And how are you all doing?

It never fails to shock me how quickly this early part of the year seems to fly by, but like I mentioned last week… my heart has definitely started to lift a little knowing that longer, lighter days are coming.

That said, fter one of the most expensive times of the year behind us, whether it was Christmas which sapped your bank balance dry, or the sales… most of us are pretty skint round about now.

That got me to thinking about quick-fix, cheap ‘pick me up’ treats, which instantly make you feel happier, like you’ve been shopping and have something from the ‘current season’ but that won’t break the bank.

So this week, everything in this blog post, including Stinker and Wildcard of the week, as well as the Wildcard Looks are – all from H&M.

The challenge?

Keeping everything (each item) at £30 or less

with one exception… I’m going to allow myself to go over the maximum £30 cap per item for the pieces used in the Wildcard looks.

Let’s get stuck in!

7. HM – Printed T-shirt (£8.99)


Whilst it really ‘feels’ like we are going into T-shirt weather, we’re in reality no where near it… at least, a few months away from it yet.

However, this cute little tee would add a pop of colour if you wore it under an open shirt: see my last ‘Sunday 7 – Shirts edit‘ if you’re stuck for styling ideas.

In years gone by, I would NOT have plumped for red AT ALL.

I’d have gone for the Grey Marl version, 100%:


The grey tee with burgundy print is so much more “me”.

But since getting my colours done last summer, I have to admit that pale grey really isn’t one of my colours.

{insert all the crying emoji’s here}

It’s taken me several months, but I am getting into the idea of brighter pops of colour in my otherwise neutral tone, navy & black heavy wardrobe.

Which ever colour you do go for, I think this tee would look great over a skinny fit long sleeved tee & joggers or jeans with a slouchy cardi over the top perhaps for a relaxed weekend look.

6. HM – Viscose Shirt (£12.99)


I saw this blouse earlier this week on Natalia (@shedreamsofgucci) over on Instagram – she looked gorgeous in it.

I have to say, the larger ‘lairy’ floral print would drown my small frame, and the somewhat saccharin pink isn’t a shade I can wear.

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t like the look of it, and doesn’t mean I can’t admire it on others.

The fabric is viscose, so would have a good drape… and you know, it’s H&M, so *of course* there are half a dozen other colour ways/prints to choose from including this black floral version:


And yes, there are plain options too – go take a peek!

5. HM – Buckled Flats (£18.99)


These are so cute!

They’d look adorable with some ankle grazing boyfriend jeans, or a pleated skirt / midi dress:


Loving the creamy-beige colour too, although they are available in Black as well.

Given the price tag, you’ve probably already guessed that these are imitation leather… but I genuinely feel that, given how often most of us rotate our shoes, and the vastly improved quality of ‘pleather’ products, these cute little buckle shoes are a bit of a bargain.

4. HM – Calf Length Skirt (£24.99)


Imagine this worn with a loose-fit, chunky knit, or a sweatshirt and trainers?

Nowadays you can’t move for magazines, bloggers, social media bleating on and on about ‘pleated skirts’ – and I’ll hold my hand up and admit, I’m guilty of this too…

{I know, I know… I wrote it in number 5!}

The reality of a pleated skirt, by it’s very design means that they can often make you feel very wide across the hips, even if you are in fact a total zero-hipped, bean-pole body type.

Yup, pleated skirts aren’t for everyone.

In which case, this Calf-length H&M skirt, might be a good alternative.

And a great maxi skirt for us shorties!

Although I love the orange & blue… if this is a little too loud for you, the skirt is available in a Light Turquoise – although it looks pretty fluorescent from the online pics!

3. HM – Embroidered Sweatshirt (£24.99)


When HM does Gucci, eh?

So this sweatshirt is going to be a proper marmite one, but… I really like it.

I love the blue tigers on the black.

And it may look naff as hell to some, but this *would* look cool with (yes, I’m gonna say it – sorry…) a midi-pleated skirt and sneakers!

#icanthelpit #sorrynotsorry

But if the sweatshirt is too much, but you still like the idea of the tigers… there is a less-in-your-face Appliqued T-Shirt (£12.99) option:


You got 2-for-1 there!


2. HM – Black Sunglasses (£8.99)


Cute litte Andrey H-esque sunnies for less than a tenner?

Yes please!

I have a (virtually) identical pair from Mango, late last summer… they were even the same price as this HM pair.

