Welcome to another Big Unwrap, this time, a couple of pieces from the ASOS White collection, one of their own labels.  I love this collection with its minimalistic aesthetic & slightly masculine tailoring.  It’s branded as being ASOS’s premium, luxe range and as such is pricier than regular ASOS labeled clothing.

If I had to compare it to anywhere else, I guess its not a million miles from somewhere like COS with its looser, modern cuts, but ultimately, its that little bit more affordable and just happens to have more in the collection that I’m attracted to.

Before I talk about my purchases, I’d like to fawn over a couple of the ASOS White pieces, such as this Silk Sweat in peach:

asos white silk sweat

LOVE. THIS.  I wish it had been available in my size when I placed my order…Would look fab worn with joggers (as per pic) or with some dark skinnies/leather trousers for an evening out.  I’m also in love with this Relaxed Cropped Jumpsuit (currently reduced to a paltry £33!) but again, it wasn’t available in my size:

asos white relaxed cropped jumpsuit

Now given the relaxed cut (read that as ‘generous) of most of this range, and, that its only available in standard sizes rather than petites… I knew in my heart that any dresses or jumpsuits would probably not flatter my petite frame, rather they’d swamp me.  However, sometimes, the heart wants what the heart wants you know?  And I try to think of the glass as being half full, so I clicked on ‘confirm order’ and this is what I got:

First up is the ASOS White Herringbone Jumpsuit with D-ring Detail in blush (£75) and this is how it should look:

asos white herringbone jumpsuit

I’m in love with the idea of this so, so much: the utility look, combined with the relaxed cut and the feminine blush colour.  I knew it would probably be a little loose on me and that perhaps the colour might make me look washed out… however… even I wasn’t prepared for just how much it would make me look like the marshmallow man from Ghostbusters (the original):

Tragic!  I mean, possibly, just possibly, if it had a drawstring waist, I could have taken some more pics of me in it styled up with a few different looks… however, no amount of accessorising can hide the fact that this looks bloody awful on me.  I may well love the colour & the cut in my head, but I think I’d have to be a foot taller with some wedged hi-top trainers and living in a bigger city to carry this look off… I’m thinking Gwen Stefani, here.  How great does she always look in a relaxed, utility jumpsuit-come-boilersuit?


asos white herringbone jumpsuit belted2

  • Accessorised with:
  • Flat TK Maxx Pleather Sandals (so, SO, old!), Similar & much nicer
  • Diesel Eyelet Brown leather Belt (old), Similar

Yup, I’m no Gwen, that’s for sure!  Even with the aid of a belt clinching the jumpsuit in and hoisting it up a little, there really is no rescuing this jumpsuit on me.  So, you’ve guessed it… it has *got* to go back, which is pretty gutting as I still love the idea of it, especially with all the detailing:

Anyway… moving on: the second item I purchased was this ASOS White Silk Shirt in grey:

asos white silk shirt

I’d seen similar online in Whistles, but the cut of this ASOS White silk shirt had something about it which made me think that the sizing would be good on me.  And again, a good price (comparitively) at just £65:

asos white grey shirt full

Now, I really liked this shirt on (you’ll have to excuse the creases, didn’t want to get my iron out if I’m not sure about it).  Think this would be a great addition to any wardrobe for those ‘not trying to hard’ kind of vibe for an evening out, but equally, looks a bit like you’d made an effort.  I think the only reason I’m not going to keep this is that cut is in fact a little boxier than it appeared online (although to be fair, it is described as having a relaxed cut):

asos white grey shirt back

and of course, although I can roll them up, the sleeves are far too long:

asos white grey shirt sleeve

And the colour.  I’m just not sure the colour does anything for me.  Its more Farrow & Ball ‘Elephant’s Breath’ rather than grey… which means that there is a sort of mauve/taupe hue in it (I know, I’m in danger of getting all ‘Great British Interior Design Challenge’ here, so I’ll stop there!).  I do love the style & the military patch pockets:

asos white grey shirt front

… but… I have to say, the shirt is a little on the short side.  I think that most average height ladies would think the shirt very short and would be forced to wear it out as it wouldn’t have the length for tucking in.  Sadly, another return.

Having been out of this shopping game for a while, that all too familiar feeling has returned: frustration with shop sizes.  Being just a hair over five feet tall (yes, tall I say!) has never bothered me too much: I am accustomed to taking things up, its no big deal.  However, being a complete minuscule skinny-minnie means that quite often, even size 6s can sometimes hang off me and that is not look good at all – the jumpsuit is a case in point.

I CAN.NOT. STAND. ill-fitting clothes.

Being small, its all the more important to have a good fit as otherwise I look swamped and drowned out… and well… its a bit like allowing yourself to fade into the background.  And lets just say, I’m no wall-flower!

ASOS are great for petites as they stock a bigger range than most, however, I have a special request to the ASOS buyers (if you’re reading this): please can you stock your ASOS White collection in petites as well?  Look at this face – how can you say no?


Have you ever bought from the ASOS White collection?  Did you have more luck than me?  Would love to hear your thoughts. Xx