and *breathe*…

This is a big deal for me: putting myself out there somewhere on the world-wide-web after many years of shunning the likes of Myspace & Facebook and what not.  But, I guess, the time feels right.  I’ve also probably given it away, that I’m hardly a ‘girl’ given I am old enough to remember Myspace!

Anyway, enough rambling and a proper introduction:

I’m Bean, I am well into my 40s and after being a stay at home mum for the past 6 years, my wardrobe is at rock bottom.  I need EveRYtHinG.  Seriously… and here’s a little background as to why:

After 12 years of living in London, I moved a couple of hours away to a small town with my partner and firstborn (aka Full Moon).  During the past 5 years, we’ve settled into a slower pace of life and bought a house; welcomed our second-born (aka Half Moon) and built up a social life with lovely local friends. We basically have a pretty relaxed, chilled life.  Although… that “chilled” element might just disappear after this weekend, when we finally get to bring our lovely pup home (SO excited!  More about that later, no doubt).

So… the thing that has suffered most since I became a full time mum is my wardrobe.  Before kids, I’d like to think that I was always on it, with the latest trends, mixed in with a well stocked wardrobe of staples & classics.  The labels you’d find in my wardrobe back then was a mixture of budget stores through to mid-range high street and even the occasional higher end treat.

Living in a small town was a huge change from what I was used to in London in terms of fashion & the way I dress.  Mainly in the fact that there weren’t many shops at all (White Stuff, Fat Face, TK Maxx and M&S were pretty much it!).  That said, during the past few years, we’ve had some new high street chains opening up, including H&M, TopShop, New Look & a Jigsaw.  Sadly though, there are no cute little boutiques like Iris on Northcote Road in Clapham Junction or other similar little boutiques dotted around SW London.  And although I can shop online, its those one-off, independent boutiques I miss popping into – in the flesh!

The way I dress changed simply by virtue of the fact that I was no longer employed and having two little ones, I guess I sort of stopped buying clothes regularly given they’d probably get trashed anyway.  I just had to make do and so I drifted into a fashion wilderness of my own making.

Roll forward 6 years and, my clothes are knackered and threadbare… in fact, it was that very word ‘threadbare’ which helped me settle on my name for this blog…

What is SmallTownThreads?  This is a blog about me attempting to regain my fashion-mojo whilst rebuilding my wardrobe – from almost scratch.  You’ll find regular pics of my outfits (good & bad); wishlists full of items I covet; trends I like & trends I don’t like; bargains I’ve found & top-tips as well as  reviews of any items I’ve bought, particularly those bought from any ‘petites’ ranges, as all too often, the cut of these can be very hit & miss.

Although I still face the issue of my Lemonade budget vs Champagne wishes… hopefully, there’s some sort of Prosecco level out there?

I’d love for you to join me in my quest to rebuild my wardrobe, and watch me bring my Threads back up to date from the basics to the classics to the odd questionable piece no doubt, but hopefully, all with a splash of my very own style.


On  my way to visit our new pup who was 7 weeks old on Saturday. Naturally, I thought it best to don my scruffs as I really didn’t fancy possible puppy accidents on any of my (very few) nicer wardrobe items I own, so am wearing:

Bean - portrait

Bean – wall portrait again

  • Also wearing:
  • Navy Timberland Skate sneakers (TK Maxx, out of stock)

Saturday Evening: off to a 40th, which was in a pub so kept it casual. Especially as it was Freezing!  Warmth always comes first for a cold-blooded-little-lizard like me!  I’m wearing:


  • Navy & Black bobble hat (old, Accessorize)
  • Sleeveless military patch-pocketshir, and yes, Navy again (old)
  • Red skinny belt (old, Jack Wills; similar)
  • Jeans (Diesel Skinzee Super Skinny)
  • Pointed Gold Zara Ankle Boots (sold out; available on eBay)


  • And bringing me my much needed warmth:
  • My lovely Mustard quilted coat (Zara).
  • Small wrist strap purse (a gift from a friend, a few years ago)

Mothering Sunday: not exactly an ‘outfit post’, I had planned on wearing the lovely Esprit Star Print Sweatshirt that I requested and was ordered for me, but sadly it didn’t arrive on time.  Instead I’ve posted a pic of the adorable key-ring Full Moon made for me at a jewellery making party he went to last weekend (- he was one of only two boys there!); and…

… here I am, getting lovely warm cuddles from my beautifull little moons.  We were on our way out for afternoon tea with my mum. Feeling blessed & grateful. Xx