Very Lolita Cat-eye Le Specs at a fraction of the price.

And in all honesty, these are a style of sunglasses which you may not wish to wear every.single.day… in which case, why not go for the H&M cheapies and get a better cost per wear value out of them?

{Rather annoyingly, since drafting this post this morning, these have now sold out! They will no doubt either come back in stock, or be available in-store… however, HM do have loads of good, budget sunnies to choose from, and although this New In black pair might not be a cat-eye style per se, they still have that Audrey H/ Jackie O cool about them.}

1. HM – Shoulder Bag (£8.99)


Cute, simple little shoulder bag… probably won’t last forever, but it’s neat, envelope design makes it quite a useful, versatile style.

If black is too boring, how about the Beige-Pink version?


Stinker of the Week – HM Bat Jumpsuit Costume (£29.99)


I don’t have the words really…

Do you think this is a kids costume which has been included in the Ladies Jumpsuit section by mistake?


It’s gotta be a kids costume, right?

Also…just… why?

Why now?

Last year’s Halloween is behind us, good and proper…

And this year’s Halloween is… NINE months away?!

Anyway, I just don’t get it.

(although it’s quite a good bat costume I guess?!)

Wildcard of the Week: HM (Premium) Leather Skirt (£149.99)


Ignore those pulled up pop-socks and shoes…

But… this is quite a cool leather skirt, given it’s colour…

And at £149.99… it really had better feel premium and actually *be* premium in quality too, hadn’t it?


The H&M styling though… it’s made me feel a bit queasy to be honest.

I’m also not sure about that tie… the side view shows it better… I suppose there’s no telling until you see the skirt in the flesh as to whether the ties are cool or naff?!

I really do believe that I can style the skirt up in more wearable ways than this H&M styling…

Look 1 – Dressed Down: 


No reinvention of the wheel here, but just stick a tee & trainers with the skirt?!  I’ve opted for a white & red Printed T-shirt (£8.99) with some plain White Trainers (£19.99) and a longline, cosy cardigan like this Dark Blue Marl Long Cardigan.  You could go for a brighter coloured tee, but I do actually like the idea of mostly white.  I’d probably opt for something like this slouchy Grey Shoulder Bag (£19.99) with this outfit.

Look 2 – Dressed Up: 


I do love a good pussy bow blouse… this HM Premium Silk Tie Detail Blouse (£69.99) sounds too good to be true to be honest given the price tag, most similar silk blouses go for at least double if not A LOT more.  I’d opt for some fierce ankle boots, these (again Premium) HM Leather Ankle Boots (£49.99) look like really soft leather; this ‘sock boot’ style has carried over from last season and looks set to stay. A camel coat being a neutral works well with pretty much any colours, but would add that extra level of chic to an already neutral outfit; this Wool Blend Coat (£119.99)  would be a good bet and it looks like it would be the right length to cover the skirt so you don’t get that awkward bit of hem showing from under.  I’ve opted to tie the sunglasses (£8.99) in with the coat and the shoulder bag (£19.99) with the rest of the black in the outfit, but equally you could use your accessories to add a brighter pop of colour.

Look 3 – Neither here, nor there: 


This is a bit of a hotchpotch of an outfit… I really wanted to use the hoody (£19.99) and the Pink Suede Slingbacks (£39.99)  so just figured chuck them both into one look: why not?! Further clashing with this bright Pink Faux Fur Jacket and because I like a bit of matchy-matchy… I’ve tied the red of this Small Shoulder Bag (£7.99) to the hood because… again… why not?!

In case you are wondering about your legs… obviously, I wouldn’t be going bare-legged in any of these looks.

Much as I loathe wearing tights… they are a necessary evil sometimes… and yes, I would go for ‘nude’ tights.

{insert the :grimacing: emoji right here!}

And that’s it for today… top to tail H&M central!

I’m trying to cut down on my waffling about myself and my crap… so no chit-chat today: after working 32 hours last week, and *still* doing the full day job (the husband lied when he said he’d help out…) I’m pretty bushed.

And woefully behind on my insta… hate playing catch-up: don’t you?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on my picks this week?  Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

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After a full working week – 32 hours, so just shy of of full-time, and of course, still cramming all my usual “day-job” in around the working day… with a husband who has woeful fallen short of fulfilling his end of the “I’ll do the groceries, or help out more…”