How are you?

Apologies for the delay in getting this final Sunday 7 of the year published…more a Tuesday 7, but that doesn’t sound quite as good, does it?!

It’s a very busy time of year for pretty much everyone though, right?

This post is probably also a bit too late in terms of Christmas Parties and the like, but if like me, you don’t have many specific Christmas social events in the diary… and indeed… just at all (I hardly ever go out-out!) then buying fancy-pants, going out togs hardly seems worth it?

Add to that, I’ve always been a ‘jeans & nice top’ kind of of girl, means that I still favour a ‘dressed down’ going out outfit.

I already have a few bits in my wardrobe, which come out year after year, which as a general rule of thumb, I prefer to wear in a more dressed-down style over top-to-toe-bling.

I’ll talk more about styling ideas as I go through my 7…

{And a word of warning, ‘satin’ is definitely ‘trending’ in this post! #sorrynotsorry!}

7. Topshop – Satin Skirt (£29)


So the slinky, satin-bias-cut skirts seem to be the skirt of the moment.

The unforgiving cut is not for everyone of course, but what I’d say to that is that you absolutely don’t need to ‘tuck in’ your knit/top, and leaving a loose knit over the top can work just as well.

To wear this as a ‘going out’ piece: I’d just let the skirt do the talking to be honest.

I’d wear with a slash-neck knit, with a longer chain pendant necklace.

For shoes… depending on the weather of course, I’d either go with some pointy courts, or pointy ankle boots… sock boots in fact.

A simple look, but one I’ll be sporting this festive season.

Zara and ASOS also have a couple of satin skirts if the bold Ochre Topshop Satin Skirt isn’t quite your cuppa.

6. H&M – Satin Blouse (£17.99)


Again, going with the sheen-factor of Satin to elevate your outfit from day to night.

I’d wear the satin blouse unbuttoned enough to show off some neck candy, and ensure the shirt tucked into jeans, rather than a half-tuck or indeed hanging loose.

Again, I’d probably go with a pointy shoe, whether a metallic sling-back, or a sock boot.

Adding a blazer will immediately make you feel pretty dressed up.

5. H&M – Satin Cami with Lace (£17.99)


A little cami top under a smart blazer style jacket (as pictured) is an instant going out outfit for me.

I’d wear exactly the same as I’ve described in number 6, just switching the Satin Blouse for a Cami instead.


4. Zara – Satin Bodysuit (£29.99)


I always said ‘never again’ after my stint of 90s ‘bodies’ as we called them back then… or bodysuits as they are called now.

However, there’s no doubt they make for a great tucked in look.

I adore the whole outfit here, although I’d probably go for more contrast with the jeans, and chuck a faux fur over the top.

3. H&M – Sequinned Jacket (£79)


Such a simple way of elevating your jeans & tee… chuck one of these glitzy sequinned jackets over the top.

You could dress it up further by wearing a cami instead of a tee, or you could equally pull the jacket close, and belt over the top?

I’d go for some glitzy shoes, but yeah… stick with jeans and a tee.

{oh and those sleeves are just begging to be turned up a couple of times, don’t you think?!}

2. & Other Stories – Velvet Trousers (£59)


Velvet is such a sumptuous, luxe fabric… it’s perfect for dressing up & going out.

However, velvet is also fabulously warm to wear… and probably the best fabric for any zero-blood-lizards like myself.

*If* these velvet trousers were available in a 32, I think I’d probably have bought a pair… taking something up is after all, relatively simple whether you are doing it yourself or via an alterations service.

For going out, you could keep keep things simple with a silk tee, and perhaps some kitten heels… though I imagine I’d go for a cool ‘rock chick’ tee, over anything too dressy.

Again, dressing my dressed up outfit down a touch.

(For daytime… just add a turtle neck and trainers.)

These trouser are also available in Black.

I do think that Velvet trousers can appear to ‘add’ weight to the hip/thigh area, in much the same way as a pleated skirt often can.

However, if you tuck your tee/cami/turtleneck in, showing the waistline off can make for a more flattering overall look.

You could wear a faux-fur with your velvet trousers, playing with the differing textures… or even the matching velvet jacket?

Speaking of which…

1. H&M (Kids!) – Velvet Blazer (£29.99)


I came across this H&M Boys (age 8 – 14+) ‘Textured Weave Jacket‘ in velvet at the weekend.

I was in the boys department looking at the coats for my older boy when I spotted it… and immediately knew I had to try it on.

At just 5Ft tall, and with virtually zero shoulders… I soooooo rarely find any ‘tailored’ styles of coat / jacket which sit neatly across my narrow shoulders.

The age 11-12 was a perfect fit.

(In fact, I did push my luck somewhat and tried the age 10-11 on first, which I squeezed myself into and then spent 15 minutes getting in a hot tizz as I couldn’t get it off: so apparently whilst I am indeed tiny, I’m clearly not THAT tiny!)

Anyway, with that in mind, if you are a petite size 8, then I’d say the age 13-14 would work for you.

