And welcome to the first Sunday 7 of 2018 – and a belated – Happy New Year!

I had a very quiet xmas break; which, after the past six months of renovations, was frankly, just what the doctor ordered.

Although… I’ve hardly slept over the past two weeks – we’ve finally been able to move in to our new bedroom and whether it’s too dark, too new… too whatever… I don’t know, but I can’t seem to sleep in the new bedroom.

The best way of describing it?  It’s like those first few nights when you’ve moved house and you’re not used to the new night time creaks and noises of your new home so you can’t relax… I’m hoping things will settle soon because I’ve started this new year on empty – rather, on about 3 – 4 hours sleep per night.

Which isn’t exactly great, is it?!

{*repeats mantra “It will get better, I will sleep soon” to self…}

Anyway – New Year means one very exciting thing as far as shopping is concerned: New Season Stuff!

{*doing a happy dance right now!}

There’s soooooo much New Season lushness beginning to drop in stores right now, it’s difficult to whittle things down to just 7 pieces.

But, for what it’s worth, here’s my random hotch-potch selection, keep one foot firmly entrenched in winter with cosy warm stuff – we do after all, have a fair bit of winter to get through still, don’t we?

But, my other foot is tentatively dipping a toe into Springtime newness, with dreams of wearing dresses (with no tights!) and pretty much anything that isn’t made of wool!

Ready? Let’s get stuck in:

7. HM – Black & White Knitted Jumper (£19.99)


H&M have had a couple of these (what I’m calling) “waffle” textured jumpers in over Autumn already, but they were in saccharine sweet pastel shades which when I tried on, just made me look ill.

Very ill.

But… I really loved the “waffle” texture of the sweaters.

So when this one came in at the end of December, I knew I had to order one.

The sweater is quite short & has quite a boxy shape:


But this lack of length on the body isn’t really a concern for us shorties.

And in fact, if you are tall, this jumper would still work, as long as you’re going high-waisted on your bottom half.

Or over a dress?!

6. Mango – Leather Heeled Shoes (£69.99)


Another one I’ve ordered and am keeping.

These rather boring nana-shoes are not going to be everyone’s cuppa, I know.

But, they are buttery soft, super comfy with a small, easy to walk in block heel.

This style of shoe is super easy to wear with jeans in Spring, adding a touch of chic to your day to day.

I ordered these as soon as I spotted them at the end of December because I predict another sell-out.

I say ‘another’ because it seems whilst the nana-shoe is a marmite style of shoe… last year’s flat white nana-shoes (which I also bought, and indeed wore to death) were a total sell-out.

And although there is a new version of the nana-flat-white’s this year, I think it’s the complete lack of details on my brown pair which will get all those Cos wearing minimalists reaching for their wallets.

I could of course give these shoes a wear or two from now, with socks… but the leather is soooooo soft, I don’t want to stretch or misshapen them!

5. Topshop – Paisley Print Midi Dress (£49)


Absolutely love the colour of this dress – it’s completely on-point for a (mostly) bright colour & print-o-phobe such as myself.

And paisley print?

That’s a proper blast from the Laura Ashley early 80 archives, surely?

The 70s styling here, from Topshop is also right up my street, and makes the dress perfect for wearing now.

However, you could continue wearing this dress through spring, but removing the layers, perhaps adding a waist belt and going for shorter ankle boots or white trainers:


There is only one drawback for me – a big fat drawback in fact.

This dress is only available in the regular range, and as such, it would be a full blown maxi dress on me.

And I don’t want a maxi dress, I want a midi!

So, if you are 5’3″and over – quick… go snag yourself a stunning and useful dress!

{or should I order one, just to try?!}

4. Next – Button Kitten Heels (£38)


How lovely are these?

Again, I think these would look pretty ace with a pair of jeans, wide leg crops and obviously be right at home with a midi skirt or dress!

A very versatile little pair of sling-backs which come in black too:


These are also available in Navy and Tan suede (rather than leather) and well… I think I prefer them in leather?

The Navy suede I could handle, but I’m not sure suede was the best material for the tan version – although I am basing this from the online photos; the tan suede may well be rather lovely in the flesh?!

3. Other Stories – Mohair and Wool Oversized Cardigan (£89)


Love this cardi!

