Hello there!  Whilst we’ve all been moaning about how long this past winter has been… now that April’s here, I’m kind of thinking ‘wow! the year is flying by!’

Anyone else?

In the on-going tech-saga in the Threads household, you’ll all be delighted to hear that Mr T’s new laptop arrived on Thursday.

He’s spent most of the weekend installing stuff on it, and… and… he’s picked up his old Macbook Pro, (complete with new screen) which has been wiped of all his memory devouring software and it is now mine.

My very own laptop – at last!

Anyway – hopefully that’s the end of the rather tiresome tech-troubles for a while.

Moving on…

This week’s Sunday 7 is another collection of random loveliness which has caught my eye over the past week… however, no Stinker of the Week and no Wildcard either.

This is mainly because there are a few newer brands included in this week’s list, so my descriptions seem to be rather detailed and wordy (#sorrynotsorry!)

I didn’t want the post to be overly long… so, starting with an all too familiar brand…

7. Other Stories: Knit Sweater (£45)


Such a pretty, delicate knit

Now I know you might think that this little knit isn’t much to write home about, but I really, really like it.

I like the colour, the delicate “lace” pattern (which is, I believe, a correct knitting term, but if not, do let me know!).

I also like the shorter length, giving it a vintage 40s kind of vibe.

It would look fabulous worn with jeans, a pencil skirt, over a dress, under dungarees, with wide leg crops (bien sur!)… hell, even with some denim cut-offs.

Hmm… the more I think about it, the more I am talking myself into buying it: eek!

Better move on…

6. Triple Pink: Shawl Sue (€19.95)


I know… not the best pic, eh?!

OK, so this photo may appear at first glance to be of a long strip of black & white striped fabric.

A scarf.

A very stylish scarf, as Catherine Dupon shows us:


Très chic, non?

Stunning, isn’t it?

I first came across the very stylish and chic Catherine’s account via my lovely Insta-pal Sue who had tagged me in an Instagram competition (…which of course I entered, but it was Sue who won the beautiful leather bag… made by Catherine.)

If you are on Instagram – do give Catherine a follow, her feed is full of beautiful images, style inspo not to mention her gorgeous leather creations.

(And I imagine, if you’re reading this / follow me already on Insta, they you already follow @susiesoso – legend that she is!)

Anyway, I digress… back to this beautifully chic ‘skinny’ scarf: I’ve fallen for it. Big time.

It’s currently in my basket but I’m weighing up whether or not to go for it because the postage is €10… which seems excessive on a €19.95 item?

That said, can you imagine it, worn with a simple black singlet top, off-white crops and some flats?

Or, with any all black outfit?

Or indeed, it would liven up most plain outfits – a yellow dress for example?

I’m not one for pattern clashing, but you could go down that route…?

I think it would be a very useful little accessory in any wardrobe.

It would work perfectly with my first item – the pink And Other Stories knit too, wouldn’t it?!

5. Anthropologie: Aaren Polin Tunic Dress (£118)


I want this. That is all!

Perfect colours of perfect stripes with a perfect neckline.

This really is a short little tunic dress on anyone of regular height or taller ladies.

But on me?

A lovely length summer dress.

Having recently dipped my toe into the ‘big cuffs’ style of statement sleeve (with this Topshop Boutique Top) I’d be more than willing to give these bell sleeves a go too.

Unfortunately, they’d be full length and would need altering to be 3/4 sleeves on me, but its doable.

Just a royal pain in the backside is all.

Anthro do some stuff in Petites, but not this Tunic dress.

I’m so desperate to get it, I’m thinking of getting in touch with a friend who works for Anthropolgie who can get me a 40% odd discount.

However, I am also trying to suppress this urge, given this ‘friend’ is someone I only see once every 18 months or so and is the wife of one of my husband’s bosses.

We get on when we meet – but we’re not close friends who are always in touch or anything.

So I think it would be rude to just text her out of the blue… it may be #desperatetimes here, but I loathe rudeness so will either have to save for the dress or simply admire it from afar… likewise, the next item:

4. Anthroplogie: Raeka Kimono Blouse (£78)


Such a cute little top!

I’ve always had a bit of a thing for ballet-tops with a tie-front.

I simply adore this cute little top.

I would wear it mainly with culottes or wide leg crops, but it would look equally fabulous worn over a slip dress or with some indigo jeans.

In fact, the only thing that is stopping me from buying this (more than the price tag)… is that I’m not sure the colour would work on me?


Someone go buy it though, please?

It’s a beauty!

3. Born at Dawn: Black City Shorts with drawstring waist (£94.95)


Love good city short!

I haven’t owned, or worn any city-shorts in years!

Probably since I left the workplace to become a SAHM.

However, city shorts are not just for the office…

Born at Dawn is the brainchild of Lucy Knights.  It’s an online shop of carefully curated, effortless style full of wardrobe heroes.

They are perfect for taking you from Day to Night but more than that, there is a personal touch to the whole shopping experience.

