanted to share my love for Veja’s sneakers.)

As well as my admiration for Veja’s ethical & sustainability credentials.

How about you… would you think about buying a pair?  Or do you already own some?  And which of my top 3 should I be ordering next?

– – – – – – – – O L D  P O S T  E N D S  H E R E – – – – – – – –

And there you have it!

I popped a little Tweet up on my Twitter to promote this blogpost at the time…

{… back when I was *trying* to use Twitter and gave up pretty soon after!}

Anyway, my tweet got re-tweeted SIXTEEN times!

I know!

It practically went VIRAL, I tell you!

In all seriousness though, I was pretty chuffed with 16 re-tweets, given I had about 20 followers!  😀

If you’ve followed me on Instagram you will know that, of my short-list of 3, it was the Black Wata Pierre’s I went for.

They’re not available in Black on the Veja site anymore, but there are a fair few other gorgeous colours to chose from.

I used mine for my first ever #fridayfeet post on Instagram in June 2017, and then posted the full outfit the following day.

Both images were reposted by Veja’s Instagram:

Look how shiny and new they were back then!

I was so, so chuffed that Veja re-grammed these photos: it’s not something which gained me any extra instagram followers, or likes or anything else like that.

But on a personal level, as a photography novice, who was learning to use a new camera: to have photos which were deemed ‘good enough’ to be reposted on an Insta-feed which I admired, was quite simply… a massively feel good feeling!

They then went on to regram a couple of my other photos of this very pair of trainers.

Again, I was chuffed to bits!

Regardless that these trainers are canvas… they are a very thick canvas, more so than say… my converse…

And as such, I have worn them all year round:

They are by far, my favourite trainers, and as much as I hate to admit it, they superseded my original pair:

I’d bought this pair, directly from the Veja Store back in 2017, simply because they weren’t available in any UK boutiques or stores at the time.

By Autumn 2017, a few boutiques started to stock Veja, they appeared more and more on my Instagram feed and fast forward to *now* the brand is now available on our High Streets around the country – Office now stock Veja!

Which is brilliant, don’t you think?

That a mainstream, high-street store is stocking this cool-AF, sustainable brand?

I quite fancy a third pair… but honestly, I’ve not tired of these Black Wata Pierre’s:

And they still have *PLENTY* of life in them yet.

If I were to go for another pair though, I’d probably go for these Veja x Bleu de Paname Rio Branco’s


But, as I’ve signed up to #slowfashionseason which involves ZERO NEW shopping from 21st June – 21st September (preloved pieces are allowed…)

… I can’t help but see my ‘want’ of a 3rd pair as pure greed.

I’m determined not to give in.

As for my husband… he was that happy with his first pair of Veja’s… he ended up with a second pair.

Same style, with a different coloured ‘V’.

I hope you’ve enjoyed re-visiting this old blog post… it’s not something I plan to do often (…if at all, in fact!)

But given my recent ‘slow fashion’ blogposts, I couldn’t help feeling this one was worth another visit.

So spill: are you a Veja convert?

I know some find them a bit too ‘flat’ for the arch of their foot…?

As always, would love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

PLEASE NOTE: there are no affiliate links in this blogpost, however I am wearing the odd gifted Tee/Hoodie or Cuff in the odd pic.