It would be colossal on me of course, and is far too pale a pink for me to wear.

But if you can wear pale pinks – nab this while you can!

It will be great for now, for just layering up in, but would also look right at home over midi’s in the spring… and let’s face it, our Springtime is rarely that much milder than Winter nowadays, so this is a piece which would get A LOT of wear.

2. HM – Fine Knit Wool Blend Jumper (down to £17.49 for the striped version, limited sizes only)


Again, I’m including another of my recent purchases here, which I only bought a couple of weeks ago at full whack (£34.99)!

Unlike the first HM sweater included in this post – this one is a longer line sweater, does have some mohair/wool in the mix and has a lovely slouch to it.



I’ve been wearing mine quite a bit in the evenings at home, and it’s already had a couple of day time outings.

The bright colours, though out of my comfort zone… do have a habit of making me feel better about the dreary, dark greyness I see outside of my window.

And it’s warm.

Here I am in mine:

hm fine knit

Now although there are only limited sizes available online, there is probably still good availability in store.

The sweater also comes in Cornflower Blue and Powder Pink, though both these colours are still at the £34.99 price.

1. Topshop – Longline Pointelle Mohair Blend Jumper (£46)


Best. Ganni. Dupe. Ever.

Well, apart from the ones my mum’s knitted me of course – complete with balloon sleeves!

However, balloon sleeves aren’t always practical, are they?

I love that this Topshop sweater has a shorter front hemline – making it all the more straightforward and altogether less ‘lumpy’ if going for the half-tuck with your jeans:


Now this orange colour isn’t for everyone.

But as luck would have it, the sweater is also available in this rather gorgeous dark Khaki as well:


It’s gorgeous, isn’t it?

So I already have Ganni Dupes in bright tomato red, black and brown… do I really need a 4th?!

Moving swiftly on,  before I really to order a 4th Ganni Dupe…

Stinker of the Week – Topshop “Oui, Non 1993” Slogan Tee (£16)


So, WHAT exactly is my beef with this lovely slogan tee?

It’s a great shade of corally-pink which would suit most, right?

It’s a good price and frankly, I love a good gucci-esque slogan tee…

BUT… take a closer look:


Do you see it?

The year!


That’s right… nineteen ninety three!

And well… once I’d noticed that I just felt really, really old.

I mean, as far as Topshop’s target market goes…. I am old.

Old as f*ck!

BUT… I guess having the 60’s and 70’s on tee’s (which I happen to think as being cooler years than the 90s as far as slogan years go…) is just too… well, too long ago or something?!

Anyway… I’ll get over it.

And no doubt I’ll be wearing one of these next week!

Wildcard of the Week: Genevieve Sweeney Serora Stripe Sock in Burnt Cranberry (£20)


So sparkly socks?  As my wildcard item?

And not just any sparkly socks… *these* pricier than high street socks?

On Friday, I received a lovely little parcel of two pairs of socks from Genevieve Sweeney: these sparkly Solina Green ones (£14.99) and a pair of woolly Sotolino Cloud Melange socks (£14.99).

These socks were gifted to me, and in no way am I under any obligation to blog or instagram about them.

However, after wearing the GS (*made in Britain*) sparkly green Solina socks on Friday, which are not at all like the scratchy, stiff lurex socks I have from Topshop, HM, M&S or & Other Stories… I may just be a convert to higher end, British made, cosy, comfy, soft thin sparkly socks and I’m definitely getting a pair of the striped sparkle socks pictured.

Also, going back 15 – 20 odd years ago… thinking back to my days working at Ghost Fashion… it was the designer who sported ankle socks with her heels and frankly, the rest of us thought it was a bit try hard.

And yet, over the past 20 years, grown, adult women all over the place are wearing such jazzy socks with their heels – whether sandals, shoes or boots… or of course, trainers… has very much become the ‘norm’:


Valentino resort s/s18 (credit: vogue.com)

Ok, perhaps from that photo you’re thinking… more like “cat walk norm” but, take a look at this pic, taken from the ‘How to Wear Socks and Heels Trend‘ (from fashion style mag.com, Oct 2016):


… and tell me, that’s not a cool look?

