So… there are a great many things I want, primarily for my home… however, I spend every spare hard earned eBay penny on clothing & shoes.


And for my birthday in the summer, I have no qualms in requesting more clothing bits and bobs, even though I buy for myself all year round.

However, at Christmas, I’m the classic “can’t think of anything I want”…

Although in truth, it’s probably because I’d just like to go and buy what I do want myself:

all-i-want-for-xmasI know, not really in the spirit of things, eh?

Selfish? Moi?

Well, perhaps… a little.

But in my defence, pretty much everything (clothing wise) I *do* want costs so much, I can’t afford to buy it, so I can’t imagine my friends or family will be able to either!

Instead for Christmas, if asked, I usually like to ask for bits and bobs which I know I won’t get round to buying for myself, bits for the home… is that a bit weird? I’m not the only one who does this… am I?!

Ok, so perhaps it’s just me!

Anyway, here’s an absolute corking list of beautiful items any fashionista would be proud to have in her home, and all, very Instagrammable to boot:


Following on from my Spirit of Christmas Fair “New Discoveries” blog post, here are the few stalls which caught my eye:

Counting Stars caught my eye as I walked past their stall, primarily because of all the glitter & sparkle catching the lights… they have some fabulous cards and mounted prints all at affordable prices:

Both these prints cost just £14.99, and would look perfect hung up where the light can catch the glitter and gems to sparkle…

Similarly, these are also just lovely:

These cost slightly more at £19.99, but again, very affordable and pretty cute.

Moving on to the other end of the budget spectrum, is Cissy Cook Designs who creates the most beautiful box frames of butterflies and dragonflies in flight:

These are so, so, beautiful in the flesh with prices ranging from £320 – £1000, depending on size.

Here in our Threads family household, we grown ups usually don’t spend much on one another, but usually buy something for the house which we need whether its new posh cutlery, new speakers… and well, I would seriously have considered one of these box frames if we actually had some where to hang one.

Moving on from Spirit of Christmas fair, to a favourite independent Instagram boutique, New Icons of Print, they have a fabulous array of typography prints, including lyrics:

So sweet!

So sweet! And just £30

And which Mama wouldn’t want this hanging up in her home:


a reminder to every one in the home of your inner-cool!

New Icons, also take bespoke requests and with prices ranging from £15 – £50, they are very much worth looking at.


You can never have too many cushions, right?  In fact… our home is woefully lacking in this area… and sticking with typography, these are some of my favourites:

I loves this Urban Outfitters Good Vibes cushion, as first spotted in the stylish home of Dee Campling:


This would add some much needed cheer to my rather say, sorry worn looking Habitat Days Forum Sofas…

This Next cushion caught my eye, because it’s so very apt for my 4 year old:


Very apt for my 4 year old little home-bird

My youngest child is a big fan of staying at home… when I used to attempt to go along to toddler groups, as a baby, he would grizzle and as soon as he could speak he’d be asking to go home within 5 minutes of arriving at playgroup.

At just £12, I think this Next cushion is fabulous and will definitely be purchasing!

Next also have this rather fabulous Sam Schnauzer cushion as well…


its for the kids! honest!

Now, I always said I wouldn’t be one of those pet owners who suddenly starts seeking out artworks of her pet, and yet… I know the boys would love this one in their playroom… and for just £14, it is a bit of a bargain!

Our puppy is a definitely lap-pup and is always allowed up on the sofa for evening cuddles… however, my sister doesn’t allow her Springer Spaniel to do so, so I thought this cushion might be a great one for her:


Rather apt for my sister’s dog…

This one is from Barbara Coupe and costs £55.  I love it.

However, if you just want to add some bling to your sofas, how about this triangle beauty:


Adore this! Totally appeals to my magpie tendencies…

You can order this lovely Raine & Humble Triangle Cushion from Hero Online and it’s a bit of a bargain at £25.

And finally, at this time of year, who wouldn’t love a nice shaggy cushion to snuggle against during the cold, dark evenings:


So soft and cuddly…

This shaggy bargainous beauty is just £8 from Matalan and comes in cream if you prefer a paler cushion.

Sadly, with two rather messy young boys, I can’t imagine the shaggy or metallic cushions looking good in my house for very long, they would absolutely wreck them!  One day though…

Random Stuff

There’s also just other stuff I want… “tat” as my husband calls it, but hey, I can’t help it… I do love a bit of tat!  Including these Baby Bunny Lamps from Lapin & Me:


That’s a “NO!” from my husband then…

I know… not for everyone, and most definitely vetoed by Mr T, but I’d love one of these on my shelves… “only £64…?”  Yes, he was horrified.  I’m currently hatching a plan of how to get one into our home…

Lapin & Me is a treasure trove of retro-kitsch pieces if that’s your thing. Worth a peek.

Moving on to another Instagram discovery is Mon Pote, a lovely little interiors boutique based in Bristol – my home town, where I grew up… and although my parents moved from Bristol a couple of years ago, this little store isn’t far from where they used to live and so I had to give them a little mention.

What’s not to love about this fabulous T-rex lamp:


Perfect for the playroom

This chap would be perfect in any kids playroom or bedroom and priced very fairly at 35.

I love these Linen Rose Vases, £16-£20, depending on size:


I think these look more expensive than they are…

Mon Pote also stock the Perpetual Calendar (by House Doctor):


Perfect for any kitchen.

If you are stuck for gift ideas, do take a look at Mon Pote, as they have some lovely things.

And finally, my most favourite and top of my #want list are these truly fabulous Shop Consept plates and mugs:


I definitely have a place on my wall for Karl

And these mugs:

I love Karl! I even dressed up as Mr Lagerfeld for a “Come as someone famous beginning with the letter K” Party once.  I hate spending money on fancy dress, and Karl Lagerfeld is a pretty easy costume… after a good old rummage in my ‘to sell on eBay’ cupboard, I had everything I needed, but spent £1.73 on 2 cans of white hairspray and bam! I was Karl:


I loved being Karl for a night!

Apologies for the terrible quality of the photo, but its pretty much the only photographic evidence I have.

Anyway, back to the fashion plates… they come in two sizes and cost £65-75, and as well as Karl, you could choose Anna Wintour instead, or perhaps Jean-Paul Gaultier?

The mugs come in at £25 and to be honest, although a tad pricey, they’re a bit of fun though, right?

Hope my list has inspired you in some way, and of course its not a definitive list… there’s a tonne of other stuff I’d like to list on here but frankly, not sure you’d have time to read through it all!

As ever, would love to hear your thoughts… would you go for a Karl Lagerfeld plate on your wall, or Victoria Beckham?

Happy shopping!


PS I assumed with my very dark hair that I’d need 2 can’s of white hairspray to cover it; I only needed one can in the end, so still have a spare can of white hair spray if you’re interested…?!!