How are you all doing this week?

For me, this week has *got* to have been one of the loooooongest weeks e.v.e.r.

I don’t know what it was given the weather wasn’t super terrible, and nothing in particular happened which I can think of that made the week awful… but boy did it drag.

The relief when Friday evening came round was simply enormous!

How gutting is it that it’s Sunday evening already?

I’m not ready for the weekend to end just yet, are you?

Hopefully, my Sunday 7 picks below will help distract you all from ‘Sunday-night-itus’ – all of which are Springtime pieces, however, you could get clever about how you style them up and get some wear of the pieces from now:

7. Topshop – Fern Print Knot Front Shift Dress (£49)


The dreamy aqua, bluey-green of this dress makes me wistful for the warm, calm, crystal clear waters of Thailand or the Maldives….

It’s Spring & Summer in a dress.

And it was number 8 on my list for last week’s Sunday 7 (New In, New Year) post – but didn’t make the cut.

One of the reason’s behind that was that I saw that one of my insta-friends, @nataliejayne_semmens had ordered the dress, so I figured I’d wait to hear her thoughts:


First thing to note: Natalie is an incredibly stylish lady, who can pull off pretty much any style, shape, cut and colour… so there was no doubt in my mind that she would look stunning in this dress.

And doesn’t she?

Look stunning!

For reference, Natalie is around the 5’4″ marker – it’s so good to see the dress on a real person with real life proportions rather than a model (who of course, is also a real life person with her own real life proportions, I know – but most models tend to be beyond ‘us mere mortals’ with their combined height & petite sizing, that’s all I’m saying. Polar opposite of me if you will – I’m waaaaaay down the other end of the spectrum, right?!).

Anyway, seeing the dress on Natalie confirmed it would be too long on all 5′ shortness of me.

Second thing to note: dress has a split at the back… a split in the top section:


Which poses potential underwear issues, but I’d probably just wear a cami under it in spring / summer.

Though whilst it’s still winter, I would wear it with tights and ankle boots as well as one my old faithful Uniqlo Heattech Turtle necks underneath and even a chunky knit long line cardi over the top.

But… and I know this means you get 2-in-1 here, if you love the colour of this dress, but the split at the back is a total deal-breaker for you, I have found this similar coloured HM Puff Sleeve Crepe Dress (£39.99) as an alternative:


The high neckline is more appealing to me than the Topshop dress but…


… I think I prefer the Topshop dress overall.

However, see those nude / cream ankle boots H&M have styled the dress with?

They lead on nicely to my next item…

6. Topshop – Arizona Western Boots (cream £65)


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you’ll know I love a good western cowboy boot.

And the lovely cream / off-white colour of this Topshop pair, might just be *the* ones…

They’d look lovely with the two dresses above (no.7) and a bit like white trainers, they could be worn with pretty much any outfit, any time of year.


Not sold?

Picture the boots with a plain black midi?

Or with a denim skirt?

Under wide leg trousers?

I happen to think the options are endless…

However, if cream isn’t your colour, then they are also available in Black Leather as well as these shiny, fierce Black Patent ones which, unlike the cream and regular black, are not made from leather, but they are still the same price!

These are definitely on my wish list…

… in fact, I’m thinking I should order to just see…?!


That said, I draft this post on Friday’s whilst the boys are at school so that my blogging doesn’t impact on our weekend (though yes, I may tweak /edit a little on Sunday evenings…)

ANYWAY… these Arizona boots have already made an appearance on my ever growing #fridayfeet this week!

The lovely @katejoneslondon (who has immaculate taste & style by the way) has already ordered a pair… I’m looking forward to seeing how she styles them up!

5. H&M –  Wide Twill Trousers (Natural White £39.99)


Sticking with cream… I’m loving these wide-leg trousers from H&M.

Again, wear now with a beatnik vibe black turtle neck, black ankle boots or loafers and with a pea coat or longer line belted coat.

But wear in spring, as per H&M’s styling of long sleeved tee and sandals and then into summer with a short sleeved tee and flip-flops.

The trousers would also look gorgeous with tan, navy… not to mention a denim shirt knotted at the front or denim jacket.

I’m sold!

Unfortunately – us shorties would most likely need to shorten these… I already have some Wide Leg ankle grazing crops from last Spring: but I’m definitely hankering a good wide leg flappy full length trouser.

And make no mistake fellow petites: there is something about full length wide trousers that kind of makes you look shorter…

However, if you feel happy in them, then that is absolutely, 100% all that matters.

After all, the first rule of fashion is that there are no rules, right?!

4. Topshop – Colour Block Western Shirt (£36)


Totally digging the cowgirl vibes of this shirt.

{did I really just say “digging” – sorry… pass me a bucket!}

I totally get that the “yee-haw-ness” of this shirt is gonna be TOTAL marmite: I’m in the loving it camp, obvs.

