So I’ve had a couple of weeks off from the blog, just stuff like being on holiday and spending time with my family kind of took over.

Which is never a bad thing.

Anyway, I’m back, and today I’m talking about all-in-one’s of the dungaree/ jumpsuit / playsuit variety.

Not everyone’s cuppa, I know… but I really rather love them, particularly in the warmer months: more so than dresses to be honest, simply because you get the same level of cool, looseness, but the freedom that trousers given you (over a dress) which is always a winner in my book.

Gonna break myself back into blogging gently this week with no stinker or wildcard, but instead, perhaps a smattering of styling ideas within the 7 and possibly even a couple of bonuses:

7. Zara – Short Buttoned Jumpsuit (£49.99)


Ignore the make-up… K?

That’s not what you’re looking at!

I’m going to put it out there now: if you have seen a similar style in white, that’s a dress… let me know… it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for, for *years!*

Anyway, back to this Zara Jumpsuit – it’s got everything going on that I love:

  • Navy
  • Pockets
  • Short sleeves
  • Big buttons

Love the whole lot!

Having not seen this in the flesh, I’m going to make the bold statement that the jumpsuit probably comes up a little big…

You can see from the model that the jumpsuit has a looser cut.

Also, it will (of course) come up longer on us shorties, but, if the tie waist still sits on the waist on us, then the longer length won’t really matter in my view: an extra turn-up perhaps?

6. Mango – Bow Long Jumpsuit (£49.99)


How lovely and summery is this white jumpsuit from Mango?

Now it seems the smallest size available in an S, so I’d say this one isn’t for teensy size 6-8’s.

Nor is it the jumpsuit for those of us with narrow shoulders.

And of course the length is for taller ladies, but a couple of turn-ups or lopping some of the trouser-length off is always an option.


I’m thinking it would look fab on holidays, whilst sauntering through the cobbled side streets of a small mediterranean village as you make your way to the market with a basket bag.

Though it would look equally at home here in the UK, with tan sandals, your rattan bag and perhaps a denim jacket.

5. Topshop – Polka Dot Denim All in One (£46)


An alternative to the raft spotty polka dot dresses out there perhaps?

This all in one is more dungaree in style, but I think it could be dressed up as well as the more casual styling shown here from the Topshop site.

You could wear a plain black bandeau top under it (£6 from Topshop… ) which I realise looks cropped, but under the dotty dungers, I think the cropped bit would be hidden.

Add some pain black William Espadrille Wedges (£39, again Topshop)


And then a little summary bag of choice.

Mine would be this cute little Tan Braided Crossbody Bag (£22, Toppers of course – and apparently 100% leather too!)


And there you have it… a top to tail Topshop outfit!

{insert all the monkey covered eyes emoji’s here}

Moving on…

4. ASOS – Wash Cotton Boilersuit with Button detail (£38)


I will get on to more colour / pattern in a minute I promise, but…

I had to include this very plain, simple, higher neckline jumpsuit: j’adore!!

Love it styled with those stripy slides.

You could wear this ‘boiler suit’ as per the ASOS styling, or, you could leave a couple of the buttons open, and wear a simple white tee under it.

H&M are always good for budget end white tees, most of which are pretty good value for money in terms of how they fit and how well they wash.

3. Zara – Printed Jumpsuit (£49.99)


So as most of you already know, as a general rule of thumb, print (i.e. florals) is not my thing.

However, I do love a pretty floral.

And I do occasionally *want* to wear them.

And these red, floral dungers might just be *my* summer red dress.

I’d need to hack about a foot off the leg length of course, but that would be simple enough.

I’m also liking the full-trouser-leg length of this pair as well – it’s 100% viscose so I imagine the drape of the fabric will be lovely.

They would have been perfect for my recent Andalusian holiday, but alas… that’s been and gone and I have no other overseas holiday plans for the year.


We *might* take a last minute deal over the summer…

And by then… this jumpsuit will probably be on sale.

Fingers crossed they still have my size I guess?!

2.  Mango – Cord Striped Jumpsuit (£49.99)


Note that the ‘cord’ in the name of this playsuit refers to the stripe, not the fabric!

How good would this look with a tan?

Add some plain, simple tan sandals and a straw bag?

I have a similar style playsuit (in black) which is years old now but one of my best buys: it comes on holiday every year and is great for dressing up as well as throwing on over your swimwear of choice for the beach, or poolside.

The style lends itself really well as a ‘cover-up’ as it’s so easy to pop on and off.

1. New Look – Black Asymmetric Button Front Jumpsuit (£22.99)


So a similar asymmetric button style to the Zara ones fro number 6.

But back to that other favourite colour of mine: black.

There’s nothing quite like all-black, for an understated, haven’t tried too hard vibe in summer or winter…. basically all year round.

This jumpsuit is perfect for dressing up: just add some Dune Tan Koala Sandals (£70) and


And a little Whistles Straw Clutch (£55 at John Lewis) and you’re set.


I’d probably keep my jewellery to a minimum.

And of course, dressing down couldn’t be easier than just chucking on your favourite white sneaks, and a white tee underneath it.

This New Look Jumpsuit doesn’t come in Petite, but at that price, I might just be willing to alter it myself.

{read that as: I have just ordered these!}

And those are my 7.

In lieu of a Stinker and Wildcard, I’m gonna hit you up with a couple of Beany-Bonuses:

Bonus #1: Sézane – Bennie Jumpsuit (€140)


It’s my birthday in a few days, and I almost ordered this from Sezane, as a bit of a treat.

But, luckily for my bank balance, it is now sold out in all sizes, apart from a size 8.

So… if you happen to be a size 8… lucky you!

Bonus #2: The Acey – Fort Dunagrees in Black Bold Stripe (£85)


These are very similar to the Next Kids dungers I bought last year.

But these are in a lovely organic cotton.

Again, only Size M is available.

They’re lovely, aren’t they?

And finally, finally…

Bonus #3: Topshop – Petite Stipe Jumpsuit (£39)


One I bought recently.

It does feel like you’re dressed a bit like a big baby, but my goodness, it’s sooo comfy!

It’s made from a 50/50 mix of cotton/linen, which means it keeps you cool and doesn’t get as creased as pure 100% linen.

For a change from recent purchases, where I’ve had to size down to a 4, I went for my usual size 6, so I’d say it’s true to size.

This style also comes in Regular White with Black stripe:


As well as in Tall – Navy (limited sizes.)

Bit of a shame the Red version (£34) is a shorts-playsuit rather than a longer length:


I would definitely have bought this in red had it been longer.

And that’s it from me for this week.

After a gorgeous holiday in Spain, and then a few kid-free days this week (whilst the boys were camping with grandparents,) I feel as though we’ve had a jam-packed couple of weeks.

Which means of course, I have a mountain of laundry to be getting on with this week.


So, are you already a jumpsuit kinda gal, or are they just not your thing?

As always, I love hearing from you – leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.

B x