Hello!  And Welcome from London…

I’m currently coming to the end of my kid-free, footloose and fancy-free weekend in London whilst my in-laws have most probably been run ragged by my two little tornados, all whilst having great fun: you know what they say about Grandma’s? What happens at Grandma’s, stays at Grandma’s!

This week’s Sunday 7 comes with a slight twist… I know, it’s only week 2 and I’m already deviating from the format I set out last week… but bear with me, because it’s not a massive deviation at all.

Instead of focussing on just the ‘new-in’ of the week, I’m gonna go through all the shops I don’t have in my Small Town, or indeed, anywhere near where I live – that I’m excited about going shopping in.

In fact, most of these stores only exist in a handful of the biggest cities, so, I hope you enjoy the journey with me…

7. Benetton


An old favourite from my youth…

I had to include Benetton, simply because of the memories shopping here evokes.

I know it isn’t exactly top of the shopping list for most fashionista’s to frequent, but… Benetton were HUGE when I was 16/17… my bestie and I loved shopping here: the explosion of colour as you hit the shop floor was such a breath of fresh air.

It was also a bit of a fashion-rule-breaker back then precisely because it pretty much offered every garment in 20 odd colours: there was no colour of the season in Benetton – you could get a sweater in which ever colour YOU wanted rather than just been offered limited colours, like other shops.

And I liked that about them.

My bestie had several sisters – all of whom shopped in Benetton, so there was a lot of clothes borrowing/swapping (or stealing from one another!) going on and I was eternally jealous that she had *all* the different styles of dungarees!

Anyway, rather sadly, my bestie passed away, aged 19… it was just three years after meeting her… but she’s always with me in my heart and call me a sentimental old fool, but I like to drop in on Benetton when ever I’m in Oxford Street just to relive a couple of old memories.

Plus, you can’t beat a good old Benetton Turtle /Roll-neck sweater!


B is for Bean… I’m so lame, I know!

I have this Maxi letter turtleneck sweater in Dark Blue, though it comes in Green, Beige and a paler Air-force Blue as well and is from Benetton’s rather cool, but understated collaboration with Stella Jean.

It’s not the cheapest at £89, but its a lovely soft Cashmere, Wool and Viscose blend and I can confirm it is both cosy and warm, plus it washes well and easily (in the machine on a low temp, low spin cycle).  If you sign up for their newsletter, you can get 15% off.


6. J. Crew


No doubt I won’t be able to afford a single thing… but no harm in looking, right?

I’m excited to have a nosey around j’Crew, simply because I’ve never been in one of their shops… ever!

It comes in at number 6 simply because I’m fairly certain I can’t afford their prices… however, no one does a petites range better than an American store and I’m very much looking forward to familiarising myself with their sizing for any future online purchases (most probably made in the sales).

I’ll definitely be trying this Petite Trench on for size:


J.Crew are always spot on with their styling online. M&S… you listening?

At £298, I clearly won’t be buying it… and no doubt, I’ll feel so poor I’ll head straight for a bar directly after trying it on just to drown my sorrows.

I’m also looking forward to a little perusal of their accessories, in particular these bags:


Comes in 7 colour ways

And these betty sunnies:


How gorgeous is this forest green colour?

I love the colour and to be honest, I don’t think £128 is too bad for a pair of decent sunnies… no doubt they will be massive on my pea-head!

And as for the shoes at J.Crew… I’d be here all day, so I’ll leave you to click the link to their shoes and peruse at your leisure ;o)

5. Anthroplogie

Who doesn’t love a bit of Anthro? I’ve only ever visited their Bath store in the past and it’s an Aladdin’s cave for any shopaholic!


Always a feast for the eyes…

Again, an American brand, so again, a fabulous petites range… plus … just… stuff!

Gorgeous stuff.

I doubt I will make it out of here without making a wee purchase… although I will try and show some restraint.


Those sleeves!

Loving all the pink that’s around at the moment and I’m very drawn to this Lilibet Dress… but I don’t have a spare £118 to spend on a dress right now, especially one that isn’t a Petites range dress.

This Araceli Shirt Dress on the other hand…


Love a tie on pretty much anything

Having once said I don’t favour the curved-hem shirt dress style, I am inexplicably drawn to this one.

Perhaps it’s the longer length?  Look forward to trying it on!

4. West Elm


I know, not clothing… but still lots of lushness

So in at number 4 is a furniture & homeware store.

We have nothing like this in a 2 hour radius of where I live, and with some (hopefully) imminent home improvements in the pipeline, I’ve spent a fair few hours on the West Elm site recently.

In particular, I am totally smitten with this Neils Wing Chair:


I have the perfect spot for this beauty!

I came across this chair whilst down the Pinterest rabbit hole one evening; I posted a picture of it on Instagram to help track it down as it was only available on their US site.

