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Apologies for missing last week’s Sunday 7, but I plummeted into a weekend of #instafug and was somewhat uninspired…

… being uninspired when you blog is the worst: it just results in a sub-standard piece which most would probably click out of before they’d finish reading.

As such, I took a break last week, but… the “fug” has lifted and I’m back.

And would you believe it, I’m focussing on just one colour again: cream.



Off White.


Call it what you will.

There’s a shade out there to suit all skin-tones, not to mention a style of jeans, skirts, boiler-suits, cords, shoes… to suit all tastes.

So much variety in fact, that…  let me tell you: I found it very, very, verrrrry difficult to whittle down into just 7 pieces this week.


7. New Look – Off White Zip Front Denim Dungarees (£29.99 use code 20% off with FAMILY20)


I’m partial to a good pair of dungers.

And liking these New Look Dungarees for both the zip front, as well as the fact that they are off-white, rather than bright white… just makes them softer, and easier to wear.

I’d personally go for a bolder coloured top underneath, whether that’s a candy pink or navy, or stripes… or even something like a denim shirt.

The chunky trainers pairing in the New Look pic works for me, but you could go for flat sandals/birkies, or any other trainer really.

I’m thinking how cool a coloured pair of converse would look, don’t you think?

6. Arket – Embroidered Top (£59)


Love this whole look, but it’s the top I’m gonna talk about.

How pretty?

This pretty little embroidered top would look so, so good with denim.

All the browns were seeing come through.

It would work as smarter / office-wear if you didn’t want to tuck it in, but it also works well tucked in, as pictured.

You can wear pretty much any style of jacket/coat over it… or cardi.

Basically, a very versatile top.

Kinda pricey – for me – and in all honesty, I’ve not had much experience with ordering from Arket online (more on that later!)

I’m also fairly certain that, although I got lucky with a recent sized XS Arket Cardi… knitwear is pretty much meant to be looser, right?

The smallest size in their fabric (rather than knitted) clothing is a 34… which I have a feeling would be far too big for any extra petite size 4/6 peeps like me.


5. Next – Ecru Boyfriend Jeans (£30)


I kind of feel like… this isn’t the most flattering photo of these boyfriend jeans… none on the Next website were to be honest.

But I have a feeling they’d be a really great, soft, slouchy fit… and because they are available in Petite, Regular Tall *and* extra long… how could I *not* include them?!

A good price too… perfect for tan flats, white sneaks… but they’d look pretty good with a heel or ankle/shoe-boots.

I’d wear these with darker, bolder coloured t-shirts / knits / shirts… basically because I’m not a fan of pastels worn with off-white/cream on myself.

I know there are plenty of you out there who *could* rock a pastel top with these ecru jeans.

Weirdly enough though, I’d happily wear a white / ecru t-shirt with the jeans though.


4. New Look – Cream Tie Waist Wrap Cardigan (Down from £24.99 t0 £19.99 with code family20)


This cardi is giving me all the heart eyes.

Belted, mid-length cardigans and jackets are gonna be a big thing for this season.

And given I’m including a second pic here:


You’d be right in thinking this one is in my basket.

Fabulous piece to wear with jeans and midi skirts alike… and goes with pretty much every colour: what’s not to love?

The issue of course, if you are like me… is staining.

I don’t know what it is about pale, creamy knitwear but I’m notorious for getting food stains on it.

So that’s a bit off putting… I just can’t be trusted with cream knits.


3. Mango – Wide Pleated Dress (£59.99)


This dress is one of Mango’s Online Exclusives, and there’s not *that* much sizing availability, and certainly no tiny sizing was ever available in this style.

All of which normally puts me off including such a piece in my Sunday 7.

However… I couldn’t help it: I kind of fell in low with this dress.

I love that it looks like a shirt & skirt but is actually a dress.

I think it looks fab with boots but again, you can pretty much go for any style of footwear.

We are after all, in an “anything goes” fashion climate.

Luckily for me, my bank balance and indeed for my bottle of vanish in my plastic, fugly ‘laundry’ lean-to… this dress was never even made in my size.

I could fashion a similar look I suppose, with a skirt & shirt?

Probably wouldn’t be an exact match though.


Someone buy the dress and post pics of it on insta please?

Just so I can fawn /drool over it.

{and just to be clear – none of my mango links are affiliate links…!}

I think this dress would look gorgeous with a beige blazer.

2. Marks and Spencer – Leather High Cut Ballerina Pumps (£35)


I’m afraid I have zero memory as to whether or not, I’ve featured these M&S nana-flats before?

