And welcome to a Sunday 7 all about one of my favourite colours: Rust.

Ginger, Terracota, Toffee, burnt orange… and any other name it may go by, but to me, it’s plain old Rust.

I’ve already blogged about my love of this colour back in September’s ‘Feeling Rusty’ Sunday 7 …

…but given this colour is going to be big for a/w, I figured you might like to see a few of the pieces currently available in this colour which you can buy now -keeping ahead of the game and all that!

7. HM – Ribbed Top (£29.99)


So this cute, rusty polo-shirt top from H&M has all the vintage, 70s Jane Birkin feels.

Having ordered this one, and road tested it, I can tell you now, the fabric is most unforgiving: it shows up every lump and bump you have as well as ones you may have been unaware of!


I’ve put the second pic in so you can see how narrow the top is – it really stretches out: that’ll be the 85% viscose & 15% polyamide mix of fabric…

… which is *not* great in this heat.

The fabric is a sweat-sucker-upper sort of fabric.

So, why am I including it?

Well, it’s a very cute top.

And our heatwaves here don’t seem to last…

I think I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of this top come cooler summer days and of course into a/w.

Plus it look very cool (in my opinion):

I wore my top for a couple of hours on Friday, but to be frank, it was too hot to wear a man-made fibre top, and I had to get changed.

I love the look of it though and can’t wait to wear it again!

6. Zara – Short Linen Dress (£29.99)

zara-short-sleeve-linen-dressThis dress is in the sale, so unfortunately, only sizes M and L are in stock online (with size XS ‘coming soon’) which is why I normally try and steer clear of posting sales stuff.

However, it’s a very cute little dress which would work for right now.

And, chuck a turtle neck under or a longer line cardi over the top, with thick tights and boots… it could work for early Autumn too.

If this dress has caught your eye, it might be worth checking in store for your size or keep an eye on the website for returns.

5. Topshop – Button Through Midi Slip Dress (£36)


More toffee in colour, but described by Topshop as rust, so I’m going with it.

I’m liking the minimal vibe of the dress, although a potential deal breaker is that there are no pockets.

However, it’s a great colour which would suit most skin tones, hair colours and the whole button-through thing makes the dress very ‘now’.

The fabric is a linen and viscose mix, which means it won’t crease in the way that 100% linen does but it will still keep you cool.

The dress would look great with a fitted, short cap-sleeved top in white or black under it, and with a blazer over the top would be a good versatile addition to your wardrobe.

4. Topshop – Petite Wide Leg Crop Trousers (£29)


Sticking with Topshop – and one just for us petites, these fabulous pleat-front, wide leg crops are the ideal for dressing up and down, wearing to work or at the weekend.

They are just gorgeous.

I already have some rust coloured crops, but they are more jean-style crops.

These pleat-fronted ones are a bit ore floaty-skirt like… so fully justifiable as they’re very different, right?


3. Next – Wide Leg Jeans (£35)


Now I’m all too aware that I always include wide leg crops, but rarely full length trousers.

In a bit to rectify that, I’m including these Next Wide Leg Jeans which, like any other jeans, will work hard for you all year round.

They are not available in Petite, but as you can see, they have a raw hem so are ripe for trimming down to your desired length.

(and hemming properly if you prefer a neater finish).

Again, given the colour and the flare, these jeans are that perfect 70s nod, and the flare of the jeans would work with all types of sandals (flat, wedges, heels clogs…) as well as trainers or boots.

3. Urban Outfitters – BDG Contrast Stitch Workwear Jeans (£35)


As much as a thick white sport sock might be a cosy guilty pleasure of mine to lounge around in at home in winter… not sure the white sock & slide combo here is doing the jeans any favours here!

These BDG Contrast Stich Workwear Jeans are definitely pushing the boundaries of the range of colours described as Rust, but perhaps they are a little more browner in the flesh rather than the red which they seem to be in the online pics.

I’m loving the contrast stitching and have included them because they are a really good price (reduced to £35 from £50), as well as the fact they’d be a versatile all-year-round kind of trouser.

1. New Look – Rust Spot Print Button Rolled Sleeve Shirt (£17.99)


Cute little ‘boxy-cut’ shirt alert!

A great little shirt to wear with jeans, your short-shorts, or basically, any of your ‘high-waisters’ (skirts, culottes, crops, jeans etc etc..)

If the thought of wearing a cropped, shorter length shirt breaks you out in hives, perhaps the Rust Spot Tea-Dress (£22.99) might be a better option for you?

And that’s it from me for this week.

I know a lot of you look forward to my Stinker and Wildcard items – sometimes more that the actual 7…

… but after a busy, busy week of helping out with ferrying school kids around to various workshops combined with the most hideous insomnia, I feel quite burnt out.

But as is always the case when I omit the stinker & wildcard items, you get a couple of #BeanyBonuses…

#BB1: M&S – Leather Crescent Cross Body Bag (£69)


So you might say that this is just another ‘tan’ bag, but given M&S describe is as ‘caramel’… it’s on the Rusty scale as far as I’m concerned.

I’ve included this bag because whilst not everyone is a fan of wearing ‘brown’ clothing, pretty much all of us love a good brown bag.

This little crescent bag has a teeny-tiny-bit-of the APC’s about it.

If you cover one eye and squint with the other…

(Cut me a little slack here, eh? I’m trying…!)

It’s a good price for a classic leather bag:


I think I might keep an eye on this bag to see if goes into the sale.

It’s also available in Black and red.

#BB2: New Look – Rust Suedette Metal Trim Loafers (£19.99)


Again, if you don’t want to wear rust coloured clothing, how about rust coloured shoes?

These are a bargain and would work with a great many variety of trouser which we all have in our wardrobes.

Also cute with some skirts/dresses.

They’re only available from size 5 up online… but perhaps the smaller sizes can be found in store?

I really wanted to include these Rust Suedette Metal Heel Pointed Pumps (New Look £17.99) but they’re sold out online:


I think I may have to pop into my local branch tomorrow so see if they have any of these in stock, as I love them!

#BB3: New Look – Rust Cropped Denim Jacket (£25.99)


Another one from New Look (they’ve really embraced the colour Rust!)

And another one which I’m hoping will be in store tomorrow – just to try, obvs!

Right… that really is it from me for this week: I’ll make sure the Stinker & Wildcard (looks and all) are back for next week though.

So, are you a Rust-lover, like me?

Or is it no-go-70s geography teacher territory for you?

{I think I might be alone, but I always loved the fashions of my brown-clad geography teachers!}

Leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

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