ASOS: Big UnWrap (Herringbone Jumpsuit and Silk Shirt)

Mar 23rd, 2016 Small Talk Bean 11 min read

Welcome to another Big Unwrap, this time, a couple of pieces from the ASOS White collection, one of their own labels.  I love this collection with its minimalistic aesthetic & slightly masculine tailoring.  It’s branded as being ASOS’s premium, luxe range and as such is pricier than regular ASOS labeled clothing. If I had to compare it to anywhere else, I guess its not a million…


Bombed Out

Mar 21st, 2016 Small Talk Bean 5 min read

I guess I should start with an apology for being a bit rubbish with blogging last week: having only started Small Town Threads the week before with such gusto & high hopes of regular blogging, I found it had to take a back seat, mainly due to our new baby, Sylvie, our 8 week old mini schnauzer pup… but also because I hit a bit of…

& Other Stories: Big Unwrap (Stardust Dress & Vans)

Mar 14th, 2016 Small Talk Bean 5 min read

Welcome to the Big Unwrap: I hope you like my video…? After receiving my & Other Stories order last week, I was itching to open it straight away, as you can imagine… however, I held off until my lovely parter was available to help video my first Big Unwrap. Both items were purchased from the & Other Stories Sale, which is, in my opinion a really…

Zara Laminated Flats Title

Pre-puppy pootling in Bournemouth

Mar 11th, 2016 Small Talk Bean 13 min read

So yesterday, I did the mad dash with my sister (- within school hours) to Bournemouth ( – 2 hour round trip) for a quick whizz around some actual, *real* shops.  Once the puppy arrives on Saturday, I don’t think I will be going any where near any shops for a few weeks.  Hallelujah & Amen for the internet & online shopping! But, aside from…


Staying Cosy

Mar 9th, 2016 Small Talk Bean 4 min read

I’m not designed to do the morning school run. Fact.  Its not that I can’t get up & get going, I can. Even if I’m not a morning person, I can get up & get organised, its really not that big of a deal. What I am not so good at is the stepping outside into the COLD. Today is my idea of weather hell: wind-blowing-rain-in…

People Seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile.

Lee Mildon

Hello big wide world from a small girl, living in a small town…

Mar 6th, 2016 Small Talk Bean 7 min read

Hello… and *breathe*… This is a big deal for me: putting myself out there somewhere on the world-wide-web after many years of shunning the likes of Myspace & Facebook and what not.  But, I guess, the time feels right.  I’ve also probably given it away, that I’m hardly a ‘girl’ given I am old enough to remember Myspace! Anyway, enough rambling and a proper introduction:…