So, in an online shopping world where a great many shops offer next day delivery (as long as you’ve ordered by 3pm that day), I waited a whopping 24 days for my Sezane La Femme tee to arrive.


It was pretty frustrating, as there wasn’t much in the way of progress updates / info on my account regarding the order.

Though in part, I will hold my hand up and take some responsibility for the delay: it was my own stupidity for not reading the small print – having placed my order on March 26th, the Sezane website clearly stated, it would be a pre-order until April 7th!

Anyway, 12 days in, when my patience had burst it’s bubble (after all, the ’10 days’ delivery timeline had passed)… I dropped them an email and received a response straight away: my order was only just being despatched that day.

Over a week later, I got a text to say my DPD order had arrived at my chosen collection point… but wouldn’t you know it?  I received the text late on the Thursday afternoon before Good Friday.

So, I had a further 4 days worth of painful waiting over our busy 4 day ‘family’ weekend before I could get my mitts on the tee.

But… the wait was worth it:

the XS is a great fit on petite little me.

I have never ordered anything from Sezane before, and assumed that the size XS might be a tad slouchy as it has been with my H&M and Mango tee’s… but it’s not.

It fits as an XS should fit in my opinion… or perhaps it’s simply that the tee isn’t pitched as a slouchy ‘boyfriend’ tee and really is just a proper t-shirt?

This was a bit of a splurge item for me, as I do feel that £40 on a tee is rather a lot, plus the £6 delivery… but, I really, really wanted it and am pleased to report it lives up to expectations.

And, I suppose I didn’t mind paying a little extra given that a donation is made with every purchase of the tee to UN Women – a part of the United Nations which has been working to help educate women as well as raising their political awareness and economic autonomy.

In love with this tee!

A bonus feel good factor for me when I wear this t-shirt – which also a has a great quality feel to the jersey fabric… as though it won’t lose it’s shape after washing.

I am pretty notorious for getting grease splatters on my clothing – but at £40 for a tee, I will make sure I don an apron when I wear this one  – I’m determined not to wreck it after just one wear!

A few similar tees knocking around at that moment include this Topshop Femme Forever Tee (£15):TS-femme-forever-tee

Staying with Topshop, how about this Females of the Future (£15) tee:


And lastly, again from Topshop – this Feminist tee (£18) is on my #wantit list:


Moving on to these Mango Shoes which I talked about in my Man Repelling Sunday 7, these were another rather unsatisfactory waiting time from order to arriving on my doorstep:


£59.99 but I signed up for a newsletter and got a 10% discount

Not quite 20 days, but 11 days…

Something went wrong with my original order which had to be cancelled and a new order placed…

And you know what?

I honestly felt doomed!

So silly – but, we are all so spoilt with such speedy delivery times, it’s been a bit of a shocker for me to have to wait so long for both the tee, and the shoes.

But hey, all good things and all that…

I’ve been waiting to wear this outfit for the past month!

Now first off, you must excuse my rookie error of having a sock mark on my ankle – I didn’t wear this today as it’s freezing, but wore the outfit for the pic.

And secondly, about that sock mark… it’s still school holidays here in my small town, and this was the best pic I could get in the 1.5 hour kid-free slot I had today – so cut me a break, eh?!

Attempting to disguise that sock mark my lowering my leg, and covering with my trousers!

Now what I will say about these shoes is that they really do live up to their ‘soft’ name… they are as comfortable as slippers, but the leather is so very soft that you do wind up getting that ‘moulded-toe’ look – as you can see from this pic.

When these shoes arrived, I kept the label on for a few days and tried them on a couple of times because I have ‘toes issues’ and wasn’t sure I could cope with this ‘moulded toe’ look.

However, the super comfortable factor won me over and they are definite keepers: I would love to have them in Black as well:


Or these Topshop Kick Soft Ballet Shoes (£35):


Also available in Gold:


So, as mentioned – it’s still school holidays here, but I kind of wanted to share my thoughts on these two items with you, so it’s just a short little post today.

Back to business as usual with a Sunday 7 this week – catch you then!

Thanks for reading.