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How’s your week been?

Aside from the inevitable minor dramas which, when living in England, go hand-in-hand with a wee dusting of snow… not much going on here at Chez Threads this past week.

We may have finally, finally… like… f.i.n.a.l.l.y. said goodbye to January, but the ‘hangover’ of fatigue from what was the longest January since records began, is yet to dissipate.

I would normally see the start February as a positive, a time of hope… unfortunately the arrival of a ‘big freeze’ has sort of quashed those feelings for me…

It’s temporary, right?

I’ve seen crocus pushing through the frosts and snow.


When ever I feel like this, I always like to see what’s out there in the way of a cheap ‘pick me up’…

So here are 7 little things, ranging from £3.99 – £30, which might just put a little skip in your step without having to break the bank.

7. H&M – Hoop Earrings (£3.99) silver earring


Pearls… in particular fresh-water pearls have been popping up all over the place, and now that they’re available in H&M (albeit the faux-pearl variety,) I’d say it’s official: they will be e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. this summer.

These cute gold hoops with faux pearl are a bargainous beauts for just £3.99, if you fancied dipping your toe into pearly waters; also available in Silver:


I bought similar, though real-gold, with actual fresh-water pearls from Mia Lia this Christmas, if you fancied splashing out on the real deal:


When I say ‘I bought,’ what I mean of course is that I ordered myself, for myself, for Le Husband to wrap and give to me on Christmas Day.

They’re called Baroque Hoop Earrings (£68) if you’re interested.

6. New Look – Dark Brown Beret (£4)


I popped into town on Thursday… in what felt like the first time in over a month.

(Probably because it was the first time in over a month!)

Anyway, I spotted a lovely rust brown beret in New Look, popped it on my tiny rice crispy head and… it was a good fit.

I checked the price (£8) which I thought was reasonable and decided to make it my cheap treat.

After all, my black Accessorize Beret is about 20 years old and still going strong, so I figured I’d get my money’s worth.

When the sales assistant rang it through the till, she asked for £2.50.

My eyes may have popped out a little.

I hastily narrowed them, trying to play it cool… and asked if she was sure, given no where on the accessories stand was there any sign of reductions…

She smiled and nodded.

I asked if she could wait so I could run back and get another in red, and she kindly obliged.

So I picked up two Beret’s for a fiver.


I can’t see any Beret’s online which are reduced *that* much, but they are down to between £3 – £4.

And unlike a thicker, beanie style woolly hat, Beret’s will work through the earlier, chillier part of Spring.

5. Zara – High Neck T-shirt (£7.99)


The new-in, Zara Special Prices section is always worth a gander.

I’m liking the idea of this higher neck tee, it’s very ‘me’, and would work really well as a base layer or as a stand-alone top.

It’s also available in Black.

4. Zara – Two-tone Woven Tote Bag (£19.99)


Cute basket bag… polyurethane woven basket… but it’s looks like a cute size and has a cross-body strap.

Love it!


Loving the print clash here!

Given how much I use baskets in Spring/Summer… this is one I am definitely considering.

3. M&S – Short Sleeve Shirt (£25)


I know this top doesn’t look like much at first glance, but just imagine… if the M&S stylist and *just* thought to tuck that tiny front bit… by the lower button, a little tuck into the waistband of the trousers…

I think it’s a really good little buy for the money, especially in the coming months ahead given the lovely mix of 55% linen, with the rest being viscose…

… it’ll keep us ladies of a certain age from over heating, but it won’t crease to kingdom come.

The top is also available in Khaki.

I won’t be buying this top of course: firstly, it’s M&S, so it’d be too wide/ill-fitting on me… their 6’s are more often than not, like 8’s and secondly, both colours are particularly pale (though not quite pastel) and would look totally yuck on me.

2. Next – Animal Print Button Skirt (£20)


So this is a turn up for the books… me, liking an actual animal print skirt enough to think about making a purchase.

Here’s the thing about animal print: I do like the look of it, and often feel a little green-eyed about how well others pull it off.

But just as florals aren’t my thing in reality, I do periodically like to order… just to ensure I’m not cutting my own nose off to spite my face.

I like the richer brown tones of this particular animal print; the side button detailing and of course, although the skirt isn’t available in a shorter length, it would still work as a maxi-midi on us shorties.

I haven’t ordered but it’s in my basket.

The skirt is also available in Mono:


Which in reality is probably more ‘me’ however, as I say, I may order the animal print one just to see…

#youneverknow #thismightbetheone

1. Zara – Animal Print Sunglasses (£15.99)



First I tell you I can’t wear animal print… but here I am including two animal print pieces in a row!

{insert face-slap emoji right here!}

These sunnies are more tortoiseshell though, right?

And weird as it may seem, I’ve never really thought of that as animal print.

{Tell me that’s not just me? ooooh. It is just me… eek!}


What can I tell you… I like these sunnies, I would definitely wear them, BUT…

… if you have a Primark near you, you could probably pick up half-a-dozen similar pairs for the price.

My nearest Primark is the best part of a two hour round trip… so ordering from Zara would be cheaper than my petrol/parking costs.


{*deliberate typo btw!}

This week, there’s no Stinker or Wildcard, as I’ve had an extraordinarily physically demanding (aka clearing out kids playroom, dump runs, charity shop runs, lofting things… basically, carrying and lugging heavy sh!t…) and I am beat.

Instead, you’re getting three Beany-Bonuses!


Beany Bonus 1 – H&M Paper Bag Trousers (£17.99)


Elasticated waist people…


Elasticated waist!

Plus, I haven’t featured a good old wide-leg-crop in aaaages?!

Love the dark Khaki colour for summer, although you could wear these now.

I’d go with tights or knee high socks underneath and loafers/hikers with a lovely slouchy knit or hoodie.

There are two other colours available: Light Blue Stripe (far too PJ like for me…) and Dark Blue Floral (just not my thing though…)

Beany Bonus 2 – Mango Bicolour Openwork Polo Shirt (£29.99)


Another very ‘me’ piece… perfectly summery, a little minimal with just a touch of interest.

{What more could you ask for?!}

This polo shirt would look completely wonderful with plain, simple tailored bottoms: whether an A-line midi, pencil skirt or ankle grazers.

Add a pair of simple flat white pumps or slings, and one of this season’s cutesy little ‘box’ bags, and you’re sorted.

Speaking of cutesy bags…

Beany Bonus 3 – Zara Black Raffia Mini Bag (£29.99)


Okay, it’s not a box bag, but this cute raffia number from Zara, has more than a little of the way-more-expensive Wicker Wings about it.

And for that reason, this final item might just be my ***buy of the week!***

Apologies to those of you who were looking forward to my Stinker / Wildcard features… they will return next week!

Having said, now that playroom has been cleared out, and Le Husband has been busy doing the dreaded ‘groundwork’ of prep…

… which means I may well be painting and wallpaper for the whole week.



Thanks for reading, would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s cheap pick-me ups: leave a comment and I’ll get back to you!

Thank you