I like the retro 70s longer line collar – and boy oh boy did I use to wear a LOT of (mainly vintage) shirts with style 70s collar, circa late 90s…

But it’s a style I’m happy to go back to… perhaps it’s being a 70s baby that the 70s trends and styles seem to be a part of my DNA?!

The shirt from the back:


I really like the colour contrast… I don’t look good in blush pink, but having the ox-blood panels/collar next to my face/skin might be a good way for me to wear a colour I love, but that doesn’t look brilliant on me.

Again, I’m thinking of ordering this one to check it out in the flesh… because I could be completely wrong about the colour thing.

I think I’d mainly wear it with jeans (blue & black) and under dungarees.

3. Topshop  – MOTO Cargo Wide Leg Cropped Jeans (£30)TS-MOTO-Wide-leg-cropped-jeansBefore I launch into my ramblings… how exactly are these cropped?

They have an inside leg of 30″ which means ankle-grazing for the average UK lady of 5’4.5″ (according to google…)

…too long on any one below 5’4.5″ …

…but yes, cropped on the fortunate, lovely long legged, tall ladies.

All that said, I’m thinking that the models used by Topshop are not usually ‘average’ height, they are model-height-tall, so I’m struggling to believe that the inside leg of these really is just 30″.

Would love to hear if any of you have these?

Back to the cargo pants… khaki’s… utility trousers, what ever you wanna call them… they’re not the reserve of just Spring/Summer.

Although I know that’s exactly what a great many of us save our khaki’s for… even if they’re the same weight of cotton as most denim (therefore as warm – or cold,  as most of our jeans.)

I wore these Topshop Khaki Utilty Trousers (£39 limited sizes) on Friday:


My Khaki’s were from the petites range, which I’m sorry to say – I can’t find online, and for reference, I had to size down.

They are a thinner weight cotton than most denim, but it was milder here on Friday, and the softness of these khaki’s make them as comfortable as joggers to be honest.

So why just save them for the milder months?!

2. H&M – Wool Blend Neon Orange Coat (£59)


In the drab, grey, bleak mid-winter, this coat is just the tonic to cheer you up, don’t you think?

In LOVE with the tomato reddy/orange (described by H&M as neon orange) of this coat.

I think I prefer the colour to a proper pillar-box, Royal Mail kind of red… which does looks fabulous in Winter… but the orangey tone of this H&M one, is that little bit zingier (not a real word, I know) for Spring.

And it’s just £59, which is such a good price… plus, if you happen to have young kids, then they’re not going to lose you in a hurry, are they?!

I’m sorely tempted… but alas, it would be ankle length on me.

I’m just gonna take a final moment to appreciate the simple white tee, blue jeans and black loafer styling for the coat from H&M: love. it. ALL.

*sigh* if only I was 2 inches taller…

Right, speaking of black loafers, here’s my number one this week:

1. Dune @ John Lewis – Guilt Loafers (Black £75)


When the Gucci Gods failed me on the loafer front this Christmas, I knew that I’d have to go high-street for some black loafers, something which I felt my wardrobe was in desperate need of.

A good pair of loafers are a versatile addition to any ‘shoedrobe’: they are safe, elegant and timeless… somewhat boring even.

All of which combined are the very definition of a wardrobe ‘classic’.

Classics don’t date and add that little bit of extra pizzazz and ‘chic’ to any old outfit.

Including a bog standard white tee and jeans combo (see the H&M styling in No. 2).

Seriously, if you don’t have any – go buy some, wear them with anything, and you’ll instantly be at least 25% French!

Aaaaanyway… back to me & my purchase: as luck would have it, I received a rather generous John Lewis voucher from my brother for Christmas.

{thank you bro no.2!}

In my ‘older’ years, I’ve really come to appreciate vouchers as gifts, almost more than actual cash… it’s kind of like money that you *have* to spend on yourself where as actual cash can often slip through my fingers on to this or that, then I owe myself back X-amount of money etc etc.

So, for a few days, it was nice to toy around with what I would spend my voucher on – some new bling: a necklace perhaps? a bracelet?

Or should I buy those cushions I had my eye on?

And then I remembered: there’s a Dune concession at John Lewis and bingo!

The fabulous loafers I’d spotted a while back on Avril (A life to Style) were in stock… a bit of a bummer that they weren’t in the sale, but given they were going to be “free” with my voucher, it didn’t really matter… and I definitely can’t wait to wear them sock free – in Spring:


The loafers are of course available directly from Dune and the red suede version (available in most sizes) are currently reduced to £37 if buying directly from Dune.


However, if it’s leather you want, then both John Lewis and Dune have the loafers available in black leather, patent black mock croc and patent red mock croc as well.

Here I am in mine, stupidly baring my ankles on what turned out to be one of those stupidly freezing, blue-skied January days:


You can of course wear loafers now, in Winter… but you are better off *not* bearing your ankles!

