Hola! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend?

It’s the start of a month, which, in theory means, wages have been paid and a time to feel ‘flush’.

However, just to buck the trend… I’m feeling a little skint at the mo and as such, thought I’d do a Sunday 7 full of little cheap-as-chips pick me ups.

And I do mean cheap.

And by ‘pick me ups’ I mean small, little cheap purchases which can put a little spring in your step, but barely make a dent in your bank balance.

I’m sure we’ve all read ‘quick, cheap, feel good pick-me-ups’ lists before in magazines and perhaps other blogs… which a lot of the time, turn out to be items which are actually in my upper-end budget and not cheap (for me) at all.

It’s all relative I guess.

So, because I love a bit of a challenge, I’ve set an upper limit of £25 for today’s post – none of my Sunday 7 will cost more than that; however, the items I style up my Wildcard item with, might have to cost more than £25, but I’ll try and keep item costs as low as possible for the 3 looks today.

7. HMFine Knit Jumper (£24.99)


Who doesn’t love a breton stripe?

What I really like about this knit is the half-sleeves.

As well as the breton stripes of course!

This would look great with pretty much everything whether culottes, trousers, skirts or a good old pair of worn-in boyfriend jeans with a rolled up hem.  In fact, I would happily wear it over a shirt dress too.

It’s made from a viscose-polyamide mix, which ok, are not natural fibres but on the other hand it means the knit will wash well. #anythingforaneasylife

6. ZaraCat’sEye Sunglasses (£15.99)


A pop of red on your face?

There are plenty of cheap and cheerful sunnies around, but it’s the pop of red on the Zara Cat’s eye sunglasses which have caught my eye.

The thing about a lot of high street sunnies is, they only come in one size and so you kind of have to have a head that is just the right size (rather than a small little pea head like me!)

If I’m not selling these to you, and you think the red looks naff, take a look at the pic of the model wearing them:


Love this look!

I really love the red… perfect for summer… and perfect for those of us who don’t feel comfortable wearing red lippie!

5. Topshop: Heatwave Sandals (£18)


Summer on your feet!

A tan sandal instantly says *proper* summer… these are apparently 100% Buffalo leather: and for just £18?!

They are also available in Black and Gold as well: be quick though, as I reckon they will sell out fast.

Definitely going to get me a pair of these!

4. New Look: White Paisley Print Bandana (£4.99)


love the delicate colours

New Look has a fair few gorgeous prints of neckties/bandana’s in at the moment, but this White Paisley Print Bandana gets my vote: perfect for all seasons with its subtle colours, and WHAT.a BARGaIN!

I have extolled the virtues of a bandana as a neck-tie in previous posts but just in case you’ve missed those: a neck tie instantly adds a chic little “je ne sais quoi” to any and every outfit: wear with a shirt, a crew neck sweater or t-shirt… or simply tie a bandana to the strap of your bag, around your wrist and of course, use as a hair band as well.

What’s not to love?

3. HM: Printed T (£12.99)


What do you see? Lover or Lower?!

So I spotted this Tee in HM earlier this week, and it took me a while to figure out that it says ‘Lover’; I genuinely saw the word ‘lower’ – which I kind of liked.

Also, if it’s meant to be a word written with it’s reflection, I’m pretty certain that the ‘L’ is wrong? Though if it was a true mirror image ‘L’, I guess we wouldn’t be able to read it properly.

Either way, I’m splitting hairs here.

I liked the Tee and nabbed one and… have been wearing mine today.

Just for reference, £12.99 is quite a lot for a tee from HM who usually do the printed t-shirts for in and around £8; however their cheapest tee’s don’t wash particularly well and can often lose their shape or end up with the side-seam twisting round the front.

This ‘Lover’ tee is made from a slightly thicker jersey and is definitely of better quality.

Whether it will be a side-seam-twister remains to be seen.

2. Mango: Tassels Pendant Earrings (£12.99)



How pretty are these?

So after last years Pom-pom and bag-charm tassel epidemic, which has shown no signs of abating this season… it was inevitable that the trend would spread to earrings.

Statement earrings are having a moment, and if you can cope with the weight of wearing them, then these gorgeous Mango ones are on-point.

It’s difficult to judge exactly how big these earrings are from an online photo, but I’d wager that they’re pretty big.

I can’t really cope with giant earrings, in the way I can’t cope with weighing myself down with a tonne of any jewellery… but if I *could* wear them, then it would be this pair I’d be buying.

