Hello again! It feels like a nano-second ago that I sat here and typed last week’s Sunday 7… blogging twice a week seems to make the weeks feel much shorter somehow!

Today, I thought I’d talk bags.

And rather selfishly, this isn’t really a list of the latest and greatest bags out there… no, it’s more a list of bags which have caught my eye and are “possibles” for a replacement everyday bag, for me.


So that quote there?

Not me at all.

At my hen-do, many moons ago, all my girls did a multiple-choice quiz thing compiled by my bestie (over lunch and fizz, obvs) to see how well they knew me.  Whilst most of the questions are both irrelevant and not for public consumption, there was one that is relevant to this post:

“What would Beans rather spend money on?” there were 3 options, one of which  (& the correct answer) was “accessories”.

It was the one question *all* my girls got right!

I love shoes, belts… had WAY too many belts in fact… scarves, necklaces… but the one thing I didn’t have a collection of was bags.

I had a few, sure, but in reality I love not carrying a bag – at all.

At uni, my friend and I had these ridiculous “wrist purses” –  imagine a shrunken bum bag for your wrist?

Like I said, ridiculous!

Our “pass, keys purse” meant our Student Union card would go in a jeans back pocket, key in a front pocket and cash in our wrist-purse to avoid too much old-man jingle-jangle-change in our pockets and of course it meant me could dance with our arms in the air (like we just didn’t care) and not have worry about “what to do with our bags?”.

No dancing around handbags for me!

Anyway, fast forward to the real world, where I did need to carry a little more than “pass, keys, purse”, I had to grow up and use a bag.

I’m not a big bag-swapper-over on a daily basis kind of gal, so having shed loads of them seemed pointless.

I am in fact fiercly bag-loyal.

When I find “the one” I pretty much stick with it until it breaks.

And that’s where I’m at currently.

18 months ago, Mr T was standing precariously on the edge of the bed frame, hanging a new ceiling light and as he stepped off the bed, he somehow got his foot caught in the strap of my favourite bag (which was hanging from the bed post) and broke the cross body strap with his massive size 45 camper sneakers.

He managed to rip the strap (still in it’s connecting rivet) right off the bag: it’s beyond repair.

6 years I put into that bag.

All those weeks of the leather stain rubbing off on my clothes; the leather softening and developing that worn-in patina..


It was just a £40 White Stuff cross-body bag, so I suppose it owed me nothing.

But I miss it, and I’m struggling to replace it.

I’ve currently been managing with these two bags, neither of which I’m happy with for total ‘everyday’ use:


This cute little Accessorize Red Camera Bag is a fab shade of red, brings most outfits to life, but… it’s zips are stiff (I scrape my knuckles on them all the time) and its not leather so won’t be softening anytime soon.  I do like it, but it’s not the everyday bag I’d hoped for.


I bought this Mango Pony Skin & leather bag in a sale at some point last year because I loved the animal print.

And it was reduced to what I would have wanted to pay for the bag which I planned to use only every now and then… however, that was before the Mr broke my favourite bag, and so I’ve had to use this bag more and more but again, it’s just not got that everyday-ness about it for me.

My criteria?

  • must be leather
  • no massive / noticeable branding
  • neutral colour for everyday use
  • simple, minimal – nothing fussy
  • cross-body bag
  • not too big (which some small cross body bags can look on me)
  • budget: in and around £100

So how hard can it be to find a plain, ordinary and somewhat boring bag that I like?

Well, it’s harder than you’d think.

7. Topshop: Ocean Crossbody Bag (£29)


Nice and simple…

So I told you I like a minimal bag… and if this was leather, I’d definitely think about ordering it as it is a lovely, plain, simple style.

I’m not sure about the clasp thingy though.

Given the price, it could be a good ‘temporary’ bag until I do find “the one”… likewise, the next bag….

6. John Lewis: KIN Clare Across Body Bag (£29)


Another sleek, minimal design…

I absolutely adore this bag!

However, it’s not leather.

On the other hand, for just £29?  It might be worth a punt? #watchthisspace

5: Jaeger: Leather Mini Saddle Bag (£125)


Such a sweet little bag!

