So how’s your week been?

I won’t drone on about my home reno’s vs the stressed out working at home husband vs kids half term – I think I did enough go that last week!

But mid-week, I got a much needed emotional & mental rest-bite with grandparents coming to the rescue!  My mum-in-law & her hubsband are the most hands-on of the 3 sets of grandparents my boys are lucky enough to have… they turned up at 9.30 on Wednesday and swooped the boys off and out of my hair for the day.

I had planned on catching up on a chores, finishing up birthday errand’s for my eldest, the first-born, our somewhat regal, heir apparent (! seriously – he just has that vibe about him!) and perhaps a quick trip to Topshop or HM to lift my spirits – just to have a look and feel normal… but alas, instead I spent most of the day at the electrical suppliers, online at screw fix or at Brewers (paint suppliers).

It was stuff that needed to be done, so I got it done.

And then some…

And rather disappointingly for me, I didn’t have time to think about blogging or what my Sunday 7 would be…

… until late last night: when I got stuck down the (small) rabbit hole that is the ‘New In‘ at Zara!

And I kind of wanted everything.

Well… almost.

Here’s what I added to my basket… ALL items, are from Zara:

7. Embellished Velvet T-shirt (15.99)


It’s the lush, rich, Plum colour.

The texture.

I absolutely want to order this.

I’m also loving how Zara have the same item appearing a couple of times within their website, so you get to see how things look on different models, not to mention that they are cleverly styling items up in different ways to ensure that if one look doesn’t draw you in, perhaps the second will:


They’re not stupid at Zara, are they?!

This top also comes in black… I don’t know about you, but sometimes, when I can’t quite see the detail of an item (namely wanting to get a better idea of fabric…) I always take a look at the item in any other colours it may be available in:


It was only after viewing the top in it’s black form, I realised it’s actually a semi-transparent top… something I didn’t realise when I was looking at the Plum version.

I still like it though.

Unfortunately, Zara don’t stock ALL items in ALL sizes… this is one such top: the smallest size available is a small (rather than an extra small) so I imagine the arm-hole / across the chest would be ill fitting on me.


Still, I might just order it to see…

6. T-shirt with Illustration on the front (£15.99)


So this T-shirt’s been given a snappy little name, eh?!

Anyway, quick question: what do you see when you look at this t-shirt?

I see an attempt at Gucci’s Unskilled Worker illustration t-shirts.

Now for me, this isn’t a patch on the real-deal, and you could argue that aside from the fact that both (Zara & Gucci tee’s) feature illustrations but that the similarities end there.

But… it’s what I see: an attempted Gucci-dupe.

I have added this to my basket… and I do quite like it… what would stop me from buying it, is the slogan: is it me, or is it a bit naff?  Or am I overthinking it?

I have a feeling over the coming months we will see more and more Gucci’s Unskilled Worker dupes, so perhaps I should wait to see what else comes along…

5. Printed Blouse with Bow (£39.99)


All the *heart eye emojis* at this one!

It’s so very pretty, isn’t it?

Now I confess, I know that if I bought this, I would most likely not wear it for two reasons: first, I rarely like to wear floral prints against my face and second, we’re coming into the colder months of the year and so I am always in sweaters.

However, I have added this into my basket for a very different two reasons: I think this would be a lovely going out blouse, and though I rarely go out, it’s always good to be prepared (!) and of course, this blouse would carry you through Spring/Summer next year… you can dress it down by leaving the bow/blouse open a little, worn with jeans and summer sneaks/sandals… hell, flip flops!

So… which side of my brain will win the battle?!

4. Velvet Jacket with Passementerie (£69.99)


Passement… wha-aa-at??

News to me!

I’m guessing it’s the embellishment / trim.

I know… i don’t miss a trick, eh?!

This jacket has been available in the Black for a while, and every time I see Avril (A Life to Style) wearing hers on my Instagram feed, I just want to order it!

The jacket looks so plush, smart, but not too fancy… looks so good with jeans.

However, now it’s available in Khaki too, I *had* to add it to my basket… perhaps it’s been available in Khaki for a while, but I’ve only just spotted it.


I really want to buy this jacket… but, with my #shortgirlproblems… I can tell you now, that the beautiful ‘passementerie’ of the sleeves would have to be tucked under or rolled up out of sigh… which would defeat the whole purpose of buying an embellished jacket!

