Welcome to what is going to be for most, an entire 7 of ‘wildcard’ items: a Sports Luxe 7.

I figured, given it’s been a sporty kinda month, what with the World Cup and Wimbledon grande finale’s today… not to mention most of those with kids enduring Sports Days in recent weeks, it was time to have a little fun with a Sunday 7 blog post!

Pretty sure most of us have, at the very least heard the terms Sports Luxe or ‘athleisure,’ but what *is* it, exactly?

Well, it’s basically integrating ‘sporty’ clothing into your wardrobe for every day wear, without ever having to wear the said ‘sporty’ piece to a gym, or indeed, any other kind of sports field or activity.

In reality, this does not mean wearing your running vest with built in bra support with a blazer (although, frankly, why not? first rule of fashion is after all, that there are no rules?!)… no, it’s just that Sports Luxe seems to be a tiny bit more subtle than that:

Think go-faster-side-stripes, actual running trainers (albeit, ‘fashion’ running trainers) juxtaposed with pretty floral frocks and the like.

Are you ready?

Let’s get stuck in.

7. Topshop – Side Stripe Trench Coat (£65)


A slightly unseasonal first choice given current temperatures, but let’s not kid ourselves: we live in good old ‘four seasons in one day’ Blighty where any weather is possible at any time of year!

Now, whilst I’m not the biggest on ‘athleisure’ over all, I do love a good side stripe… and to that end, this Side Stripe Trench Coat has totally won my heart.

I want one.

I adore the sleeve detail, and that you can ‘yank’ that tie up, to create a 3/4 sleeve… which is a rare treat for us Petites (unless you have pieces professionally altered.)


How to wear this trench?

Well, quite simply, wear it as you would any other trench / mac.

It would look great on cooler summer days worn over short sleeves with wrists on show, but equally as lush over a skinny-rib turtle neck with sleeves out on show.

The side stripe is a mere, wee nod to ‘athleisure’, and instantly elevates the trusty trench into even cooler territory than a regular plain sleeved trench.

{can you tell I love it? After all, I’ve included not one, but two pics of it!}

6. Me & Em – Grosgrain Slim Stripe Crop Trouser (£129)


I’ve never bought anything from Me & Em, but I have, since starting my blogging journey and joining Instagram, ‘lusted’ after a pair of their side stripe trousers, which get rave reviews from bloggers / instagrammers, so I guess you could say, I’ve been ‘influenced’.

Sadly for me though, as a general rule of thumb, Me & Em are basically out of my day-to-day price range.

Doesn’t stop me from looking though…

These new season Grosgrain Stripe Slim Crops are right up my street: slightly tailored, slightly smart, but still pretty casual: perfect styling here from Me & Em.

The Crops are also available in Navy but it’s the Khaki I’m swooning over.

Should you be interested, there are a few side stripe (wider leg, full length) Luxe Track Pants and Joggers in the Me & Em Sale although there are only limited sizes available.

5. Topshop – Adidas Originals 3 Stripe Suede Bodysuit (£43)


I like this – as a top though, not a body… I wore my share of bodies in the 90s, and having recently attempted to wear one again last year, it’s a firm ‘nope, never again’ from me.

However, I like the colour of this body, the iconic adidas 3 stripes, the turtle neck… and although it’s called a ‘Suede body’, in reality, it’s made from a poly/elastine mix, so more a suedette/velour like fabric I should think.

If I was younger and still willing to put up with the discomfort of wearing a body – how would I style it?


Anything goes really: with high waisted jeans, crops/culottes, pleated skirts… or even under a v-front, sleeveless dress/dungarees.

As for jackets, just wear your go-to denim/biker/blazer of choice.

And on your feet, you could go full blown Mel B (aka Sporty Spice) with trainers, but depending on whether you’ve gone for jeans or a skirt, you could juxtapose the top with a smarter flat, like a loafer, or pointy boot.

You’ll notice a few of the pieces today happen to come from Topshop… namely because they have the biggest selection of on the highstreet of any non-specific sports store.

4. Fred Perry – Amy Fred Perry Shirt (£60)


As the name of the shirt suggests, this polo shirt is in the style favoured by the late Amy Winehouse, and frankly it’s a classic in my book.

I love a good little polo shirt, even if I don’t own any nowadays.

But I loved how Amy used to wear her Fred Perry’s with a wiggle-tight pencil skirt and flats.

The shirt is also available in Black and whilst plenty of high street stores stocked ribbed, brit-pop-esque generic polo shirts this summer, something I did buy into, I have to say, I’d love a proper Fred Perry polo shirt for my wardrobe: you can’t beat a classic, right?!

3. Zara – Trouser with Scarf Belt (reduced to £12.99, most sizes available)


I’m including these because these aren’t ‘obviously’ sport-like at first glance.

However, they are in reality, nothing more than cropped, smartened up joggers/track pants.

I really like them!

And of the entire 7, they are probably the easiest, comfiest thing to wear for sure!

2. Sport Socks – You’re gonna get two for one here!

Topshop, 3 pack Striped Ankle Socks (£7)


Topshop is my go-to shop for the classic, simple, striped ankle sock.

They are great value for money and wash well – although they haven’t got as much variety in terms of colour & finish (e.g. sparkly lurex sport socks) at the mo.

I wear them with pleated skirts & trainers, as well as with any cropped trousers, whether ankle grazing jeans or culottes.

I’ve not gone down the road of wearing them in that fashion editorial magazine style – with heels, mainly because I kind of feel too old for it.

I know there shouldn’t be any age restrictions in fashion, but in reality there are.