Now this one I love and would buy in a heartbeat as it ticks all the boxes (even if it is a tad over my £100 budget) … apart from, it’s orange.

There is nothing wrong with orange – it would brighten up all the greys, blacks, blues and khaki’s in my wardrobe, which I would love to do every now and then.

It’s just that I know I won’t want to use a bright orange bag every day.

There is a black version, but it’s in a much larger size.

Back to the drawing board…

4. Other Stories: Gold Leather Ring Bag


Another good clean-lines bag

Now this, in theory, really does tick all boxes.

BUT, but, there is still a wee small ‘but’: the leather looks pretty stiff?

I’m pretty sure I *almost* bought this when I was in store in London recently, but something put me off… can’t quite remember ‘what’ though?!

3. Cos: Small Constructed Bag (£59)


How cute is this?

Now this could be just the ticket… plus it’s at a really great price point.

My only reservation (and yes, I am a fussy little b*gger) is: would it look too smart for my (mostly) very casual everyday style?

2. Jigsaw: Mini Lua Cross Body Bag (£98)


Love the shape

This bag would hit the mark in terms of versatility – and is available in black but I’ve included the photo of the wine coloured bag to add a bit of colour into the post!

The problem?  I’m not mad crazy on zip-topped bags: I always catch/scrape my knuckles on the zip.

There is a Jigsaw here in my small town so I might pop in and have a look at this one this week.

1. Other Stories: Leather Tassel Crossover Bag (£65)


Simple *and* casual!

I *think* this is it: we *might* just have a winner: It’s pretty simple; pretty casual and would work well with my (mostly) casual everyday style.

In the photo it looks khaki but is apparently grey.

However… could I cope with those tassels?!  I’m not sure.

Argh! I was hoping it would just one more decision to make: Grey, or Black… but by typing that about the tassels, I’ve just cast doubt in my own head again.

G’ah!  It’s hopeless!

So today, given the Sunday 7 is about bags, I’ve decided against doing a Stinker and Wildcard of the week.

Instead, I’ll give you my bag of dreams… as well as my bag of ….erm… dream-dreams!

First up is a bag I mention on my birthday wishlist back in June last year:

RSVP Paris: Pochette en Lézard noir (£620)


Minimalism at its finest!

What. is. not. to. love.?

This bag is a thing of beauty (in my eyes).

I’m never going to get it.

Aside from the price tag, it’s a bit too smart for me, for everyday use… and for that price, I would *need* to use it daily to bring the cost per wear right down,wouldn’t I?

However, it doesn’t stop me wanting it though!

And finally,  before I give you my bag of dream-dreams, I’d like to go back to the beginning of this post where I said I’m not *that* into handbags.

There are actually a tonne of handbags I see in magazines, shops and on my feed on Instagram which do make me skip a heartbeat and so of course I bloody want them!

I’m slightly obsessed with Coach, Chloe and Gucci bags  – who isn’t though?!  I accept that these ‘high-end’ bags are not only out of budget for me, but for the most part, too ‘grown-up’ looking for the not so grown-up looking 45 year old that I am.

I have come seriously close to buying an APC Half moon bag as well as a Suzanne Claude Messenger Bag but looking at the measurements of the bags online, I actually think these two styles would be too big for me and my everyday requirements!

There has never been any point in me buying loads of bags though, even back when I did have money to burn (well, I never burnt any money, but, you know… when I had more of it to spend on myself pre-kids & pre-mortgage!)

I know myself too well, and having a sh!t load of bags and swapping them over regularly is just too much hard work for lazy-bones me.

So here it is, a my perfect everyday bag of dream-dreams:


Similar to the RSVP Paris bag, but somehow more every day?

I love it.

The Mulberry Small Clifton bagjust £550.

Although…. it comes in so many colours… perhaps too many to chose from in fact: it’s no good for a procrastinator like me! I mean, I’d find it impossible to choose just one colour.


One day… eh?!

Is there anyone else out there like me who doesn’t swap bags over very often?  Or is it really just me?

Perhaps one of you has seen a wee bag out there which would be perfect for what I’m looking for?  Would love to hear from you…

Thanks for reading.