I realise I could get it altered, but being the belligerent sort I am, I really resent paying for such alterations… I resent that others can just pay normal price and wear this, but that I would need to spend an extra £30 on getting the sleeves altered (something which is beyond my basic sewing skill set).

And then I have to ask myself the question: would I have bought the jacket if had the right length sleeves already but was priced at £99?


Another one that’s in the basket, that I’m thinking of ordering just to see… the thing about this jacket is that the over-all shape is a great one for petites: us teensies generally fare better in fitted tailoring rather than oversized, boyfriend jackets.

3. Leather Ankle Boots with Block Heel (£79.99)


Again, it’s the colour.

Burgundy and deep, deep scarlet kind of reds appear to by my current obsession.

I have recently bought some beautiful, bargain, Ivy Lee Copenhagen Stella Boots in burgundy (last year’s colour, so I managed to snap the up for £59!)

But these Zara boots aren’t burgundy: they’re the perfect red.

Perfectly justified, right?

Or perhaps not.


2. Polka Dot Blouse with Bow (£29.99)


I can’t help myself can I?

But what a gorgeous colour!

And not too bad a price.

And! Suddenly, my “but it’s getting colder, we’re coming into winter when I just wear jumpers…” justification for not buying any blouses goes straight out the window!


It’s so lovely though.

Only concern?

The length of that tie:


I have to accept I’m extra-petite so this would wrap around me a good couple of times and still probably dingle-dangle down to my knees.

I need to get to a Zara for a trying on session.

Nearest one is in Southampton, but it’s not the best branch… perhaps I should take a trip to Bath or Bristol soon?

After all, I seem to be going quite stir crazy here in my building site home and frustrated as hell with my local smaller, limited stock HM & Topshop branches.

And fanfare please, for my number one this week… can you guess what colour this item will be?


1. Textured Coat with Lapels (£89.99)


I’m so in love with this coat.

I am actually dying.

I really am.

I’m wilting away as I type… I *need* this coat in my life!

This is the perfect teddy coat in the perfect colour for me… though even as I type that, I know it’ll be longer on me, and probably not look brilliant.


I’ve been after a Teddy coat for a fair few years now.

I’ve never found one that fits me well though.

And usually, the colours of the teddy coat’s are just all kinds of wrong for me.

But this one… might just be *the one*

Do I order it, to see and try in the flesh… but with a 50/50 chance of having to go through that utterly miserable feeling when I discover that the reality of this coat is an ill-fitting number making me look like a child dressed up in her mummy’s coat?

My self-esteem has taken a battering recently… from no one else but me!

And as melodramatic as it sounds, with everything else going on in the house, I’m not sure I could take the “woe” induced from ill-fitting clothing!

Pathetic, right?

What can I tell you?  It’s just where I’m at right now.

AND… moving on swiftly:

Stinker of the Week (still from Zara) – Sweater with Textured Pockets (£49.99)


This does not appeal to me in the slightest and I can’t imagine a scenario in which I’d wish to wear it.

The ‘textured pockets’, which may well be lovely in a tactile sense, just look like great big (muli-coloured) hairy armpits!

Sorry if this was in *your* basket, and I’ve just been horrible about it: just because it’s not for me, doesn’t mean it can’t be for you… though I appreciate my commentary may well have put you off.


Wildcard of the Week – Embroidered Two Tone Sweater (£39.99)


I’ve chosen this rather bright, canary yellow sweater as my wildcard this week, because I can imagine the brightness of the colour being a little off putting for some.

However, the darker navy top section of the jumper makes it wearable for pretty much everyone, regardless of skin-tone, or hair-colouring which is the main reason the sweater appeals to me.

And, I think you all know me well enough to know I’m not big on wearing embroidered items… but there’s something about this jumper: perhaps the home made look of it? Or the retro colouring?

I’m not sure, but I’m kinda liking it.

It’s another one of those Zara items which is only available in sizes S, M, L (no XS or XL’s) and given it’s oversized, generous proportions, it wouldn’t work on me.

I would say though – had it been available in an XS, this sweater would also have been added to my basket… just to try of course!

Anyway, how would I wear it?