1. Bershka: Cherry Print T-shirt (£4.99)


Cool AF retro vibes…

So I spotted this cool retro looking t-shirt on the ‘explore’ page of my Instagram and placed an order for one in a single.heart.beat.

How cool is this t-shirt – for just a fiver?!

I can confirm that the XS is true to size and having just washed it… it hasn’t fallen apart (though I was careful and didn’t put it through the tumble dryer which, let’s face it, wears clothing out much faster than natural air drying.)

And also, there is no sign of a side-seam-twist: which is pretty amazing for five bucks!

You don’t need me to tell you how to style up a t-shirt… anything goes, right?

Here I am in mine:

And that’s my 7.

Stinker of the Week – is this New Look Top – which I can’t find online, but tried on in-store earlier this week (it was a ‘new-in’ so I guess it’ll be online soon):


Cute top at first glance?

A cute little top at first glance, right?

However… here I am in the Petites size 6, which does fit in the main, however, the sleeve-band around my arm was pretty tight.

And it was no better on the size 8, the rest of which was too big for me.

Plus, this is a flared, wide top which, whilst not crop-cropped, is just going to be too short in the body for most.

If it wasn’t for it’s poor cut, I would have bought it – it was just £14.99 and made of viscose so had a lovely drape to it.

Poor pattern design.


And my Wildcard this week is brought to you by Zara, in the form of a little Scrappy Gingham Top (£19.99) and I know it really, really won’t be for everyone:


No sleeves! Shoulders out! EEK!

So this kind of strappy little top is the reserve of the young, right?


Whilst there’s nothing wrong with the styling here, (in fact, I think it’s rather lovely)… there could be another way to wear this kind of top: for anyone who isn’t mega-young or particularly comfortable about showing their arms off, how about one of these looks:


Look 1 – Office:  Wearing this strappy gingham top over a shirt with some smart trousers & simple slides would be a great way to buy in to the strappy /bralet top thing.  These Zara Cropped Tuxedo Trousers (£29.99) with a white Zara Poplin Shirt (£19.99) whether the shirt is tucked in, or out, with the Gingham Top over it would look great; finish the look off with these gorgeous Zara Metallic Slides (£17.99) and this Zara Mesh City Bag (£29.99)

Look 2 – Out for drinks:  Again, wearing this top *over* a simple long sleeve tee such as this HM Off the Shoulder Top (£8.99) with a high waisted HM Pencil Skirt (£24.99) and a pop of red on your feet from these Topshop Kat Square Mules (£49) would be a really cute little look.  You could carry this Cos Mesh Market Bag (£25) folded over like a clutch or unfolded using its handles, but either way… another look I’d happily wear.  Not that I ever go out though!

Look 3 – Summer Vibes:  So I’m guessing you’ve worked out my theme by now. Yup – wear the Strappy Top over something! For mooching around town in summer, I’d wear the top over a HM Cotton plain white tee (£6.99) and this Warehouse Reconstructed Denim Skirt (£36) and the lovely tan Topshop Heatwave Sandals (£18) from this week’s Sunday 7.  All you need is a cute Zara Pom Pom Basket Bag (£19.99) and you’re set!

So that’s it from me for this week… what do you think of the cheap pick-me-ups?  Anything caught your eye?

As always, I do love to hear your thoughts – so leave a comment below.

I felt truly shattered today, right to my very core.


Well, I had a ‘day off’ from my boys yesterday and caught an early train to London for a haircut, a mooch around Oxford Circus and Regent’s Street before meeting up with some fabulously stylish Insta-buddies for an afternoon of eating, drinking and a lot of chatting.

Had a really wonderful afternoon and evening before catching the 20.20 and getting home by around 22.30.

I guess my body’s no longer used to daily train travel and walking around central London is more exhausting than I remember!

So it was a very lazy morning for us today, followed by a Pizza Express lunch then the boys went out to play footie whilst I got to blog. #aperfectday

Here I am today, in my HM printed tee, with my new, rather baggy Topshop Haden Boyfriend Jeans – I’ll talk more about these later in the week:


And one of me with my Insta-pals:

Sue, Me, Michelle and Natalie

It was great to meet my blogging-icons Sue (Susie So So) and Michelle (My Fashionable 40s) in the flesh after following their blogs for nearly 2 years now…I *might* have been feeling a bit #fangirl (star struck if you will!) as well as Natalie from Instagram (@nataliejayne_semmens) who is not only one stylish mama, she has the most amazing interiors / home to boot: if you’re on Insta, give them a follow!

All in all – a pretty fab weekend (for a change!) – hope yours was good?

Back on Thursday as usual.

Thanks for reading.