And welcome to another mid-week ‘spot-light’ blog post, which comes in the form of an interview I did recently with my lovely insta-buddy, Becky Pearce who designs and hand makes jewellery to order.


I’ve been following Becky on Instagram for over a year now, and although I feel like I gotten to know Becky pretty well, especially after last year’s month long ‘meet the maker’ hashtag challenge for small businesses, I thought it would be nice to share Becky’s story – she’s a one woman, small indie business who deserves a little time in the spotlight:

1. Hello Becky, please tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hello I’m Becky, I’m from Derbyshire originally, but somehow ended up living in a little village in Surrey with my husband, two girls, and Kipper the dog.  

I run Becky Pearce Designs, making handmade jewellery in my little home studio.

2. How did you get into designing and making your own jewellery?

I’ve always loved trying new crafts and honestly, over the years I’ve had a go at everything from applique to upholstery. Jewellery was just the thing that stuck.

It could be that it just came along at the right time, but I think it’s also the wide range of skills involved that interests me. I started doing simple bead jewellery, and soon moved on to traditional silversmithing.


I’ve been doing it for eight years now, and I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the things I need to learn.  I absolutely love that there is so much to learn. I’m mainly self taught with the help of youtube, some great books, and the odd weekend course.

3. I’m always in awe of those who take the decision to run their own business: Can you tell me a little bit about how your decision to set up your own business came about & how it fits in with your family life?

About seven years ago I took a career break from my “proper job”, to spend more time at home with the kids whilst they were little. At the same time I started a little business making jewellery, to keep my brain working and have a project to focus on, and I just never looked back. It was all very much part time, a few hours a week in the beginning, but once the kids were at school I started working on it more and more.

We moved house somewhere along the way and turned the garage in the new place into a studio for me.



It’s brilliant!

I love being my own boss so I can go to all the kids school events, and do the school runs . It does mean I usually work into the evenings, and some of the weekend, but I  that fits my life perfectly.

4. Time and time again we hear that running a small businesses can be all consuming: do you find it tricky to switch from work-mode to mum-mode?  And what are your top tips for making sure you achieve a happy balance?

Hmmm asking anyone who makes handmade things this question around Christmas will mean a very different answer to the rest of the year. At this time of year things can get crazy so the switch might not always be so easy.

Usually though I can take a break to pick up my youngest from school, and then hang out with the kids until after dinner when they disappear to play or watch tv and I can get back to work for a few hours.

Now that I have a little studio at home, I can just close the door when I need to – before having that seperate space it meant clearing away all my tools and bits and bobs every day which definitely made things a lot harder. I do really enjoy time with my kids, and I know how precious these years are, when they actually want to spend time with me, so I think that is more of a priority than working when they’re around.

5. Where does the inspiration come from for your jewellery designs and do you have a favourite?

The inspiration very much comes from the materials I use: the gemstones, (especially my fave rose cut gems) are  beautiful so I try to keep the design element pared down to let their beauty shine.

I also love the fact that people have been wearing jewellery forever. The oldest jewellery found to date is around 110, 000 years old. Which means that pretty much since the dawn of time, people have worn jewellery which is symbolic, or represents a special meaning, or just to make themselves look and feel great.

It blows my mind that this has just been part of human nature for so long!

It’s that history of the special meaning behind jewellery that really inspires me too.  I love making those items that have a deeper meaning. I particularly love making my birthstone stacking rings for customers.  These are sets of rings holding the birthstones of their children or loved ones.

stacking set in gift box

They may look like a stacking set of colourful gemstones, beautiful in themselves, but the story behind them, what they represent is the real beauty. The fact that something I spend my time making is so loved, and cherished every day makes me so happy.

6. Which other jewellery brands / indie businesses do you admire?

There are so many amazing jewellery brands out there: Jewellery wise I love Liz Hutchinson’s instagram feed where you can so clearly see how the world around her influences her work.

also love Katie Carder’s work, and LilyEmme Jewelry.

Honestly, I could go on for a long time.

I love buying jewellery from other makers, it feels like a real treat.

Other non jewellery makers whose work I love are skratchceramics and jonosmart. I love livingpattern’s botanical art, and Claire Medhurst Art work too.

And now, onto the slightly daft questions – which if you don’t want to answer – you don’t have to:

7. Who would be your 6 dream dinner guests?

I’m assuming I can invite anyone, dead or alive? If so I’d go with Victoria Wood, Terry Wogan, Bjork, my mum, Elon Musk, Einstein.

8. Favourite way to kick-back and relax?

I love to walk the dog – it’s a great way to start each day.  I try and go to the gym a few times a week too.

I don’t really have any hobbies, life feels pretty jam packed already at the moment, but saying that I have asked for a calligraphy starter set for Christmas, so watch this space.

Netflix and the an evening at the pub with friends, are also pretty high on my relaxation list.

9. Do you follow any fashion blogs?

Nope – I read yours Bean, but that proves expensive (already a jumper and a pair of lovely trainers because of you) I’m avoiding all others at the moment in case this spending trend continues!

10. If you could – which other jewellery maker / brand out there that you’d trade places with for a day and why?

Ooh Alison Moore Design as she lives on Orkney –  how magical would that be!

Thank you *so* much Becky, for taking the time to talk to me.

Following on from this blog-post, Becky has very kindly agreed to offer up one of her gorgeous Silver Star Necklace’s as a giveaway prize over on my Instagram.

This giveaway has again come about as a result of my wanting to show my thanks to my #fridayfeet gang for all their support, and I’m thrilled that Becky has agreed to help me out.

Keep your eyes peeled for this image on my Instagram feed:

star necklace2

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If you can’t wait until then, you can get a 10% discount by subscribing to Becky’s blog, with final orders for Christmas being taken until 17th December.

As for me, and which pieces I have my eye on, from Becky’s fabulous jewellery designs?

Well, the stacking rings of course!

Though as you all know by now, I’m a nightmare with final-final decision making on such things and there is *soooo* much indecision on my part, it’s absolutely ridiculous!

BUT…  let’s just say I’m in discussions with Becky and I think with her help, I will get there… if not by Christmas then definitely by my wedding anniversary in April!


That’s another good point to note actually, you can always contact Becky directly and she can help discuss final designs and gemstone cuts and so on, giving you a truly special, bespoke jewellery buying experience.

Thanks again – so much – Becky: for this wonderful interview and insight into your jewellery making world, and of course for supporting me in my #fridayfeet giveaway!

And thank YOU all, for reading this blog, and supporting me and my #fridayfeet.

Oh… and good luck!