Those which are in our own hearts & minds.

That said, I will probably keep wearing my sporty little ankle socks for a little while yet…

And in particular, I love the idea of these Urban Outfitters All-over Stripe Sports Socks (£6 per pair, £8 for tow pairs) with plain white sneaks and navy culottes:


I realise that these are not the type of sock for everyone – but for me they are a guilty pleasure for sure: you can’t beat a thick, white sports sock on your feet for cosy, comfort factor round the house.

{and beyond!}

1. Nike – Airmax (all available from Office)

So gonna tell you the God’s honest truth here: I don’t think I could ever go back to wearing these, but I am including them given the rise of the ‘Dad Trainer.’

And whilst I’m being honest, I’ll also add that I’d not heard of the term ‘Dad trainer’ until I came across it in this post from Hannah on her En Brogue Dad Trainer Trend blogpost, in which, she rather eloquently gives 11 very good reasons for not buying into the trend.

I say good reasons – because being a puny, little skinny minnie short-arse myself, most of the reasons for not wearing them are applicable to me!

I shudder at the thought of how I must have looked in these back in the day, but given my nostalgic soft spot for this particular brand of Dad Trainer, I’m including them in my 7, though there’s a crazy variety of colours!

Nike Air Max 1 Trainers Medium Olive (Office Shoes – £100):


Nike Airmax 95 Trainers Bxp Pure Platinum Metallic Silver (Office Shoes – £140… and what a catchy name, eh?!)


Nike Airmax 95 Trainers White White F (Office Shoes – £130)


How to wear them…?

I guess it’s as simple as styling them up any way you would, say, your Stans: with a maxi dress and denim jacket; with luxe joggers, a lace-trim cami and a blazer or with a pleated midi skirt and hoodie.

As long as you add a feminine touch into the outfit.

But like I say, for me, gone are the days where I’m first in line at the random, obscure trainer shop in Brick Lane to buy the latest colour way of Air Max… and if truth be told, I’d very much jumped on the bandwagon back then and bought into the hype rather than be a genuine, true sneaker-head.

Right… that’s my 7, and… I can imagine that for many of my readers this blog post is making their toes curl with cringe factor x a zillion.

I actually quite like the sports luxe look, but often feel I don’t have the height to carry the look off which is why you won’t often see me in athleisure: it’s a tall gal’s game in my eyes.

Stinker of the Week: JD Sports – Kappa Banda Popper Pants (£45)


These have always been a big, fat no for me.

I never like them at school… and all these years later I still can’t bear them.

I might wear an Adidas, or Nike pair… but I just never took to the whole Kappa thing.


Wildcard of the Week: Nike Airmax 95 Trainers Bxp Pure Platinum Metallic Silver (Office Shoes – £140)

So this week, given I’ve already admitted that I don’t think I could ever wear this style of trainer again, I thought I’d give styling-up these Nike Airmax’s as my wildcard, to see if I can change my own mind on them!


Look 1 – Affected, Autumn:


So the word which comes up out often with this style of trainer, and indeed, it’s third entry in this blogpost – ‘juxtapose.’

And true to stereotype, for this look, I’m contrasting the chunky, sporty Nike Air Max, with a feminine floral dress – loving this Zara Patchwork Print Dress (£39.99) although given the length and proportions of the dress, it’s probably not suited to shorties.

This is an Autumn look, so wearing one of these ‘oversized’ Zara Lightweight Jacket‘s (£25.99) over the top of the dress, with the sleeves ruched up, as per the Zara website styling would work brilliantly:


Accessorise with one of these brightly coloured Zara Beaded Mini Tote Bags (£29.99)

Look 2 – Simple, Summer:


Not far removed from the summer classic combo of dress & flats, but instead, switch the dress out for a linen jumpsuit.

I’m loving this Navy Reena Stripe Linen Jumpsuit (Monsoon £55), and instead of a summer straw bag, why not go for a stupidly small, cross-body purse in a clashing print?

Something like this Urban Outfitters Check Print Clip Bag (£14) and of course, some 90s inspired Oval Sunglasses (UO – £14)

Look 3 – Jog on, anytime:


And finally, perhaps the ‘sportiest’ look of the all: Wear your Nike Air Max with these Me & Em Satin Side Stripe Cargo Joggers (£169), and a pretty modal fabric, lace trimmed cami.  This Jigsaw Vest (£29) would be ideal in it’s muted Blue-Grey “bay leaf’ colour.

Smarten things up with a fitted Blazer style Black Jacket (H&M £24.99) and this Cookie Green Clutch Bag (Topshop – £22)

So how’d I do: would you wear ‘Dad Trainers?’

I must admit, I adore Look 3 and would love to wear this outfit, or similar… it’s very me.

But, unfortunately, the Nike Air Max would make me look like a gold-club, so, sadly, I haven’t changed me own mind on these trainers: they’re for tall(er) ladies (than me) as far as I’m concerned.

Right, that’s it from me for today – I’m so pleased the World Cup is *OVER*


And just for LOLs, here’s a tongue-in-cheek pic of me wearing knee high sports socks, which gave me World Cup worthy footballers knees, whilst posing on a tennis court that sadly wasn’t Wimbledon:

{and just to be clear, I only wore these socks for a #fridayfeet photo… not sure I have the nerve, nor youth to carry this actual look off for real!}

Wimbledon, I look forward to you next year.

World Cup – thank goodness you’re only once every four years!

(Do. not. mention. the. Euro’s!)

Thanks for reading – hope to hear from you: why not leave a comment?