Hello!  And I know… it’s not Sunday at all… it is in fact, Tuesday.


Apols for the delay, I’ve had a horrible fever which started on Sunday afternoon, when, in theory, all I needed to do was proof-read & publish this post; but the heat of the day, alongside my high temperature got the better of me I’m afraid.

So… better late than never? I figured I’d publish this anyway given I’d written it.

Today’s Sunday 7 should be a round-up of my top 7 Sales picks given the Sales-proper have hit most of the high street… but, there’s an awful lot of those doing the rounds already… plus, it’s frustrating to link to sales items which are only available in limited sizes/nearly sold out.

I might still do some Petites sales picks for next week if I can find good enough items with plenty of stock.

Instead of sales picks, these are some recent purchases of mine… so, in no particular order:

7: Topshop – Popper Midi Skirt (£49)


Having said I don’t like linking to stuff that’s pretty much sold out, this skirt is only available in limited sizes online… I bought mine from Topshop Oxford Circus where there was plenty of stock.

Now, this skirt is described as a midi, but to be honest, it’s just knee length on most regular height ladies… it was also available in the Petites range but I wanted a slightly longer skirt – an actual midi, so bought mine from the regular range.

Also, if your size is sold out in the Petites – do try the regular range one: it’s a raw hem which can be trimmed to size.

I did try the skirt on before buying (no pics, sorry!) but I’m now wondering how much wear I will get out of it?

The fabric is quite thick, so the skirt could be worn into Autumn, especially as the colour isn’t a ‘brilliant white’ – much more greyish-white in the flesh.

I have a couple of events coming up for which this skirt could be just the ticket… however, I’m feeling unsure abut whether or not to keep it.

My rule of thumb on this is: if there are any niggling doubts, to return the item.

So… I haven’t cut the tag out just yet because the niggling doubts are around how much use I’d get out it? Is it just too young for me?  And by that, I don’t mean there’s a rule I must follow which says I can’t wear this style of skirt at my age… rather, I’m just wondering whether *I* will feel a little too ‘try hard’ in it.

Opinions welcome!

6. Topshop – MOTO Denim Midi Skirt (£34)


I have been after a black denim skirt for a while now, but was waiting for my birthday funds to come through!

And so, as soon as they did, I bought this skirt.

Again – this is from the regular range so it was much longer on me, however…

Yup! You guessed it: I’ve trimmed an inch off to desired length.

Gotta love a raw hem, right?!

5. HMStriped Jersey Top (£9.99)


Nothing special, just another striped tee.

I’ve been after a black and white stripe tee for a while and this light weight one from HM, which it’s slouchy fit and £9.99 is perfect.

I like the little ‘faux’ pocket details too.

It’s available in Dark Grey, Red, and Dark Blue stripe as well.

It’s lovely and cool, so I’m thinking about getting a red one too.

4. HM – Blouse with Drawstrings (£19.99)


Whilst heading to the till with my striped top, I did a double take as I walked by this top… I took a detour for a closer look: the fabric is lovely, the tomato red is just the right shade of red for me and I liked the drawstring detailing.

I swiped an XS and, without trying it on, I bought it.

However… I tried it on this morning and it’s a big fat fail on me.

The top fits across the shoulder and chest, but seemed to have a strange excess of fabric at the back: this probably has more to do with my puny little frame than it being a poor design… bit gutted, but I’ve already returned it.

3. Selfridges – Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips Miranda May (£24)charlotte-tilbury-miranda_may_2

Me… jumping on a band-wagon…?!


I decided to give a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick a go, as I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

I’m not a red-lipstick wearer, I feel very self conscious wearing it & most of the Reds in my two favourite brands (Bobbi Brown & Mac) have been a bit ‘too red’ for me.

However, this Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in shade Miranda May is a lovely coral sort of red (a little orange and pink perhaps?) and it’s not massively bright so I didn’t feel self conscious in it.

It’s also not drying, and has some serious staying power: usually, my lips will suck up any colour I put on them within 20 minutes flat.  But this lipstick lasted for around 4-5 hours which is pretty amazing, given my track record.

2. Cos – Mesh Market Bag (£25)


I’ve featured this bag often enough in my Sunday 7 Wildcard “Looks” and have had it in my basket for a couple of months.

I finally got to see it in the flesh when I was in London last week and it was as I’d imagined and hoped.

So I bought it.

I like that you can carry it folded like a clutch too:



1: The Acey – Veja Wata Pierre Canvas Trainers (£60)


Now I’ve been after a pair of these for months, but ever the procrastinator – I couldn’t choose a colour… and by the time I settled on black… they were sold out in my size everywhere.


Anyway, my lovely Insta-pal Sue had bought some Veja Trainers from The Acey, somewhere I hadn’t looked before and… yup, they were sold out in my size there as well.

However, I kept on revisiting all the sites and suddenly, there they were – one last pair in size 3 from the Acey.

It was fate: I had to buy them.

And I’m so happy with them.

I love the styling and really happy with the black & white as they’re pretty versatile.

And here I am wearing four of my new purchases last Friday morning at Clapham Common Bandstand after a lovely evening with my old flatmate as well as a perfectly sunny al fresco breakfast at the common – my old stomping ground, which is always such a lovely spot on a sunny day:

So those are my 7 recent purchases –  no Wildcard or Stinker of the week though, sorry.

So what do you think of my recent buys – and what should I do about that white Topshop skirt? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading,