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And welcome back!

Another two weeks in-between blog posts seems to have become habit… apologies: I can only assure you that the stresses and struggles which come from looking after elderly olds, and a young family don’t just vanish overnight; illnesses seem to linger; free time is spent ferrying the olds around, or visiting them or cooking for them… and on top of it all, I have the Threads family birthday treble this week (including my own: ugh!)

In fact, it’s Le Husband’s big 4.0. so… there’s been the added pressure of organising a party.

But… enough of that.

What am I looking at for today’s Sunday 7?

My very favourite thing: plain, boring basics which are the bread and butter of my wardrobe.

I know, I know… I probably did a similar post quite recently, but it’s just that…

… I will always gravitate toward simplicity, over bright or bold or print on print, when it comes to wardrobe heroes.

To me, it’s the very definition of stylish and chic.

Although I appreciate that to others, it is boring as chuff and on a par with Communist Comrade style dressing.

What can I tell you?

Maybe I was a Comrade in a previous life?!

Let’s crack on, shall we?

7. Topshop – Single Breasted Jacket with Linen (£75)


This is the exact blazer I have been on the hunt for… maybe 2 years now.

Alas, it’s currently only available in Topshop’s regular range.

The features I’m drawn to are: the exact, right, shade of beige; that it’s single breasted; the longer line length and of course, the looser, more masculine cut.

In terms of eco-credentials: well… it’s Topshop, so… not much to write home about on that front.

However, the composition is 19% linen to the rest being cotton: and linen is slightly less thirsty, so to speak… so… that’s a very, very small something?

As for pricing: it’s a bit much for Toppers, IMO.

Perhaps it’s really well made and beautifully cut in the flesh?!

I don’t actually know of course – because I’m a crap blogger who rarely makes it to the shops.

And worse still, my local, mostly crud filled Toppers is about to close down… which is mega sad for me, as it was always nice to have a little mooch around in.

6. Arket – Crew Neck T-Shirt (£12, currently on a 3 for 2 offer)


Possibly the most useful top ever in my opinion: a plain white, crew neck tee.

You can wear in isolation with jeans / shorts, knotted over dresses & skirts, as a beach cover up, to sleep in (should you so wish…) AND…

… you can in fact dress up or down (more on that later.)

I’ve opted to feature Arket tee’s for two reasons:

  • they are on a 3 for 2 offer, so if buying 3, they work out at £8 each, which is a pretty good price for what are (hopefully) good quality basics and
  • although there’s no mention of sustainably sourced cotton in the description of these t-shirts, a lot of Arket’s stuff is pretty good on the sustainable front, and so I’m hoping (though ultimately, not sure…) that *all* their sourcing of fabrics and production of garments follow pretty good practices: can anyone fill me on that?

I placed my order for 3 Tee’s last week, and am guessing the size XS will be a loose, boxy cut on my tiny frame.

Which is exactly what I’m after.

5. Topshop – Indigo Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans (£40)


The majority of denim production is damaging to our environment.


And there are plenty of sustainably sourced, recycled denim etc etc options out there.

But for now, I’m sticking to what I know: Topshop Jeans.

They just work for me in terms of sizing, cut and colours.

And because I make my denim work hard, they last me years.

And once they’ve gone at the knee, I will either continue to wear as a more ‘distressed’ style of jeans, relegate to my scruffy dog-walking pile, or sometimes, I will cut them into shorts.

Either way, they enter a whole new phase of their life with me, again lasting for years.

My view on this is that if you look after your denim, and you wear them a lot -A LOT, then… like me… *you* yourself *can* be the sustainable element in the lifespan of a pair of highstreet jeans.

Straight-leg is my favourite cut of jeans in terms of versatility.

I quite like a raw hem, turned up big.

But that’s just me and my preference… depending on your own body shape & sizing, you probably have your own preferred high street brand.

If you’re happier to pay a bit more, then Donna Ida jeans are, in my view, worth the money… although I only tend to buy these if on sale.

In terms of timeless and classic: a straight-cut, indigo pair of jeans is a *must* for me.

4. John Lewis – Ralph Lauren Women’s Butterfly Sunglasses (£136)


Tortoiseshell framed sunnies: you really can’t go wrong with a pair of these in your life!

I’m quite lucky when it comes to the shape of sunnies, in that I can get away with most shapes on my face.

However, where there’s yin, there’s yang… I have a tiny pea-head… which rules out a great many sunnies for me.

I love these Ralph Lauren one’s, available in John Lewis, however, my reality is such that… I always seem to damage expensive sunnies within the first couple of weeks.

Cheap sunnies… well they seem to last me years, with zero scratches, no breaks.

It’s just me & that good ol’ law of sod, I guess.

3. John Lewis – Mulberry Farley Grain Veg Tanned Leather Satchel (£495)

mulberry darley

An investment bag.

In a classic neutral.

I will admit, I’ve not bothered investing in an ‘investment bag’ myself, but… the dream is always there.

I flit between Mulberry, APC and RSVP bags, but… my day to day reality is such that I don’t feel the need to save and spend such a large amount on a bag.

I like handbags, but am definitely more of a shoe, or sunnies, or other accessories kind of girl.

I simply can’t justify the investment.

But without doubt, a classic handbag adds that va-va-voom to the most basic of outfits.

2. John Lewis – Juliette Leather Jeans Belt (£22)

juliette belt

Black or Brown leather.

Or Tan.

Or… I suppose animal print?

Whatever floats your boat, but a good belt really can make all the difference.

And that’s all I have to say on that one really.

In this instance I’ve opted for one to tie in with the Mulberry bag, but belt width, hardware colour, leather colour etc etc… it’s all a very personal thing really, isn’t it?