Look 1 – Winter walking: Predictable, I know, but it is the perfect layering sweater for a lovely Sunday country walk & pub lunch!  Wear the sweater over your ninja-all-black ensemble of HM Long Sleeve Jersey Top (£8.99), HM Imitation Leather Leggings (£24.99), some bright Topshop Orange Sports Tube Socks (£3.99) and some lovely chunky, ankle supporting Seven Boot Lane Himalaya Boots (£175). I rarely take a bag on walks, instead I just stuff my pockets with the essentials (a bank card, lip balm, phone, tissues, keys, pooch poop-bags and of course doggy treats!) Something like this HM Imitation Suede Biker Jacket (£49.99) would look perfect.  And in case you’re wondering: I make my boys stuff their own pockets with conkers and the like nowadays… they are old enough to learn that their mama is not some sherpa-donkey nor a dustbin… I’ve done all their tat-carrying for long enough!

Look 2 – Toasting ‘Mallows at the Bonfire: Again, this sweater lends itself well to that ‘Boden Catalogue’ ideal where by you get to wear your woollies, all without an actual coat… you know the imagery I’m talking about… don’t you? The eternal sunny, crisp autumnal days… because it never rains in Autumn, right?!  Anyway, this is basically a ‘just add jeans’ kind of look: Layer over the top of a HM Long Sleeved Jersey Top (£9.99) and some Topshop Moto Indigo Clean Rinse Straight Leg Jeans (£40).  Add some Marant-esque “gum soled” snow boots such as these Zara Flat Leather Ankle Boots (£79.99) and them you just need to add wrap your Zara Tweed Effect Scarf with Shimmer (£19.99) round a couple of times, and get your Hm Cable Knit Beanie (£8.99) on!  According to many magazine / catalogue styling… these are all the layers you need!  Though being a lizard, I’d probably opt for a gilet, plus parka plus mitts too!

Look 3 – Slouchy Skirting Around: And perhaps my favourite look: the big slouchy knit over midi skirt look… loving this black & navy HM Pleated Satin Skirt (£34.99) worn with an HM Denim Shirt (£24.99) and the jumper over the top. Finish the look off with my colour of the moment, that gorgeous deep, dark red with the Zara Block Heel Ankle Boots (£79.99) and the Zara Textured Coat with Lapels (£89.99).  One of these little Zara Round Minaudière Bags (£29.99) would work perfectly with this look.

So the 7 items in my basket total £381.92.

{Obviously not including the Wildcard (doesn’t come in my size) and of course not this week’s Stinker either!}

But my basket also contains this Box Pleat Midi Skirt (which I plan to wear as a maxi) as mentioned in my Sunday 7 – Midi Skirts post, as well as these Cropped Check Chino Trousers (again, featured in last week’s Sunday 7 – Late Check-in post), this Round Bag and this gorgeous 3/4 Length Faux Fur Jacket from Zara Kids (£39.99)


The age 11-12 would fit me perfectly.

But honestly, I hardly ever go out, so I’m being ridiculous and yet… I can’t quite bring myself to remove it from my basket.

This would also work for anyone who is up to 164cms tall in the next size up (age 13-14!)… AND it’s available in a beautiful Turquoise Blue as well.

So in actual fact… my “virtual” basket totals £511 odd.


I know, I know… I *CaNnOT* have it all.

But, I’m gonna sleep on it… I’ve hardly bought anything this month.

It’s not that I *have* to buy lots and lots of stuff to be happy… but the home renovation costs, and oldest child’s birthday’s have meant I’ve had to be extra frugal.

And I’m a little bored of being frugal.

And MORE than a little bored of the home reno’s taking so long.

I feel a Zara order coming on…

Right… I’m off for an early night: my oldest will by 9 years old tomorrow… and somehow, his birthday celebrations go on for days!  This year is the first time in his life his birthday falls on a school day, which he is ridiculously excited about because, well.. kids are weird like that, aren’t they?

Anyway, we’ve already had a big family meal out earlier in half-term, a go-karting party followed by sleepover, his actual birthday tea & cake with the fam tomorrow… and then of course, it’s halloween on Tuesday: we always let them have 2 buddies each over for trick or treating because the friends live in teeny tiny outlying villages where there is zero chance of any Halloween shenanigans.

With all that in mind – I think I deserve a treat or two: don’t you?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s 7: if you could only order 2 items… what would you go for?

Thanks for reading.