Welcome to my first Sunday 7… a new (hopefully) weekly post of my favourite 7 things I’ve spotted this week.

I had planned to start this feature in January, but rather like all good New Years Resolutions… February is a much better month to start them, don’t you think?!

Now, I didn’t mean for this to be just a Topshop Edit, but once I started scrolling through their New-In section, I got stuck down the Topshop rabbit hole I’m afraid, so this is a bit of an unintentional, good old Toppers edit.

The Sunday 7 is not just a countdown of 7 items of lushness which have taken my fancy, it will also feature my ‘stinker of the week’ (or should I call it horror of the week?) – an item that is so very *not* me plus a wildcard item, which I know won’t be for everyone, but again, it’s just something I find myself drawn to…

Let’s crack on

7. Origami Wrap Blouse (£36)


Love this vibrant tomato red shade

If I still worked in an office, I’d be buying this… I love the vibrant shade, the high neck detailing and the over-all flattering shape of this top.

I once spent 18 months travelling in South East Asia, and have a real soft spot for any clothing paying homage to that far Eastern style.  This Origami Wrap Top is also available in White, Pale Blue, Fuchsia, and this years Pantone colour of the year, Green.

It’s not the kind of top I’d really wear day to day in my SAHM life, which is why it’s come in at number seven, but it’s a really lovely little top.

6.  Gingham Ruffle Midi Skirt (£39)


Who doesn’t love a bit of Gingham? Especially with the added sass of that ruffle!

There really are a great deal of frills and ruffles out there on both tops and sweaters (…BIG sleeves), but they’re not for me… they swamp my puny little frame.  This skirt appeared a couple of times on my Instagram feed, but I didn’t really pay it any attention at all.

Call it #rufflephobia if you will…

And then, Susi So So posted a pic of herself in it, which *did* make me look twice: she totally rocked it… well jealous!

Sadly for me, I don’t think I could carry this off… and even *if* I could… there’s no petite version just yet, and trust me when I tell you – this skirt would not be straight forward to take up!  So it’s for that reason it’s in at number 6.

5. Kendall Loafer (£52)


What a fabulous colour!

Who doesn’t love a good old loafer?  I have loved my Gold Karter Loafers from Topshop (last season) which are easy to wear, comfortable and incredibly versatile.

However, I don’t always feel like wearing gold, and so I’m in the market for another pair… and these, gorgeous dark red, coloured ones?  I really, really want them!  They’re a super useful shoe to have, but like so many of us, I am *over* winter now (did you hear that Winter?  I am over you!) … and I want to look to Spring and… perhaps some fresher colours.

I know that in reality, our Spring probably won’t show its face until late May, so between now and then, these would get plenty of wear, not to mention into next Autumn… but I’m on the fence, mainly because I’ve also spotted….

4. Karpenter Loafers (£65)


That’s more like it for Spring and Summer…

How perfect would these be for Spring/Summer?  They cost a fraction more than the Kendal loafer, and currently my heart is swaying more toward these.  I think I need to see them both in the flesh, and really see just how dark a red the Kendal’s are… that said, compared to the cost of a pair of real Gucci’s, you could buy 10 pairs of these, so really, if I got both colours, would it be so bad…?!

3. Poplin Awkward Wide Leg Trousers (£42)


I love a tie-front… and an awkward length

I’ve probably documented my love for a culotte quite a lot, and these, I realise, are not too dissimilar to my Warehouse tie-waist culottes, but… but… they’re black.  AND… the waist detail is different:


So cute, don’t you think?

So… I might have ordered these.  They don’t come in a petite fit, but they are a straightforward ‘take-up’ if they fit me… there was only a size 4 available so, I’ve got my fingers crossed (pray for me that I can get these up and over my hips! Please fit me!).

But it’s because they’re pretty much sold out, and still in the ‘new-in’ section (which means they’ve been around for longer than just this week) that they’ve taken slot 3, or they really would have been the main contender for the number one slot!

2. Oversized Stitchy V Neck Knit (£42)


Love the loose knit of this sweater… looks cosy and comfy!

So this came to my attention from the TS new-in email, the one where they were introducing us to Lily-Jean, their campaign model for the season:


Gorgeous young thing!

So… I know, this sweater will not suddenly turn me into a gorgeous young thing like Lily-Jean over night… but it’s a lovely shade of pink and it looks to have the prefect amount of slouch… and yes I did order this as well.

Although something seems to have gone awry with my order as I received an email stating this part of my order couldn’t be fulfilled – yet it’s still available in my size.