Born at Dawn offer a “Night In” personal shopping experience, where the collection is brought to your home so that you and your friends can shop from the comfort of home, glass of fizz in hand (dangerous, eh? But clever, yes?!); but, unlike sofa-online-shopping, you get to touch and feel the clothes as well as having expert styling advice on hand.

This Night In service is only available in London at the moment, but what my friends and I wouldn’t have given in our late 20s early 30s, during our pre-mortgage, pre-kids, singleton days for a night of shopping from home!

If you live in London – do look into it.

Back to the shorts… I know what you’re all thinking: the shorts would be too long on me, right?

But here’s the thing: I do like a cropped trouser / culotte and so… yes, these wouldn’t really be city shorts on me at all.

They’d be more culotte – but with interest: those side slits, eh?

They are firmly on my wish list.

I recently joined Lucy at her launch party which was held at the epic venue, Lights of Soho where I got to meet with some of my instal-pals, as well as connecting with some new instagrammers as well.

If you want to see the photos – look up #bornatdawnlaunch it was a fun night!

Now, number 2 and 1 this week come from Kitri Studio which is again, a new brand to me.

I first came across it when watching Julia’s stories (@stylonylon) on Instagram.

I should imagine you all already follow Julia, I know I have been since joining Instagram a year ago.

But in truth, it’s probably only since this December/January that I’ve become hooked on Julia’s Stylonylon blog.

the effortless, casual cool of Julia @stylonylon

Julia’s authentic voice, her perfectly causal, yet chic, signature style and her thoughtful, erudite writing all resonate with me, and she’s pretty much everything I aspire to, in blogging terms.

And then of course, her exquisite photography and images are the stuff of dreams for a fledgling blogger like me.

She is an Olympus Pen (as in the camera!) ambassador, which means she’s really very open with her skills & tips on using the camera and often runs really helpful live stories Q&A sessions.

Yup: I’m a big time #fangirl.

Anyway, sycophant fan-girl-ing over… back to the brand, Kitri Studio… I first spotted Julia wearing number 6 here…

2. Kitri Studio: Ashton Striped Pyjama Shirt (£65)


I already have a *very* similar pair of Gap crops!

I first saw this shirt on Julia on her stories, before she’d blogged about it, before she’d photographed it for her grid.

Naturally, I messaged her straight away and she pointed me in the direction of Kitri Studio’s website and as soon as I saw this image of the shirt paired with an almost identical pair of khaki wide leg crops as my Gap ones, I have been obsessing about the shirt.

There are only 3 size 6s left!

But I’ve had my sensible, frugal hat on and was convinced I’d find a budget version.

I haven’t.


Here’s Julia rocking her shirt with perfect styling:


Julia is a fellow petite… so I figure, the shirt would be a similar (ish) fit on me.

At £65 though, it’s at the upper end of my budget and would mean very little other shopping…

Plus, once I got onto Kitri’s website, I came across this week’s number 1:

1. Kitri Studio: Britten Tie Waist Top (£75)


Genius idea – plain front and printed back!

I’ve used this photo first, just to highlight that this simple, plain fronted, tie waist top actually has a rather interesting back…


Love this printed back idea!

Now, for someone who has recently reflected on her outfits from the past year after documenting and blogging about them… and coming to the realisation that prints – mainly florals – are something I love and am drawn to, but rarely wear… how perfect is this top?

The front is plain black… so if I catch sight of myself anywhere – a shop window, a mirror, or even looking down at myself… I won’t be overwhelmed by any print.

Because the print is on the back of the top!


I can imagine wearing this with my black coated skinnies, black suit trousers, leather skirt, over a pleated skirt and in fact, I think it would work just as well both tucked in, or over jeans.

And how perfect would it be with the Born at Dawn City Shorts?!


Again, I don’t know why I torture myself like this though.

It’s £75… which ok, isn’t a massive, massive amount… and yet, when you’re not earning an income of your own, it feels like a ‘splurge’ item.

Plus, after ordering that Next Heritage Jacket (featured on my previous blog post) only to find it was not made of wool/tweed and was just polyester, I’ve become a little fixated on checking fabric composition.

And this beautiful top, is made of 100%…. polyester!

I’m doomed.

Or rather… I’m skint!

I need to get ebaying or something… and fast.

Normally when I compile my weekly Sunday 7’s, I might ‘sort of’ want most of the things from the list, but am also aware of my own fickleness and so I move on from the items quite quickly.

Sad, but true.

This week… I’d be quite happy to order EVERYTHING.

I want the whole goddamned list!

I think I need to join shopaholic’s anonymous: anyone fancy being my sponsor?!

Anything here take your fancy at all?  Is it really just me who wants it all?

Thanks for reading… I’ll be back mid-week with a post about feel good footwear.


P.S. An update on my  Jigsaw Mini Lua Bag which I was given for mother’s day – the black version:

This week has seen the Mini Lua’s launched in Jigsaw’s Spring colours.

Rose (a gorgeous soft nude-pink), Natural (which is actually Tan, isn’t it?) is stunning and the most perfect Khaki colour:

They do say, if you find something you totally love, to go ahead and buy it in all the colours, right?

Or did I just make that up…?!