How has your week been?

It’s half term here, and utter chaos in the house… a chance to do a quick blogpost is a much needed rest-bite from the kids… who are actually being pretty good, but my brain is still frazzled none the less.

This week, I thought I’d tackle the issue of checked trousers on us shorties (and yes, I’m a bit late to the checked trouser party: hence the cheesy pun of a title!)

In the main, the trousers I’m looking at today are from regular ranges, but because they are cropped, they could still work on us shorties.

In theory.

But it’s a funny one: checked trousers can actually be quite tricky to pull off if you happen to be a titch and you can wind up looking pretty Rupert Bear in them.

Get it right though… as in: get the right pair, with the right sized check with the perfect fit and you could wind up looking pretty darn cool.

And although check trousers are currently being classified as ‘on trend’… they are fundamentally, a classic, timeless addition to any wardrobe.

If you find the perfect pair.

It’s akin to jeans shopping as far as I’m concerned (aka as ‘nightmare’ shopping for many), especially when you see that, as a trending product, the choice out there is nuts!   Taking Zara as an example, they have some   47 different styles/cuts alone…

I’ve picked these 7 based on the cut, and opted for more classic styles rather than trend-led frilly embellishments and wot not.

7. ZaraChecked Chino Trousers (£29.99)


Kicking off with these subtle beige-brown chino style checked trousers from Zara, which are a good, classic shape to suit all.

But Zara trousers are always mega-long, so how can these work on any shorties?

Well, as luck would have it, they have the exact same trouser in a cropped version:


And although the cropped version looks slightly grey-er (! not a real word, I know) in tone, it’s just the lighting: they are still described as beige-brown.

They are the same subtle check, same shape, same price… just cropped.

These crops would be full length on me for sure.

In fact, I may even need to turn them up once – something which looks great with a check trouser.

But over all – I think these crops would work on most petites, without the need to get any alterations done.

If only Zara did all their trousers in two lengths, eh?!

6. HM – Cigarette Trousers (£19.99)


Now these are actually, very, very similar to the Zara trousers, however, they are ten quid cheaper and happen to be in grey rather than a brown tone.

But what of the length you ask?

HM regular length are too long for us shorties, right?

Well… from this pic of the trousers on the model, I think they’d be perfect full length trousers on anyone who is around the 5’2″-5’4″ marker, although, because my local HM is full of crud, I can’t be 100% sure:



Great styling here from HM too.

I also think that if you are a true miniature 5′ spec like me, you could probably get away with these trousers turned up just once, or twice.

5. Next – Check Slouch Trouser (£38)


So from both the HM & Next styling, I think it’s pretty plain to see that check trousers work brilliantly with a touch of mustard yellow.

These are full length, wider leg trousers, but are available in Petites.

I find Next Petites are a bit hit & miss with their trouser length on me… but I do think they’re worth including, for all you lucky ladies who are 5’2″ and over.

As with most (though not all) Next trousers, these are available in regular/long as well as petites.

AND… they’re smart enough for workwear, but the slouch factor means they’d look right at home with some box-fresh white sneaks and a chunky knit.


4. Topshop – Heritage Mensy Trouser (£39)


Really adore the red through these trousers, as well as the over all shape.

Again, styled with mustard yellow… all getting a bit predictable, but equally, it’s a really great look!

So these TS Heritage Mensy trousers are apparently available in Petite and Tall… but I couldn’t find them online.


Either way, these regular length would work quite well as full length on Petites.

3. Next – Checked Tapered Trousers (£26)


And back to Next.

If you fancy a cropped pair of checked trousers, which are tapered, but not overly so, then look no further.

These are available in Petites, so we shorties can get in on the cropped checked trews action!

And you all know how much I love a good crop?

However, I think these would work equally well as full length, in which case, just buy from the regular range!

2. Mango – Price of Wales Trousers (£35.99)


I just love these.

It’s the dark grey.

And the details:


I love the buttons, the creases, the colour, the fabric…

Seriously, seriously tempted.

1. HM – Cropped Trousers (£79.99)


I’m slightly in love with these trousers.

And although they would work as full length on us petites, I would actually go through the pain of taking them up.

I think.

I’d need to try them first.

These are HM Studio (hence the heftier price tag) which my local store doesn’t stock.

