Welcome back to a Sunday 7!

Getting festive this week, and taking a look at Christmas Jumpers.

It’s Christmas Jumper day on December 14th… according to Save the Children but, in order to make the most of your investment, I think it’s OK to wear your festive knit or sweatshirt anytime from now, right through January…

… and in fact, if you choose wisely, and go for something that’s just ‘wintery’, you can carry on wearing the sweater for a fair bit of winter.

A couple of these were featured in my Indie Xmas Guide last week – apologies for the repetition, but I figured it’s nice to have a mix of small business & high street stuff for this post!

So, in no particular order… let’s get stuck in:

7. Wear Kindred – Ice Skate Sweatshirt Navy/Silver (£40)


I was sent the Burgundy/Gold version of this sweatshirt which is probably a little more ‘traditional’ in it’s festive colours, however, this Navy/Silver colour way is probably a little more muted, if you prefer a more subtle kind of festive sweater…

… and one which is definitely versatile enough to carry on wearing throughout winter.

6. Topshop – Reverse Fair Isle Jumper (Currently reduced from £42 down to £19)


If you prefer just a subtle, wintery vibe instead of full blown Christmas Sweater, a Fair Isle / Nordic knit is a great option.

This Topshop sweater is currently available at less than half price, though limited sizes available.

This is ultimately, just a regular, winter knit… but fair isle patterns always have a whiff of Christmas about them too, don’t you think?

5. Selfish Mother – Peace Sweatshirt (£55 with 50% going to Save the Children)


There are four designs available in the Selfish Mother Christmas Sweatshirt range: choose slogans of Peace, Hope, Joy or Love… all either Navy/Gold or Red/Gold.

They are simple, festive… but versatile enough to wear beyond the festive season to ensure you get the wear out them.

And with a whopping 50% of sales going to Save the Children, there’s the added bonus of a feel-good-purchase.

4. HM – Let It Snow Fine Knit Jumper (£17.99 with 20% off until midnight tonight)


There are four different designs of this Fine Knit Jumper available, with the other 3 slogans all being that tiny bit more Christmassy.

This grey option though, is more subtle that the others in the range, and whilst perhaps not one you’d wear throughout winter… I do think it’s one you could get away with wearing in January as well.

3. Topshop – Christmas Glitter Snowflake Jumper (Currently reduced from £55 to £44)


So this is pretty festive – given the colours and sparkle.

However, again, as long as our winter is a good’n’proper chilly one, you could wear this off and on throughout winter.

Snowflakes are after all, for all of winter, not just Christmas?!

2. Disko Kids – Love Sweatshirt (£35 – with 20% of sales going to Save the Children)


So again, this was featured in my Small Indie Gift Guide.

And… as mentioned in that blogpost… this is a great option for xmas… but it’s also versatile enough to wear all year round.

And another feel-good-purchase with 20% of each sale going to Save the Children.

1. Next – Lipsy Merry Pugmas Jumper (£32)


I figured, given the title of the blogpost, I should include at least one full-blown, Christmas knit.

And here it is: a sequinned pug with a vaguely elf like hat and a good old Christmas pun… what’s not to love?

I’m not a fan of buying items which can literally only be worn once a year… so with the good old #30wears rule in mind… I’d have to wear this every Christmas from now through to when I’m 77!

{insert screamfaceemoji here}

Moving on, very swiftly…

Stinker of the Week: Next – Fashion Union Miss Claus Jumper (£25)


What can I tell you…?

This is exactly, everything I dislike about a Christmas Jumper.

I can’t cope with it… AT ALL.


Wildcard of the Week: Wear Kindred – Ice Skates Sweatshirt (Burgundy/Copper £40)

So this is me, wearing my Wear Kindred Burgundy/Copper Sweatshirt on Friday, which was kindly sent to me as a gift.

Normally, my criteria for a Wildcard item is something which pushes me out of my comfort zone.

And in theory… *any* kind of Christmas jumper is just that: out of my comfort zone.

Although, I will admit, this particular sweatshirt is right up my street with it’s colours & the design… though Christmassy, is subtle enough for me to wear from now throughout the chilliest months of winter.

So how would I style it up for the festive season?

Look 1 –  Mulled Wine & Mince Pies:

I don’t actually have that many ‘nights’ out planned this year, but there are always a few afternoon/early evening soirees, none of which require full-blown dressing up but, a touch of Christmas Sparkle is just the ticket.

Wearing the Sweatshirt over a shirt kind of elevates the sweatshirt into slightly more ‘dressy’ but not too OTT.

Keeping it casual with jeans, and add a blingy shoe… in my case, my pre-loved Gucci Marmont’s from eBay.


You can recreate a similar look with these Topshop Glimse Court Shoes (currently down to £31.20), with a darker wash Topshop Sidney Skinny Jean (currently down to £32) and a simple Topshop Boutique White Shirt (currently down to £52, limited sizes.)

You can go for any style of coat or jacket, but given the skinny jeans & heel combo, I’d go for a longer line Topshop Boucle Coat (not pictured -down to £59 – limited sizes) with a cute little Toppers Brogan Clutch (£10)

Look 2 – Christmas Drinks:


To be completely honest, I’d probably just go for the same as Look 1, but opt for coated skinnies!

But, in the interest of styling the sweatshirt up differently, how about wearing it belted, over a pleated skirt?

This rather blingtastic M&S Metallic Gold Pleated Skirt (£45, smaller sizes sold out online, but probably available in-store) is a perfect option.

Wear your Sweatshirt over it, adding a (neutral of the season) Animal Print Waist Belt (M&S £25)  over the top of your sweat.

Complete your look with some Sock Boots (£45), Faux Leather Biker (£49.50) and again, a cute Leather Clutch (£69) with a blingy wrist-hoop… all of which are from M&S.

Look 3 – Christmas Day:


Sequins are a must really, aren’t they…?

Just wear your Christmas jumper with some Sequin Trousers (River Island – £40) and some Dune Ballaye Mary Jane Court Shoes (currently down to £60) although, truth be told, I usually spend most of Christmas Day in my slippers… so I’ll be sporting my Forage Somerset Sheepskin Slippers with my bling-tastic trousers!

In terms of jewellery, I’m fairly minimal in the face of full-blown sequin bling… but perhaps some simple Cabbage White Midi Hoops (from £45) and a simple Lucas and Stone Gold Circle Bracelet (£25, several colours available, with 20% off using code COLOURFRIDAY until 30th November.)

Half my day will be spent mooching around my house, so no need for a coat or bag…

… the rest of the day is usually spent at my sister’s house, so I grab any coat, only need from my house-to car – and straight into my sister’s cosy, warm house.

I’d make sure I pop my slippers in a shopper to take with me to wear at her house though.

I mean… if you can’t be yourself and be comfortable at your own sister’s house, at Christmas… when/where can you be?!

So that’s it… that’s my Xmas Jumper Edit, and some looks I’ll be sporting over the festive season.

As always, I love hearing your thoughts – leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

B x