Sunday 7 – Midi Skirts

Oct 9th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 11 min read

Hello! And welcome to another another Sunday 7. After wasting a good couple of days this week, faffing about choosing a wedding outfit, I settled on a maxi skirt & top combo… this skirt would in reality be a midi length on most, but of course it was a full length number on titchy moi. Anyway, it got me to thinking about midi skirts… and…


No Spend October

Oct 4th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 9 min read

Hello Everyone – haven’t managed a mid-week post in a while but today is a special day. It’s the 4th of October and, day four of Rachel the Hat’s #nospendoctober. If you click on the link, you’ll go through to Rachel’s fabulous blogpost, all about the pressures of keeping up with the “insta-jones” and yet, because Rachel is a style blogger, surely she should be…


Sunday 7 – Get your sparkle on!

Oct 1st, 2017 Small Talk Bean 19 min read

Hello And here we are, at the beginning of October: how the frick did that happen?! Whilst most of us try and ignore the fact that the Big C is fast approaching… there’s also, no ignoring it really, right? The Big old C is pretty synonymous with sequins and a bit of bling, but for me, no sooner does the weather turn grey & gloomy and it’s open…


Sunday 7 – a bit of this & a bit of that…

Sep 24th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 12 min read

Hello! It’s been a week where I’ve felt somewhat lost… I’ve been running around like a headless chook with “renovations errands” and at home, with up to 8 workmen busy doing their thing in pretty much every room, I’ve not really been able to call home “home” during the day. So I have literally been on the move all week, from pillar to post, all…


Sunday 7 – Autumn Ankles

Sep 17th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 18 min read

Hello!  Isn’t September just flying by?! I blame the kids. Kids and their weekly routines just make each week blend into the next, with no rest-bite or break from the continuity and before you know it, it will be (whispers) C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s! Yikes! So I’ve been feeling pretty flat this week because our builders, who were on holiday for the last week of August, and, who…


Trench Style

Sep 13th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 8 min read

So, just lately, I’ve been reaching for my non-waterproof mac-style trenches on repeat. When you’re petite (as in short!) it’s quite tricky to find a trench style coat which has sleeves the right length, not to mention the over all length of the coat. And so… I’ve rounded up some of the best trenches on offer for us petites (although pretty much all are available in…


Feeling Rusty

Sep 10th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 18 min read

Hello! And welcome back to Sunday 7! I’m feeling a little rusty after my break… and I do mean rusty: I have the colour “rust” on my brain. You will see this colour described as ginger, dark camel, burnt orange, conker (yes seriously) to name but a few… but I’m a simple 70s kid, and this colour was always described as ‘rust’ when I was…



Sep 7th, 2017 Small Town Home Bean 15 min read

Hello Peeps! It’s been a whopping month since I last blogged… soz.  I really am. I was only going to take a fortnight off when I was away in France… but on returning home and having plumbers in the house sorting out the ‘imbalance” of our the heating system (freezing downstairs, roasting upstairs), there was no usable room in the entire house during most days……


Sunday 7 – Autumn is coming

Jul 30th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 14 min read

Hello! Time sure flies when you’re blogging… one of the problems is that in fashion, we’re always looking ahead I guess; I’m certainly not wishing summer away – I haven’t even been on my actual “real” summer holiday yet… however, as I’ve droned on about in my previous couple of Sunday 7’s, the sales really do seem to drag on nowadays, and summer stuff seems…


Press Days & Talks

Jul 27th, 2017 Small Talk Bean 17 min read

So… it’s school holidays at long last: how are yours going? I’ve had a very hectic start – that law of sod is currently having a right old laugh at the cards he’s chucked my way!  But before I bore you with that, I thought I’d do a short little post about the press days I attended last week, as well asa little overview of…