Shop Small – The Small Indie Xmas Gift Guide 2019 (PART 2)

Nov 28th, 2019 Gift Lists, Small Talk Bean 35 min read

Good Evening! Here’s the second installment of my Small Indie Gift Guide. On Sunday, I shared 20 small indie businesses and gift ideas, as recommended by a whole host of Instagrammers and bloggers, big and small. And tonight, rather than just share my own favourite small indie businesses, most of whom *have* at some point over the past couple of years supported me and sent me…


Shop Small – The Small Indie Xmas Gift Guide 2019 (PART 1)

Nov 24th, 2019 Gift Lists, Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 39 min read

Hello! It’s that time of year guys… we are fast approaching the biggest shopping weekend of the year: Black Friday is coming. Which means, in my bid to support the little guys out there, who really struggle to compete with the big guns out there, at this time of year… I usually publish a Small Business Gift Guide as an anti-black Friday ‘protest’ I suppose….


Sunday 7: I wore it again

Nov 17th, 2019 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 16 min read

Hello! Forgive me readers, for it’s been a few weeks. Again. {Insert all the roll eyes emojis here. And then some.} This time, I have no excuse for my blogging break, no massive family stuff going on or this or that… It’s been a few weeks simply because… I guess without the ‘touting’ of new wares, I just can’t imagine my blog will be that…


Spotlight on: Organic Basics

Aug 25th, 2019 Small Talk Bean 15 min read

[AD: This post is in collaboration with Organic Basics, who sent me a couple of items (aka GIFTED!); after road testing the pieces, I’m writing this blog post as my own review of the items, and all opinions and words are my own. Links in this post are Affiliate links, which means, should you make a purchase after clicking on one of these links, I will…


Sunday 7: An Interview with Hannah Rochell from En Brogue

Aug 18th, 2019 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 28 min read

Hello! And welcome back to another Sunday 7! If you read my Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination blogpost a couple of weeks, you’ll know that my Sunday 7 title was named after the day of the week & time of the day (7pm!) the blog was published on. I’m afraid the old format, of looking at 7 ‘new-in’ pieces, a Stinker of the week as well as a…


Sunshine Blogger Award Nomination!

Aug 8th, 2019 Small Talk Bean 12 min read

Hello, Long time no blog? I figured I’d better dip my toe back in, before you all forget about me!! So… this is a quickie really: a while back, my lovely insta-mate Tracey from The Naughty Forty Diaries nominated me for a Sunshine Blogger Award… … It’s a blogger to blogger award, and surely, there can be no higher accolade? I was supposed to answer…

Feel Good Feet – 2 years on…

Jul 7th, 2019 Small Talk Bean 14 min read

Hello Everyone! How are you? It’s been yet another busy one Chez Threads, but I guess it’s that time of year… for anyone with kids, schools pretty much want you to camp in the school field with the amount of time parents are expected to spend at school in this final summer term… And for those without kids… who may have colleagues with kids… it…

Sunday 7: How slow is your fast-fashion shopping habit? Take the Test!

Jun 30th, 2019 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 2 min read

Hello! How’s your sunshiny week been? Whether you love or hate the heat, there’s no question… we’ve all been hankering after a bit of summer, haven’t we? And as roasting hot as it was yesterday, it was short-lived… and as of today, we’re probably at a more ‘acceptable’ level of summer and I for one am *loving* it! Following on from last week’s Seven Ways…


Sunday 7 – Seven ways to Slow Down your Fashion Shopping Habits

Jun 23rd, 2019 Small Talk, Sunday 7 Bean 17 min read

Hello! It’s been a busy few weeks in the Threads household – how are you all? The mammoth 40th party for Le Husband, which frankly, took more organisation than our wedding… is done, dusted and was a great success… There have been a great many other family needs… just life in fact, which have been pulling and tugging at me and as a result, my…


Sunday 7 – The Summer White Top Edit

Apr 8th, 2019 Small Talk Bean 19 min read

[AD – this blogpost contains a handful of affiliate links & a discount code] Hello! How are you all? Last week I complained that it had been a really long week. Today I’m going to complain about how quickly the week flew by, as it always does in the approach to school holidays: I always put myself under so much pressure to get stuff done, mainly so…