I know I’ve been in store, tried them on – both last spring and autumn, in different colours and *loved* the comfort and look of them.

However, they’re a little on the wider fitting side for my feet, so I haven’t ever bought a pair.

And although they’re available in 9 different colours (yup – nine!)

… for me, this cream colour are my favourites.

Perfect for wearing with denim, khaki, black… basically, any and everything.


1. Zara – Dress with Cutwork Embroidery (£39.99)


Oh my goodness!

This *could* (in theory of course) be my perfect summer dress.

Gonna kick off with length: according to the website… the model is 5’9″.

Based on that, it’d be fair to say this dress would be the ‘maxiest’ of maxi’s on shorties.

However, do not be put off by the cut-out fabric – it’s just fabric which can be altered, in the same way as a plain fabric.

A bit scarier and trickier to handle, sure… but do-able.

The style, would… in my eyes, be flattering for most body shapes.

It looks great with the strappy heels, but it’d be perfect with flats, or espadrilles.

The question is… what is the quality like?

With Zara, the online pics and price for that matter… are no indication of how well a garment is made.

There’s no rhyme or reason to quality and fit…

You just have to take a leap of faith, and dry the gawd-darn-dress.

Question is: would you?

Stinker of the Week: & Other Stories – Draw String Joggers (£49)


Complete with matching Windbreaker Jogger Jacket (£69.)

It’s basically a white shell suit, isn’t it?

And it’s white, not off-white… I know, so technically, not “cream.”

And, here’s the thing… I don’t *hate* it… there are certain people I can think of, who would rock this with heels.

But it’s that fabric.

Looks nasty.


Wildcard of the Week: Arket Pleated Crepe Skirt (£69)


So Brittany Bathgate, and in turn, Melissa (@backofmywardrobe70) have a lot to answer for when it comes to this skirt.

When I say ‘a lot to answer for,’ I mean, they have both been styling this skirt out, and giving me heart-eyes, after heart-flutter, after…

… well, you get the picture.

But really?

A cream pleated skirt?

If you don’t believe me, just look:

So I couldn’t help it – I ordered the skirt.

Alas, my first order seemed to ‘get lost in the postal system’ but Arket were brilliant about resolving the issue.

My second order is due for collection as of yesterday but I haven’t had a chance to collect it yet.

I can only imagine it will be *that* long, that I’d be sweeping the wooden floors of my house in it.

But sometimes, you gotta try these things, right?

Keep an eye on my Instagram Stories tomorrow – I’ll be sure to let you know about fit / length.

In the meantime, here’s how I’d style it *IF* it fits:

Look 1 – 70s Woman:


I’ve kept the Arket Kitten Heel Booties  (£175) which the skirt is styled with on their website, and opted for a bold, wider Striped Shirt (H&M £12.99) which I would wear with a half tuck.

Just add your H&M Trench (£59.99) your large Cos Tote (£180) and you’re set.

Retro Mango Sunglasses (£17.99) and Other Stories Seashell Scarf (£27) – optional.

Look 2 – Summer Utility Girl:


This is a failsafe bit of styling, in my view.

Pretty much all black with the Ivory Skirt, with a dash of Khaki.

Starting with these chunky Zara Animal Print Flat Sandals (£39.99) and a simple John Lewis Double Layer Georgette Cami Top (£35) is a perfect, elegant, summer look.

You can keep it simple with no jewellery, or perhaps add a statement Shell Necklace (M&S £17.50).

These Topshop Koko Sunnies (£14) and Gigi Round Handle Grab Bag (£25) finish the look off perfectly.

If you’re wondering what kind of jacket to go for, this H&M Twill Jacket with Belt (£39.99) would work really well.

Look 3 – Always a Sneaker Girl:


And of course, I couldn’t not include a (now classic combo of) ‘pleated skirt’n’sneaks look, could I?

I’ve gone for this New Look Ecru Hawaii Print Tee (£8.99) with these perfectly colour co-ordinated Office Calvin Klein Maya Trainers (£130.)

I’ve gone for this Arket Merino Box Jacket (£125 – which is described as ‘orange’?!) and this super cute Other Stories Basket Weave crossbody bag (£79)

A perfectly “me” outfit.

And that’s your lot this week.

What do you reck?

Am I preaching to the converted about wearing ‘cream’ or are you in the ‘loathe it, will never, ever wear it camp?’

As ever – leave a comment as I love to hear your thoughts – and I’ll get back to you!

Thanks for reading.