After they kindly got back to me, it turns out that the UK store will be getting these chairs in from April… so, although I won’t get to try this chair out for size on this occasion, I will get to try others… and see how well their furniture is made in the flesh.

I’m also rather taken with their planters:


Again, I have a perfect spot on my window ledge in my breakfast room for this little fella!

And not just the cuter, kitsch, smaller planters… love these floor standing ones as well:


Would these be ok with a 4 year old tornado in the house? And a 1 year old pup?

Though not exactly hand-shopping size are they?  Might have to leave these for an online purchase *after* the lounge has been decorated.

3. Topshop

Good old Toppers on Oxford Street!  Oh how I’ve missed you:


Looking forward to descending the escalators into the shopping abyss…

Now I do have a small little Topshop branch here in town, but there’s nothing quite like Topshop on Oxford Street with it’s one-off concessions and super-sized petites section… I can’t wait!

And perhaps I’ll be able to find this Pink Stitchy Knit which dropped out of my online order (as per my last week’s Sunday 7):


This is on my wanted list….

Over the years, Topshop drifted in and out of favour with my friends, but for me, it has *always* been a go-to favourite because their petite’s sizing is spot on for me.

2. & Other Stories

I blogged about my first ever visit to an actual & Other Stories store back in November, but that was such a rushed 1-hour visit, at the worst (xmas shopping) time of year…



… to get to have a leisurely browse in-store will be heaven!

I have to state from the off, that it really isn’t the best store for petites, but I just love their stuff… which generally is too big for me most of the time.

However, there is the odd gem which *does* fit… and that’s what I’ll be on the hunt for.

As well as a bag.

I need a plain, every day black bag and really like the look for this one:



Not a fan of & Other Stories online returns process…

It’ll be good to check this bag out for size in the flesh as I’m not keen on their returns process…

And fanfare please!  In at number 1

1. Selfridges


I lost many a Saturday lost in shopping nirvana when I first moved to London

The Queen of department stores… and my most favourite place to shop… ever.

I haven’t been in years, and I think the anticipation of visiting the Bobbi Brown counter where I bought my make-up and had a tutorial just before I got married is quite literally making me cross my legs with excitement.

Yup. I might pee my pants, that’s how excited I am! (#sorrynotsorry)

Plus of course, I’ll get to have a mooch around Gucci whilst there… just so I can feel, you know… poor!

And, my god, the *BEST* handbag department ever.

Might have to stop for a wee refreshment or two as well, just for old times sake of course.

So is that it?

Well not quite.

There are plenty of shops we don’t have here such as Cos, Warehouse etc etc, but these are my top 7 that I am determined to pay a visit to.

And what of my Stinker of the Week?

Well, it’s a shop which I often lament about not having locally, and yet, the sheer scale and inevitable volume of people to stock ratio at their Oxford Street branch… it’s one I’ll be avoiding this weekend:


Though if it’s quiet enough… I might nip in

Having said that though… if my early morning hair appointment finishes up in good time, I *might* pop in… but with so many other lush shops I have to get to… I’d rather use my time wisely.

And, this week’s Wildcard?

That’ll be Oliver Bonas:

Oliver Bonas

Love all the nic-nacs in this shop

I remember when Oliver Bonas first opened up in Clapham… my friend and I were talking about it, and her boyfriend wanted to know which shop we were discussing.  After explaining… he said “oh! That ‘stupid things for stupid people’ shop!”

And so that is still what my husband annoyingly refers to this shop as.

However, I love it in there – great little nic-nacs for the house; I like some of their clothing range though sizing is hit and miss for petites… and it’s very much the sort of shop that my Small Town is screaming out to have, so I’m hoping to have a good old look around an OB store this weekend, with or without Mr T!


Currently coveting this lamp

I’m hoping to order this lamp… so a close, in the flesh inspection is required.

And although these Alphabet Mugs are all but sold out online…


I’m fussy about my ceramics…

I came across these mugs too late… they are actually made of fine bone china which many of the other Alphabet Mugs I’ve come across are not.

And I’m a bit fussy about what ‘ceramic’ I drink my morning cup of tea out of: tea just tastes so much nicer out of a bone china cup or mug, don’t you think?

I’m hoping there might be the odd one of these mugs knocking around in store?

I know there are plenty of other shops which we don’t have in my Small Town, so worth a mention are of course, high street favs like Zara & Mango… and if time allows, I’d like to pop in to Cos because even if I am the wrong height and shape for their clothing, I still like to look at their stuff. (not just me that does this is it?)

Would love to hear from you about whether you like in a tiny place, and like, if you get excited about the prospect of going shopping in big cities?  Or, are you from a big city and just take for granted all that you have on your doorstep… you know, don’t see it as that special anymore?

I’ll be updating you all with my Daniel Gavin hair experience in my mid-week ramblings, but until then it’s over and out from London.

Thank you for reading.