Hello!  It is almost… almost, properly Spring: yay!

We’ve had a couple of very mild, sunny 16 degree kind of days where, forget needing any kind of coat or jacket, it was almost warm enough to go short sleeved!

OK, I exaggerate.

But how lovely to feel the warmth from the sun rather than just the cold-crisp winter sun’s rather nothingy glare.

And with Spring in mind, this week’s Sunday 7 is all about some essentials that not only can you can wear right now, they will see you through early Autumn as well:

7. Next: Herringbone Heritage Blazer (£70)


I love a Blazer… so versatile…

A good Blazer is a wardrobe staple, and this Next Heritage Blazer in Blue Herringbone, is just gorgeous… so much so, it deserves a close-up:


A great colour combo here from Next…

And if blue isn’t your preferred colour, this jacket is also available in Pink:


Shame it’s so plain though… a pink with grey check would have been nice?

Though if the pink is a little too full-on bright, and somewhat plain… how about the Natural Check instead:


Love this so much!

The blazer is also available in a plain Camel, as well as a Black & White version, and all colours are available in Petite, Regular and Tall sizes.


If you needed a little persuading… look no further than Alexa Chung paying tribute to Annie Hall in InStyle:

So perhaps we don’t all have the height to carry off the rather loud red & yellow jacket Alexa’s modelling here, but the pink & grey? I love it… the whole look in fact… and the Next Heritage blazers are an affordable, high-street way to try this look for us mere mortals.

I’m desperate for one of these Next jackets, but undecided between the Blue and the Natural…

6. Topshop: Whipstitch Bandana (£7)


Love a pop of red!

I’m a big fan of a bandana neck-tie… in fact, I have rather a large collection of neckerchiefs sitting in a bag somewhere in the back of a cupboard.

I found them (neckerchiefs that is) a nuisance when my boys were very young, but last summer I was able to pull out a couple and start wearing them again.

They are brilliant in spring time – when you’ve had enough of your roll-necks and longer scarves, but there’s still a chance that your neck may feel the chill in simple crew necks and the like.

And not only are they functional, they are a bit of a statement, and add a pop of colour.

Again, using the lovely Alexa to prove my theory… I couldn’t help but notice how cool the bandana neck-tie looks in this AG Jeans ad:


Those eyes! And Cheekbones!! She looks good in everything!

You can pair your bandana neck-tie with pretty much any neckline, including a shirt collar as Alexa is showing us here, or if you’re going minimal, you could opt for a more muted colour of bandana, and take some inspo from Margaret Howell:


Gorgeously understated

A neckerchief is a subtle way to liven up the next Spring time essential: the humble layering knit…

5. Ille De Coco’s: Stepped Hem Sweater Blush Pink (£125)


Effortless cool…

Now I am sure you can find similar on the high street but I follow Ille De Coco’s on Instagram, and so, their knits have become a bit of a thing for me… they are not only lovely looking, but having seen & touched the sweaters in the flesh last December at the Spirt of Christmas Fair, I can confirm the quality feel and softness of the sweaters.

Though admittedly, I don’t own any.

Anyway, there are a fair few styles which are on my lust list, including this more boxy-crew neck Pointelle Sweater, but it’s the stepped hem of the Blush Pink sweater pictured which has stolen my heart (… though I should imagine on a midge like me, the longer-line hem at the back would be down to my knees!)

The sweater also comes in Navy and this gorgeous sage like Bay Green.  They also happen to stock the most divine looking Merino Stripe Sweater as well. #justsayin

The brilliant thing about these layering knits is that you can wear them over a tee, or just on their own as a top.  They’d also work well over a shirt…

4. Gap: Denim Shirt


Everyone has an inner cowgirl who loves a western shirt, right?

I’ve always gravitated towards denim shirts which have some sort of original ‘western’ detailing, and the fact that this Gap Denim Shirt has poppers too, make it a winner in my book! (Not that I’ve ever written a book… but if I did write one on Denim Shirts, the popper thing would be included in it, obvs!)

A denim shirt is a perfect go-to spring staple, and would prove another handy layering piece, worn on its own, under a knit or as a throw-on evening layer, over a Breton…

3. Boden: Long Sleeve Breton


Spring-Summer staple: a classic Breton

And the holy grail of Spring / Summer long sleeve tops: the breton!

Boden have some 12 colour ways available in their Long Sleeved Breton – and I’ve always been a fan of them.

However, this year, for some reason, Boden have decided to change the length (according to the reviews) which means it’s gonna be too long for us shorties… such a shame!

I have still included it because, having bought a couple of these every year for the past 7 years or so now, Boden really do make a good quality Breton Top – they wash well, and they last and last.

Really great value if you manage to pick one up with any of the numerous discounts they have on over the year or in a sale.

Breton’s look fab with pretty much everything: Khaki’s; shorts; jeans; under dungaree’s… and of course, with a classic denim skirt…

2. ASOS: Current Air Midi Skirt with Released Hem (£38)


An almost perfect denim skirt…

I imagine every single one of us already have several pairs of jeans in our wardrobes which are a year-round staple.  But if you love denim and find it hard to tear yourself away from it… how about a Denim skirt?

I would go so far as to say this is almost my perfect Denim Skirt

It has the exact shape and detailing of a needle-cord skirt I once had from French Connection which I loved and wore to death… as in, I actually wore it until the fabric simply started falling apart.

I like the styling from ASOS, though, I would probably wear with a sneaker / mule / wedge sandal of some description rather than a heel… but that’s just personal preference.

However, this skirt is, of course, only available in one length.  Whilst I wouldn’t mind a longer midi-length on me, I have a feeling it might be tricky to walk in, given the split would be much lower down the leg on us shorties.

There is only limited availability on the ASOS site, but I couldn’t not include it as it’s just lush.  I had a quick search to see if it’s available else where but not much luck #onethatgotaway.

And if this skirt isn’t “the one” for you… then just click on this ASOS link…. my quick denim skirt search on their site revealed they have 94 styles! What are you waiting for?!

AND… Numero Uno Klaxon please! My number one essential for spring, a white ‘pump’:

1. Super Ga: 2750 Cotu Classic White (£50)


You can’t beat a tanned ankle and white pump combo!

I know what you’re thinking, I know… why not Converse?

Well, I have always struggled with the weightiness of Cons… even the ‘slim’ versions.

I really LOVE the look of converse but sadly, they just don’t work for me.

And what about the April Showers and canvas pumps?  Not a good combo, you say?

Well, you could pay an extra tenner and go for the Leather version, though there’s something rather nice about wearing a proper canvas pump in Spring… and most of us already have other leather footwear for those pesky rainy days anyway, right?

And not only do white pumps go with most spring outfits, they work perfectly with a spaghetti-strap summer sun dress as well.

Whilst those are my 7 Spring essentials, there is always going to be something that is a total no-no for the warmer months ahead (yup! being optimistic here…) and in my opinion… possibly because I am getting to a certain age… it’s tops made from man made fibres.

Stinker of the week: courtesy of HM, it’s this Nylon Top (£34.99)


Bin Bag…?

Yeah… what can I say?

I suppose you have to award some credit to HM for not attempting to call this vest top anything other than what it is… a NYLON top.

I feel quite sweaty just thinking about having to wear it.

I can imagine it has that ‘wet-look’ second-skin, clubbing vibe going on in the flesh, but really?

It kind of reminds me of a GCSE art/design project… you know the sort, the ones where you have to make a garment from a household item, usually a bin bag?!

I know, I know… but, I’m getting on a bit now and I can’t help it: it’s not for me!

And finally, my Wildcard this week, isn’t something that’s *so* out there, but rather, it’s just a different take on regular camo:

Wildcard – Topshop: Pink Camo Shacket


Love Camo. Love Pink. WANT IT!

If you’re not a fan of Blazers, simply because they’re not relaxed enough for you, how about this Pink Camo Shacket from Topshop?  (Think we all know by now that a Shacket is simply a Shirt style Jacket, right?)

This Pink Camo shacket is just the right colour to get you into Spring, and it would work with most colours, but especially with Jeans…most blues, black & greys and of course khaki.

After buying the pink Topshop “Je Suis” sweatshirt (which I featured a couple of weeks back), pink & khaki seems to be my new favourite colour combo:

But back to the pink camo shacket… if you get it, mark my words, it’ll be one you barely take off over the next few months and no doubt, the first thing you reach for once high summer is over.

If you’re unsure about pink camo, here are 3 looks you could go for:


how to style up your pink camo shacket

Look 1 – Classic Spring: Throw your shacket on with Jeans, like these Mango Twosides Straight Jeans (£39.99), Boden Breton Pink (£28) and of course, some Super ga White Pumps (£50)

Look 2 – In the Pink: Go matchy-matchy with the pink from your shacket and this Next Pink Denim Skirt (£24), pink slogan Sézane Tee (€45)  and Topshop pink Arson Western Ankle Boots (£60)

Look 3 – Simple Summer Nights: Shacket in hand, ready to sling over your dress like this Warehouse Asymmetric Denim Dress (£69) one, when those alfresco summer evening drinks start to get a bit chilly.  Keeping the look simple with a pair of Lotta from Stockholm Low Peep Toe Clogs (£56.50)

To be honest, I’m not *that* into the matchy-matchiness of look 2, but I couldn’t resist including it as I’d seen all of the pink items around for a while now…

And LOOK: not a wide leg crop in sight!

Fear not though, I’ve no doubt they’ll make an appearance on my mid-weeker instead.

I’m really getting into these Sunday 7’s, hope you’re enjoying them as much as I am when I put them together.

So – anything caught your eye this week?  And would you go for the pink camo shacket or is the very idea of pink camo print taking the pink?! ;o)

I’ll leave you with a pic of me, in some very old, tired pieces (in dire need of replacing!) where I’ve created a Spring look with a Denim Shirt, Crew neck Knit, neckerchief, jeans and white pumps.  I did wear a navy wool blazer when I went out…

Just chilling… whilst I’ve pushed all the dining furniture out of the way to take a pic. As you do!

… but in truth, the wool blazer I have is a rather thick wool one and was way too warm for this lovely mild spring weather we’re having: perhaps I need a pink camo shacket…?!