And likewise if you are a petite size 10, then the age 14+ would be a good fit.

It’s a rare win for us shorties!

Especially when you consider the & Other Stories Velvet Blazer is £89.

And ok, the H&M Boys one might not have as soft a drape, or isn’t belted… but none the less, it’s a bit of a bargain in my book!

Stinker of the Week: Topshop – Sheer Glitter Wide Leg Trousers (£25)


They’re sheer.

Need I say more?

I know.

I’m not the target market etc etc etc..

But I can’t think of a time that this style of trouser was ever for me.


Wildcard of the Week: Miss Selfridge – Striped Sequin Embellished Pencil Skirt (£38.50)


Now although my inner magpie is delighted with this choice of wildcard, and as much as I love the look of all things shiny…

My day to day reality is such that, if I bought this skirt… and I very nearly did, given the ‘instagram-effect’ of being brainwashed from a feed saturated in sequins….

In actual fact, the skirt would hardly ever get worn.

Not even in a dressed down way…

… or… can I persuade myself otherwise?

Look 1 – Out Out


You could of course wear the matching top (as pictured above) but, given I hardly ever go out and even rarer still, the need for super-dressed up, I think I’d need to tone the outfit down a little.

I’d wear a simple M&S Round Neck Short Sleeved Jumper (£12.50), and these M&S Velvet Slingbacks in Teal (£19.50)

I’d opt for a simple Single Breasted Overcoat (M&S £119) and again, a simple Leather Clutch (M&S £69)

Because of the sparkle of the sequin skirt, I’d probably go for simple, minimal jewellery… probably just some earrings, like these Facet Drop Earrings (M&S £15) and possibly a bracelet or two, although the gold wrist ring handle of the clutch might just be enough.

Look 2 – Daytime dressed up


So… this is in fact, just a variation of Look 1 again… possible contender for Christmas Day?

Going for a gorgeous berry coloured cardi, this Whistles Mohair Blend Cropped Cardigan (£129) has all the cosy vibes, but the v-neck lends itself well to showing off a simple, shorter gold chain, and the cropped length of the cardigan would work really well with a pencil skirt.

I’d probably go with some simple black pumps, but if it’s Christmas Day we’re talking about, then how about these super cute Dune Ballaye Mary Jane Court Shoes (in Gold, £75) – so gorgeous!

And if you’re home, then that’s it, right?

But if your heading out to the pub, or to family for Christmas Dinner, then just sling your favourite Faux Fur (Reiss, Aila Jacket £325) over your shoulders and grab your LK Bennet Velvet Felicity Clutch (£150) and you’re set.

Look 3 – Dressed Down Sparkles


Probably my favourite look out of the 3…. teaming the skirt with my winter holy-grail of a big chunky knit and trainers!

I adore this Grey Cable Wroxton Knit fr0m Genevieve Sweeney (£180) and although your favourite white sneaks would work perfectly well, you could go all out matchy-matchy with these Veja Esplar Velvet Angora White sneaks (€145) instead?

It’s always tricky trying to stuff your chunky knit inside of a coat, but if you opt for an oversized Teddy or Cocoon shaped coat, then you should be fine.

This H&M Knee Length Coat (£49) has a dropped shoulder, wide sleeves (including wide sleeve cuff) and is unlined, making it a perfect coat for chucking over your chunky knit.

A mis-matched H&M Bucket Bag (£24.99) lends itself well to the ‘whaaaat? I just grabbed any old bag & coat’ vibe.

And perhaps chuck a Beret (accessorise, £9) into the mix as well.

Why not?!

Whilst I’m a firm advocate of ‘wear what you love…’

… Small Town Living does mean that you can wind up feeling super self-conscious if sporting a Sequin Skirt, say, in the middle of Tuesday (ie Market Day,) amongst the purple-rinse brigade who are all busy buying their sprouts and veg for Christmas Dinner.

Whilst I totally love the idea of wearing sequins, day or night…

…  the reality is, those little shiny discs would hang in my wardrobe, languishing… sure they’d catch my eye as they wink it at me with their glinting… but I’d probably only wear once a year?

If that!

I stopped myself from completing my purchase of this Miss Selfridge Sequin Skirt because I knew I’d probably not get enough wear out of it.

I just don’t have that kind of lifestyle.

And neither am I comfortable wearing sequins morning, noon and night…

Well… most of the time.

Even I break my own rules sometimes!

And having said I hardly ever go out – I had two lots of Christmas Drinks on Saturday, and here’s what I wore:

Yup, true to form, I was in Jeans with a satin shirt, some old Zara slingbacks (I was only going over the road for the first drinks, then two streets away for second lot…) plus my new Navy H&M Boys Blazer.

Dressed up, but dressed down.

My comfort zone.

I know I’m a right boring old fart when it comes to going out… but it’s just where I’m at in life right now.

And I really rather like being a boring old fart!

Thanks for reading – hope that the 7 pieces as well as the looks this week have given you a little inspiration if, like me, you prefer the Dressed-down-dressed-up look?

Let me know in the comments below – happy to chat!