Whether you go for a jazzy sock (as per last week’s Sunday 7 wild card item) or tights… it’s simply not bare ankle weather just yet.

Even if you wear two coats like I am here!

Stinker of the Week: New Look – Textured Pea Coat (reduced from £39.99 to £18)


In principle, there is absolutely nothing wrong with this coat – I like the look of it very much.

So much so, I went to my local New Look store to try it on earlier this week.

They didn’t stock this lovely Rust colour which I was after, not the Navy, so I tried the Khaki on in a size 6.

I’m afraid I didn’t take any photos as I had a bit of a ‘changing room episode’: once the coat was on – I felt it was a bit ‘meh’ in the shape and fit… it fitted across my shoulders but was really wide across my chest, under the arms… but the sleeves… the sleeves were crazy narrow.

Admittedly, I had a reasonably thick knit on… but as I pulled the coat down off my shoulders – and rather stupidly tried to shake off the coat from my arms, I found it didn’t budge.


I spent the next two minutes getting into a hot, sweaty tizz… and of course I freed myself, but that momentary panic of “GOD! I’m going to die in this changing cubicle with arms pulled behind me and stuck in the coat!” is an awful feeling.

And yes, I am a bit of a drama queen when I panic.

I legged it out of the shop as fast as possible and was delighted to inhale some fresh air and be free of the wretched pea coat.

I returned the following day and measured the sleeve (flat) against the sleeve of another coat: there was at least a one inch, if not fractionally more difference in the width.

This means, the overall sleeve opening was about 2.5 inches less than my Topshop Check Coat (see my photo in no.1 above)…. so no wonder I couldn’t get the sleeves back over my hands.

It won’t surprise you at all, that the sizing availability on this sales coat is good – most sizes available in all colours.

Great if you have match stick thin arms (which I kind of do) – but you also need teeny, tiny baby hands (which I don’t), and great if you never wear sweaters (which again, I pretty much always need to).

Really crappy design / badly made Pea Coat in my opinion, hence I’m awarding it Stinker of the Week!

Wildcard of the Week: Mango Studded Mix Jacket (coming soon to the website £79.99)


There’s quite a lot going on in this jacket, isn’t there?

I remember having a similar jacket in my late teens – though mine was all black.

This Mango tan (faux) suedette and black jacket though… is pretty busy with the two colours, studs, sleeve zips *AND* fringing at the back:


It’s very… Coach-esque.

And I’m wondering… would a jacket like this be the reserve of the young, or can I style it up to be suitable for us 40-somethings?

I’m not sure how well I’m going to do with it, but here goes nothing!

LOOK 1 – Even Cowgirls Get the Blues:


For Look 1, I’m going full blown western cliché with a Topshop Floral and Spot Print Shirt, the Topshop Arizona Boots (in cream, £65) and of course a blingy buckled belt such as this Mango Embossed buckle Belt (£6.99) – but having thought about a bag for this look and hitting a big fat brick wall of a blank (I mean: what kind of bag would a cowgirl carry? Gawd! It’s not fancy dress – I need to get a life!) I think perhaps, one of these Zara Belt Bags  (£15.99) instead of the blingy buckled belt, what do you think?

LOOK 2 – Maxamilst Mayhem:


For Look 2, I’m going with a print clash against the tan & black of the mango jacket: Starting with this Topshop Paisley Print Dress (£49) over (my favourite) a Black Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck (£12.90).  Going with these ‘orange’ suede Other Stories Chelsea Boots (£110).  And perhaps a fringed bag? I’m loving this London Velvet Fringed Bag in Charcoal Noi

Look 3 – Forever Black:LOOK3

Going for the easy option of all black here, for an evening out perhaps, but the jacket would hopefully give this look a little edge: Wear the jacket over this Zara Dress with Funnel Collar (£15.99), some Zara Contrasting Sock Style High Heel Ankle Boots (£55.99), a bit of bling – something like this Tilly Sveaas Large Silver Wing Necklace (£150), and finish your look with one of these oh so cool Rouje Gaia Bag (black – $270).

So… what do you think of the looks for the jacket?

How’d I do?!

I actually think I may have talked myself around to this jacket… though in all honesty, much as I would love to buy it on a whim, I need my wardrobe to work hard on the small amount I have to invest in it… so I won’t be investing my readies in this jacket.

For now.

And that’s a wrap on another Sunday 7…

…after last week’s smugness that I got to spend the day at home in snuggly socks and yoga leggings, it was my turn to be on the freezing cold, bleak rugby sidelines this morning.  And on dog walking duties given the husband has had to work this weekend: karma’s a bit of a b!tch, isn’t she?!

Would love to hear your thoughts on my picks this week, especially on the Wildcard looks: leave a comment & I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for reading.