But it’s the detailing which has won my heart overhm-cropped-brown-checked-trousers2

I’m really liking that panelling of subtly different size of check… and on the back (across the back of knees) as well:


I happen to think these would look great as full length on petites – worn with kitten heels or chelsea boots – any chunky boot or trainers in fact.

The proof of course is in the pudding.

I might have to order both the Mango and these HM ones to try and see which work out best.

I will keep you posted, of course!

Stinker of the Week – I have two for you this week… both from Topshop.

Both of these checked trousers are really rather fantastic… but just day to day, for most us… just way OTT:

Checked Super Flare Trouser (£65)


And these TS Checked High Waist Trousers (£65)


Again, really rather amazing trousers… but just not very every day for most of us mere mortals.

Plus… they look like they’re made for the elite, super tall amongst us.

So on that front, I might be a little jealous.



Wildcard of the Week – Topshop Houndstooth Check Wide Leg Trouser (£36)


So of the 3 Topshop trousers in the Stinker & Wildcard categories, these are probably the safest, most wearable option and frankly, easiest to style up into some looks.

Not that I’m lazy or anything!

Seriously though, that waist frill, although kind of cute… does nothing for my slight frill aversion (i.e. the one that loves frills on everyone but makes me feel rubbish when I wear them).

So with that in mind, here’s how I’d style these trousers up:


Look 1 – Go bold: I’d wear these trousers with a half-tuck chunky knit. Something like this Burgundy Zara Oversized Roll Neck (£39.99) and let’s face it – the “half-tuck” is often just tucking one wee, small, couple of inches of your sweater hemline in… so the chunkiness of the sweater shouldn’t matter too much. These sky-high Zara Silver Boots (£69.99) would really set this outfit off, but I’d keep your bag to a brown or burgundy tone.  Something like this Other Stories Suede Hobo Bagg (£165) in burgundy would be perfect as you could carry it as a hand-bag or just about fling it over your chunky-knitted sleeve shoulder!

Look 2 – Go frilly: You could go totally OTT & double up on the frills by tucking this Monsoon Charlotte Rose Lace Top (£59) with these burgundy toned Hobbs Rowan Loafer (£159) and this brown HM Wool Coat (£99) and a wee bit of extra texture with this adorable Zara Faux Fur Mini Bucket Bag (£29)

Look 3 – Go street: Well, you’re adding trainers, so that’s about as ‘street’ as this look gets! (I just couldn’t think of a better name!) So sticking with jumpers, I’d go for a nice, slouchy (& sparkly) green knit, like this HM Fine Knit Jumper (£17.99) and some classic Stans – which are available from Office Adidas Stan Smiths (£69.99) with a lovely, cosy teddy coat thrown over the top.  This Warehouse Teddy Faux Fur Coat (£89) has been on my wish-list for a while and would be perfect!  Add the obligatory touch of yellow with this Accessorize Cooper Camera Bag (£25) and you’re sorted!

I’ve just realised that Look 1 appears to be influenced from this Pinterest image I used to post about this Sunday 7 post on Instagram:


Although, to be fair… I didn’t include any sunnies!!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my checked trouser picks? Leave a comment!

Right, back to the kids I go.

Half term started here on Wednesday and carries on all of next week… and well… things have been more than a little chaotic:

  • Mr T (who works from home) is hogging the lounge as his office most days, because his actual office in the loft currently resembles a storage container with the entire contents of the loft in it (although, the Velux windows have been fitted and boxes could get shifted back… #justsayin);
  • the boys have been going stir crazy as they haven’t got a free run of the house given the builders have been here off and on and
  • said builders have been turning up super early (7.30-8am – which is very early for my boys during holidays (- they sleep in until 9.30!) and of course traipsing mdf and carpentry equipment and god knows what else up and down the stairs leaving the front door open making the whole house f.r.e.e.z.i.n.g. COLD… but worst of all…
  • My poor little Sylvie, my 3rd (fur) baby isn’t getting her full quota of walks because the five year old is more than a little pathetic in the stamina stakes and there is only so much non-stop whinging my ears can take!

HOWEVER… whilst I may sound like a moaning minnie… I’m actually overjoyed that it is half term!  I do love spending time with my boys, even if it is restrictive at times… they are growing up fast and are currently both at ages where they play nicely together and are really good fun to be around.

Just not great at the dog walks!

Hope you have a good week, whether you’re on hols, at work or indeed, on half term at home like me.

Thanks for reading