Online shopping can be painful sometimes, eh?

Anyway, if you like a slouchy knit, and like pink… this is your number – but be quick…. it’s gonna be a sell out I tell ya!

And finally, Klaxon please… my number 1 spot for this week is taken by…

Well, before I show you… a short wee story:

Ever since my Insta-mate Donna (aka Sulkydollstyling) has been posting pics of herself in her gorgeous Donna Ida Miss Maggie Blouse I have been hankering after a pussy-bow blouse, preferably in pale blush pink, and preferably not for £185.

I did come across this  Iris & Ink one from the Outnet:


Perfect for under dungarees or paired with some coated skinnies and heels for an evening out…

I fell in love with  this blouse and immediately added it to my basket.  And though considerably more affordable at £105, honestly, I just can’t pretend to have that kind of disposable income… it’s a tad too much for me given my recent sales purchases and having to (try) and tighten the purse strings post-xmas.

I realise that in a cost per wear calculation, it’d probably end up owing me nothing, however, whilst it sat in my basket and I slept on it night after night, trying to justify it, the size 4 has sold out.

And although it is still available in size 6,  the measurements of the garment given on the Outnet’s website (I wish all websites did this…) the size 6 would be too roomy on me.

And so, on my hunt for a more affordable high street version, I came across this from Topshop’s Boutique range:

1. He Loves Me Blouse by Boutique (£60)


Not my favourite styling here from topshop…

I know, I know… it’s nothing like the understated blush-pink classic blouse from the Outnet.

But I do still like this one… I’m not a fan of how the blouse has been styled here but I am confident I could make it work for me.

I generally shy away from too much print, but this is really rather pretty, it’s real silk and it’s £60.

Plus it has a ridiculous name.

Anyhow, I figured it was worth a shot… so I have ordered this in a size 4 and 6, just to see, as I no longer feel confident at just ordering size 6 from Topshop (am I really shrinking…? *sob*)

I’ll keep you posted on whether or not it really is pretty and if it’s a keeper.  The Outnet blouse is still calling my name… can you hear it?!

As promised though, there are a couple of extras, both again, courtesy of Topshop:

Stinker of the week 

As with real life, in the blogging world, they say if you haven’t got anything nice to say about an item, then just don’t say it at all… but you know, we all see stuff that we pretty much gasp in horror at the sight of, or simply recoil at the thought of wearing… and so this was it for me:

Cut-out Plunge Choker Midi Dress by Rare (£59)


I can’t bear it!

I know, I know… wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we all like the same thing?  And yes, perhaps I am showing my age here… though in my defence there are plenty of bralets/crop tops I wouldn’t dream of wearing because they’re not “me” … and yet, those tops didn’t give me the *cringe*.

This dress did.

Perhaps its the colour? That massive cut-out and plunge?  Or just all of it when together…. it’s so very *not* me.

How about you? Do you like this little number… as in, would you wear-it kind of like-it?

I can imagine some lovely young thing looking ‘nice’ in it, but still it’s a no from me. Sorry!

And finally, finally:

Wildcard of the week:


I can’t help it… I love these!

These are the Jordan Trousers by Motel at Topshop and come in at £50 and I can imagine that many of you have recoiled at the sight of them and would perhaps put these as your stinker of the week….

However, my inner Beetlejuice loves them.

In fact, I had a similar pair around 2000/2001 which I ruined before I even wore them with an early-days, bodge take-up-alterations job I attempted myself… I ended up charity shopping them, as I really did ruin them.  But, I suppose I have always been hankering after another pair… I’m not mad crazy about the rather obvious styling on the Topshop site:


It’s a nice enough look… but I think I’d go for something less heavy

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with styling the trousers with just black, but it’s also just a tad boring, no?

So how would I wear them:


Look 1 – Spring:  That Slouchy Stitchy Knit from my Sunday 7 would work a treat with these Jordan Trousers, as well as the Karpenter loafers and this Split Cuff Blazer for effortless cool.

Look 2 – Summer : Wear a Double Strap V-front Cami with an open Denim shirt, like this Moto Fitted Western Shirt and some Fierce Furry Sliders.

Look 3 – Pub Night: You could dress the trousers up with some gold heels like these fabulous Juicy V Cut Mules, a simple long sleeve top like this Pie Crust Frill Neck Top and then a pale pink Cord Borg Jacket for the walk!

There… did I change your mind on the beetlejuice trews or were you already sold?!

And that’s it from me for now… did anything from my Sunday 7 take your fancy? Love to hear your thoughts.

Hope to catch you again mid-week.