It may be a couple of years old, but I would totally wear this look today.

If I could walk in heels of course!

So, how would I style up my sparkly, jazzy socks?


Look 1 – Flirty’n’Floaty: Going for the dress option here, a floaty midi such as this Other Stories Dotty Dress (£69) dress, belted up at the waist with this Other Stories Studded Waist Belt (£45), with a chunky long line cardi chucked over the top {try the Other Stories Oversized Cardigan (£89)}  and of course, your sparkly Genevieve Sweeney Serora Socks worn with the Next Button Kitten Heels in white (£38).  Finish the look off with this cute little HM Love Shoulder Bag (£19.99).


Look 2 – Warm’n’Edgy: Well, not that edgy, but I wasn’t having a great day for naming these looks! Going for the slouchy Ganni Dupe Knit and distressed jeans look this time… something like these Gap High Rise Slim Straight Jeans in Destructed (£64.95) worn with your half tucked Topshop Longline Pointelle Mohair Jumper in Khaki (£46) and an open HM Double Breasted Checked Coat (£79.99) over the top, perhaps with collar half up… not that edgy, but by wearing your sparkly Genevieve Sweeney Serora Socks with some Topshop Genesis Court Shoes (£65), you will give the look a wee bit of edge.  Finish with this burgundy Other Stories round Crossover Bag (£99).


Look 3 – School’n’Running (!): Again, sorry for the crap name for this look! I’ll try harder next week – promise!  Some ankle length HM Imitation Leather Trousers (£19.99) would be perfect for showing off your jazzy socks – these HM ones aren’t ankle length but either cut or tuck up or turn-up to desired length… the fabric doesn’t usually fray, so no need for hemming! A cosy, comfy Gussy and Lou Neon Pink with Red Trim Cashmere Sweater (£150), the sparkly Genevieve Sweeney Serora Socks with some classic Office Adidas White Star Smiths with Burgundy (£79.99) and a cute little pink  Topshop Cropped Borg Coat (£69) and your ready for your (hopefully) rain free school run. Don’t forget to take a shopper though – I love this Topshop Bobby Lobster Canvas Shopper (£26) – not just handy for chucking the car snacks in, but fab for throwing all those stripped off layers of the uniform as they run out the gates practically naked (or is that just my two?!).  The shopper has both a short and long handle which is an added bonus.

Right then… spill: have I persuaded you to try the sparkly jazzy sock with your outfits, or are you already a long time convert?

Today, the husband was on rugby duty for the oldest boy, who returned home practically in tears because he was sooooo cold, and demanding to give rugby up – something which is frankly music to my ears!

BUT, instead of jumping at the wonderful chance of giving up the Sunday morning sports activity… the “good parent” in me instead gently coaxed the boy out of his frozen shell with soothing cuddles and softly spoken (but strong) words like “commitment” and “tough”  being brandished around and within 10 minutes he admitted he’d miss it because all his friends “do” rugby and he does quite enjoy it.

Whilst the two big boys were out, I was stuck at home with the 5 year old who I swear is going mouldy from a complete lack of fresh air.

It did mean I got to have a bit of a lazy-yoga-leggings-with-no-yoga day at home though – mainly spent playing “cars” with the youngest boy (in an attempt to keep him off his Christmas Kindle Fire…

Which meant A LOT of sitting around on the cold, hard wooden floors!

I wore all the cosy layers: wrapped up warm in my H&M Black & White Knitted Jumper over an old Uniqlo HeatTech Turtle Neck, old Sweaty Betty Leggings plus my toasty warm Genevieve Sweeney Sotolino Cloud Melange socks of course:

HM Knitted Jumper

Hope you’ve all had a lovely Sunday… as ever, I love hearing from you, so leave a comment with any thoughts about my Sunday 7 pieces or the looks I styled up – below & I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.


Note: as yet, I haven’t set up any affliate links on my website, but these should be up and running within the next couple of weeks… this means, that I am not earning any (few pence) commissions should you click and make a purchase from any of the links in this blogpost. 

In addition, as mentioned in the blogpost, although Genevieve Sweeney gifted two pairs of socks to me, there was zero requirement for me to blog about any GS products – all words and opinions about the GS socks are my own.