1. Office – Birkenstock Arizona Big Buckle Sandals in Congac (£104.99)


The last item on my list – good shoes.

And some would argue that I have totally ruined all my own credibility in choosing such a fugly pair of sandals.

But I am a Birkenstock lover, and these bigger buckled Arizona’s in Cognac coloured leather are my perfect pair.

Sadly, they’re not included in the current Office 20% off offer, or I’d already have them on my feet!

Especially knowing that they now come in a narrow fit.

These seven items, worn all together would, for me, make a very ‘happy’ outfit.

However, I do believe that what makes a shoe/sandal/boot/trainer a ‘classic’ is very much an individual thing.

For me, a traditional high – high-heel wouldn’t make the grade, but a lower heel, preferably a small block or kitten heel would make the grade.

And as for fugly, masculine looking sandals… I’ve loved them since childhood: you’ll notice a lot of Asian men (Indian Sub-Continent Asian men…) wearing chunky, fugly sandals.

My dad was no exception… he always wore a pair when I was a kid; he still does, at almost age 90, in fact.

When I was 8, we went to visit my family in Pakistan… on a shopping trip with my Aunty, she took me to all the glitzy sequin, blingy gold and bright fabric coloured filled markets and said she’d buy me anything.

As you can imagine, I was delighted!

Much to her horror, I pointed at a pair of very ugly, brown “boys” sandals… but she’s a great Aunty, and although she looked perplexed, she duly bought her British “Mem-sahib” niece the fugly sandals.

And as they say, true love lasts a lifetime.

Stinker of the Week: Silk Tie-Dye Shirt by Boutique, Topshop (£110)



I cannot get on board with it at all.

I’m sorry.

So it’s not so much this item in particular.

It’s all tie-dye.

I *have* seen people wearing it, and looking pretty good in it.


I know, it’s just me… and I just… can’t!

Wildcard of the Week:

So this week, I’m doing something a little different… a little rad, a bit wild: I’ve got 3 wild card pieces, as already featured in this week’s 7, and none of them are *that* wild:

What am I playing at?

Well, I figured I’d go crazy… wild if you will, and show you 3 ways in which you can style up these basics into different looks, and thus highlighting the versatility of the white tee, jeans & blazer combo.

To recap, the 3 pieces are:

Here’s how to wear, re-style and re-wear these same 3 basics into 3 useful outfits:

Look 1 – Turn it up:


First things first – turn the hem of your jeans up… big: a giant raw-hem turn up always looks great.

Second, a sneaker inspired basics look doesn’t have to be too “just grocery shopping,” a couple of little accessories can elevate this look into a perfect girl-about-town, lunching & shopping kinda vibe.

Just add a little neck scarf, something like this Mixed Animal Print Scarf  (TS £12.50), cute little animal print Gloria Bamboo Handle Tote (TS £25) as the elements that lift a jeans & tee from house-chores into something more.

I’ve opted for these Nike Air Max (Office, £105) but any old fav sneaks would do.

And why not add a little Pearl Hair Clip (TS £12.50) as your bit of jewellery?

Look 2 – Turn it up #2:


This time, you’re gonna go with a smaller jeans turn-up… more a double-roll at the hem… just enough so you can show off your beautiful Cabbage White Cowrie Anklet (£65) and your fabulous Congac Birkenstock Arizonas (Office £104.99.)

There are plenty of cheaper “bum-bags” out there on the high street, but I’ve become slightly obsessed with this olive green, Nunoo Bags Yoo Canvas Bag (Wild Swans Fashion £89) which I would wear across my chest.

Gucci Tortoiseshell Sunnies (John Lewis, £235) – not optional… a must!

(Kidding, obvs!)

Look 3 – Dress it up:


I don’t know about you, but over the years, when I’ve gone out-out… which is a very rare thing nowadays, I might add… I would often over think and therefore over complicate my outfit.

I then spot someone at the party / bar / restaurant I’m at… who is wearing the simplest of outfits and look chic as… chuff!

So… nowadays, when I’m heading out, I just keep things simple.

A simple variation of my day time outfits, elevated only by accessorising differently.

This time, I’d wear a heel with my 3 basics: these Jovi Black Point Mules (TS £59) are sufficiently fierce, but elegant enough to elevate the basic jeans, tee and blazer combo into an evening look.

I’d match my bag to my shoes, something like this Topshop From Black Crocodile Shoulder Bag (£25) would be ideal.

Perhaps turn the cuffs of your blazer sleeves up a couple of times, or simply ruche the sleeves up a bit to reveal a little wrist.

Add a simple chain necklace, something like this Cabbage White Large Chunky Shell Necklace (in gold, £125) would be just the right level of bling.

And although I’d probably turn up wearing some Oversized Winnie Sunnies  (TS – reduced to £9.80) I’d probably pop them in my bag pretty quickly.

Admittedly this isn’t *the* dressiest of outfits, but it’s a go-to for me, when I’m heading out and is just the right level of dressy for the types of evenings I have out.

And that’s it from my boring-7… I mean Sunday 7 this week.

You’ll notice I didn’t include a belt in any of the 3 outfits, but… as mentioned in my main 7, just take your pick! We all have a favourite.

And likewise, going belt free isn’t a crime exactly, is it?

Each to their own on that one!

I do apologise if my picks lately are all somewhat neutral and safe… my blogs tend to be a reflection of my state of mind at any given time.

And currently, having gone back to work 3 days a week… I’m really enjoying smarter, neutral workwear for those 3 days of the week just as much as wearing my jeans-basics for the other ‘at home’ days.

Do let me know what you think… you know I love to hear from you.

Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.